Geothermal Market Research Reports

Geothermal energy applications and related technologies are generally classified into three major categories:
  1. Geothermal power systems that are used to generate electricity from geothermal energy sources.
  2. Direct use systems that use geothermal energy directly with little or no conversion, typically in the form of hot water or steam. Examples of typical applications are heating a greenhouse or melting snow on public throughways.
  3. Geothermal heat pumps (GHP) that are used for space conditioning. These applications leverage shallow geothermal heat, found within 20 feet of the earth's surface to heat and cool residential and commercial buildings.

Cost volatility and depletion of fossil fuels, along with scrutiny into the emissions of fossil fuel burning power plants; have driven demand for both cleaner sources of energy and cleaner results from generating that energy. Geothermal electric generation systems are increasingly being leveraged to supplement and substitute conventional fuel sources around the world.

As a renewable resource, geothermal energy can provide electricity while maintaining a relatively benign relationship with the environment. Further, given that heat from the earth is constant, geothermal power can provide continuous, baseload electricity. Advances in geothermal technology have now positioned renewable geothermal energy systems as a clean and economically viable alternative.

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Geothermal Industry Research & Market Reports

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