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IT administration involves managing and overseeing an organization's information technology systems, networks, and resources to ensure their efficient operation, security, and alignment with business goals. As technology shifts, the field of IT administration must continue to adjust and increasingly integrate automation, cloud computing, and advanced analytics into its practices. At, we understand the importance of staying informed in this constantly changing field. That's why we provide detailed reports on IT administration, offering valuable insights into the latest trends and developments.

IT Administration Research and Forecasts

  • With hundreds of topics covered, our research encompasses a wide spectrum of markets within IT administration, such as certification and training, IT security, IT spending, and IT staffing.
  • Our reports provide you with essential data, including IT administration market sizing and growth statistics, key drivers and challenges, technological innovations, and strategies employed by competitors.
  • We bring together reports from a variety of leading firms including IDC, Frost & Sullivan, IBISWorld, and Technavio, so you can quickly uncover expert data on industries big and small.

Gain a Competitive Edge Using Our Insights

In the contemporary, fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of change is not just an advantage — it's a necessity for success. Whether you're an industry professional, a consultant, or a busy executive, our IT research reports are designed to empower you with the information needed to make well-informed choices. By leveraging reliable IT data and insights, you can better support long-term business growth. Don't just react to change — lead the way with insights from

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IT Administration Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Innovation and Adaptation: TCS Analyst Day 2023

    ... growth plans. This event showcased the wide range of services and technologies that TCS can provide to its clients and the breadth of its expertise in driving positive outcomes in engagements. "With organizations around the ... Read More

  • IT Spending Market in Southeast Asia 2023-2027

    ... The report on the IT spending market in Southeast Asia provides a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around 25 vendors. The report offers ... Read More

  • The Failure of Personalization: How Can Effective Contextualization Enable Enterprises to Achieve Customer Empathy@Scale

    ... to achieve customer empathy through foundational priorities in data, intelligence, and privacy/trust imperatives. The future of customer experience will be fueled by two fundamental imperatives — data and intelligence. In this scenario, contextualization will become ... Read More

  • How Do Experiential Value Streams Contribute to Customer Success?

    ... forth. IDC explores the market trends and developments leading to the change in how value is perceived, how organizations can measure the value from their digital transformation (DX) initiatives, customer experience (CX) investment priorities, and ... Read More

  • Global Coding Bootcamp Market 2023-2027

    ... bootcamp market provides a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around 25 vendors. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, ... Read More

  • Global E-gates Market 2023-2027

    ... a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around 25 vendors. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, the latest trends ... Read More

  • Changing Perspectives on the Frontline Worker: The Impact of Technology, Skills, and Automation

    ... often face unique technological and organizational challenges. This IDC Perspective discusses various tools and technologies that are available to frontline workers to be innovative and productive. These are just a few examples of how organizations ... Read More

  • Industry Ecosystems: On-Demand Augmented Expertise and Knowledge for the Digital Organization

    ... this survey, as well as the potential impact of AI on ecosystems."Filling the digital skills and resource gaps that we know exist in every industry, across business and IT roles, is one of the top ... Read More

  • Why You Shouldn't Fire Your CDO

    ... skills of the chief data officer (CDO). "CDOs are often tasked with the impossible — fixing all data challenges in the organization — and often their first action is to use technology to solve these ... Read More

  • IDC PlanScape: Centers of Excellence

    ... buy-in throughout the organization, and the cultural realities that will likely make or break any effort. "Regardless of organization size, success with a COE requires a collaborative culture, flexible work ethic, and shared vision. That ... Read More

  • IDC Assessment: UiPath Task Mining

    ... are designed for different use cases. Assisted Task Mining is designed for users to capture named tasks to learn, document, and produce statistics about each task and that task's variations across the group of users ... Read More

  • IT Security Consulting in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... technologically sophisticated cyber criminals threatening to steal that data have accelerated demand for online security. Benefiting from the increasing adoption of e-commerce, social networking and cloud computing, IT security consulting revenue has expanded at a ... Read More

  • Global Cyber Security Market

    ... System/Intrusion Prevention System, Security and Vulnerability Management, Disaster Recovery, Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation, Web Filtering, Others), By Service (Professional Services, Managed Services), By Security Type (Network Security, Endpoint Security, Application Security, Cloud Security, Others), ... Read More

  • PTC LiveWorx 2023: Bringing Speed to Market, Efficiency, and Sustainability to Retail

    ... to design and produce as close to market as possible. In May, PTC LiveWorx reconvened in person for the first time in four years. Broadly, the event focused on digital transformation (DX) and the digital ... Read More

  • IDC PlanScape: Data Architecture

    ... create more noise that requires filtering," says Niel Nickolaisen, adjunct research advisor for IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP). "The rapidly changing data landscape is also a blessing and a curse: Rapid changes in data sources, ... Read More

  • Generative AI Applications for the Edge

    ... well as some recent market announcements."The convergence of generative AI and edge compute has the potential to fundamentally change what edge devices are capable of. The field is rapidly changing, and technology buyers have many ... Read More

  • IDC PlanScape: The Collections Function in a Digital-First World

    ... tools will enable old-fashioned segmentation techniques to be revamped into a more personalized approach, while enabling a better customer experience and improved retention rates. Crucially, their deployment will also lead to a decrease in redefaults ... Read More

  • Digitalization and Hybrid Work to Continue Driving High Demand for IT Security Solutions in Europe

    ... the next 18 months, as well as the major drivers and market conditions spurring IT departments to prioritize investment in these solutions."European organizations are adopting hybrid and remote working models and becoming increasingly digitalized to ... Read More

  • IDC PlanScape: Infrastructure Architecture

    ... true depiction, but infrastructure needs to be the dial tone of the organization," says Janice Buchanan, adjunct research advisor for IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP). "You need to know that you can pick up the ... Read More

  • IDC PeerScape: Asia/Pacific Manufacturing Practices to Improve Shop Floor Visibility and Efficiency Through Automation and Internet of Things

    ... associated with the deployment of automation and IoT on the manufacturing shop floor. These practices allow manufacturers to prioritize use cases to improve business priorities and address market-driven challenges. These practices can help manufacturers achieve ... Read More

  • Frost Radar™: Next-Generation Firewalls, 2023

    ... on predetermined security rules, acting as a barrier between a private internal network and the public internet. The “next-generation” aspect of the technology is the additional security, inspection, and control capabilities that offset the limitations ... Read More

  • IDC's New Industry Framework, Definitions, and Transition Plan

    ... from the old taxonomy to the new framework. Technology suppliers may utilize this approach and structure as inspiration as they evaluate their own industry strategy and organization."The development of a new industry taxonomy was not ... Read More

  • Occupational Fraud and Scams: What the Office of the CFO Needs to Know

    ... detection. Occupational fraud is a significant area of concern for the office of the CFO, given its financial impact to any company. "Occupational fraud is a common occurrence that can cost businesses millions of dollars. ... Read More

  • Nonoccupational Fraud: The Altering Environment

    ... and how to protect your business against it. In addition, we provide a list of resources to keep informed on the different fraud schemes and the statistics on these schemes. All of this is provided ... Read More

  • IDC PlanScape: Setting Expectations to Optimize Digital Change Initiatives

    ... are, and how CIOs can become more effective in setting expectations while leading digital change."One key to effectively establishing expectations is understanding that it is a substantive part of change leadership and management; in fact, ... Read More

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