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The facility where a healthcare service is performed can play a role in how the service is performed and the markets that might be most present. Physician offices, hospitals, EMT/critical care service points, nursing homes and retail health locations will all have a role in providing care. The largest differentiation would be between the physician office and the hospital. Some test products, imaging devices, medical devices and medications would be marketed in a greater degree to hospitals and little or not at all to physician offices. There are market research reports that may describe the market for diagnostic services in physician offices versus those conducted in hospitals. Pharmaceutical marketers may wish to be aware of how much of the market they can market with an office based approach (individual sales reps, selected journal ads and CME - earning lectures for instance) versus wholesaler marketing or hospital marketing.

As healthcare services are generally expected to grow as the world population ages, a greater amount of healthcare facilities will be needed to service this population. Specific areas will see higher growth, such as nursing homes, assisted living and hospice center. In some countries, new hospital facilities will be constructed, increasing the service infrastructure and increasing the quality of healthcare. In developed countries it may be the case that hospitals will decline in number as patients are transferred to home care where possible. Syndicated market research can track those trends and provide information of value to market watchers.

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Facilities Company Reports Industry Research & Market Reports

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