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The online travel industry encompasses the various online reservation and booking services available to consumers to plan their trips via the internet, rather than using an agency or middle man. The online travel industry is composed of a variety of companies that offer differing rates, costs, and locations for accommodations, transportation, and even tour packages. The online travel industry offers general consumers a convenient, quick and easy way to book their traveling needs and wants. Often, the online travel industry is also able to locate deals for consumers if they “bundle” a trip; for example, reserving their hotel accommodations and their airfare from the same online source at the same time.

Those planning a trip need resources that give them access to information about where they are going, what they need or want to do on the trip, where they can stay, and how they will travel, amongst various other factors. The online travel industry provides travelers with this access. Traveling is increasingly viewed as an investment (of mind and money), and is not something that can be replaced if plans go awry. As travel is intangible and cannot be tested or inspected before it is embarked upon, travelers rely upon the information they can find via online travel services to give them the certainty and peace of mind they need to make their travel purchases.

Demand in the online travel industry is driven by the general consumer’s income, which is often reliant upon the state of the economy. Competition exists between the various online travel services; each service must market their services effectively to garner usage and consumers, and thus overturn revenue.

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Online Travel Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Online Travel Agencies in the UK - Industry Market Research Report

    ... conditions in the air travel market weigh on finances as Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) scrabble to issue refunds and make alternative travel arrangements for consumers when airlines go bust or strikes happen. Unsurprisingly, OTAs didn't ... Read More

  • Booking in South Africa

    ... These include journeys that can be easily undertaken by bus, taxi, or private vehicle. Business travellers within the domestic market are also adopting a more last-minute approach, with catering companies and business venues reporting an ... Read More

  • Booking in Romania

    ... travel. This boom in booking travel and tourism products and services well in advance first became apparent in November 2022 and began to peak around three months later, in the midst of the Romanian Tourism ... Read More

  • Booking in Sweden

    ... owing to general inflation, booking value continues to enjoy a notable rise in 2023. The summer season is a popular time for Swedes to travel, with familiar destinations in the Mediterranean taking precedence, including Greece, ... Read More

  • Booking in Poland

    ... lifted, and we are seeing strong trends in both domestic travel and European “sun and sea” holidays in locations such as Turkey and Greece. This latter style of holiday appeals to consumers who now place ... Read More

  • Booking in Croatia

    ... winner during the year. The regular assembly of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA) has reported that 2022 and 2023 brought excellent results for Croatia’s travel agencies and intermediaries after many were left struggling ... Read More

  • Booking in Egypt

    ... strides. These campaigns, coupled with government resolutions and evolving market dynamics, have set the stage for a promising future for travel intermediaries in Egypt. Euromonitor International's Booking in Egypt report offers a comprehensive guide to ... Read More

  • Booking in Saudi Arabia

    ... all of their pre-pandemic travelling habits and more. Direct suppliers managed to circumvent the challenges presented by the pandemic better than travel intermediaries, which is reflected in the stronger sales being recorded in 2023 in ... Read More

  • Booking in Switzerland

    ... is rising steadily. Both online sales and customer advice and sales in physical travel agencies are proving to be popular. Meanwhile, business travel specialists are experiencing a steady return to normality, as well. Furthermore, with ... Read More

  • Booking in the United Kingdom

    ... recovery of leisure cruise and leisure packages. Cruise passengers remain loyal to booking via intermediaries, whilst packages are by their nature, sold via intermediaries. Between them, these categories account for an increasing share of intermediaries ... Read More

  • Booking in South Korea

    ... their businesses beyond this sector to include different travel modes and international bookings. Euromonitor International's Booking in South Korea report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national ... Read More

  • Booking in the United Arab Emirates

    ... particularly business travellers. This trend is exemplified by hotels in the United Arab Emirates actively encouraging guests to book directly through various incentives, such as exclusive deals, loyalty programmes, and tailored services. As consumers gain ... Read More

  • Booking in Portugal

    ... amassed during the pandemic making travel affordable. While some customers prefer closer destinations and adjust the number of days or the type of hotel, others continue to seek out the trip of a lifetime or ... Read More

  • Booking in Slovakia

    ... sales. Travellers are taking advantage of last-minute sales to lock in better prices and make some savings on holiday packages, which saw nearly a 10% increase in 2023. Euromonitor International's Booking in Slovakia report offers ... Read More

  • Booking in Mexico

    ... exploration, and enjoyment. The significance of this trend is highlighted by the dynamic double-digit growth trajectory for leisure travel, underscoring its substantial contribution to the expansion of booking. A key driver within leisure travel has ... Read More

  • Booking in Morocco

    ... Spain and the UK. Here, the country benefits from its perception as the gateway to explore the African continent, being conveniently positioned between Europe and Africa. Euromonitor International's Booking in Morocco report offers a comprehensive ... Read More

  • Booking in the Netherlands

    ... to return very close to the 2019 pre-Coronavirus (COVID-19) level at the end of the review period. Bookings for the May 2023 holiday period registered a double-digit increase, compared to the corresponding month in 2022. ... Read More

  • Booking in Peru

    ... to the COVID-19 crisis, although it is close to doing so. Growth has been due to the greater willingness of tourists to turn to travel agencies, both offline and online, to organise, reserve and even ... Read More

  • Booking in Norway

    ... lockdowns severely impacted tourism activities. As the industry seeks to recover and resume operations, it encountered the difficulty of trying to rehire laid-off employees – many of which had secured higher-paying jobs in the interim. ... Read More

  • Booking in Taiwan

    ... was the most popular destination for Taiwanese consumers, with the weakening of the Yen making it an even more attractive prospect, after two years of being closed to visitors. Despite the inflationary pressures, travelling to ... Read More

  • Booking in Vietnam

    ... in the number of Vietnamese individuals prioritising their health, actively seeking stress reduction methods, and focusing on their mental wellbeing. Recognising this emerging trend, lodging companies have closely collaborated with travel intermediaries to introduce a ... Read More

  • Booking in Finland

    ... domestic travel did not compensate for the slumps in outbound departures or the decline in often more expensive and lucrative business trips. The tide turned in 2022, with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and a ... Read More

  • Booking in Spain

    ... as specific requirements to visit a certain country, or air routes being affected by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. As such, this is resulting in consumers seeking the up-to-date expertise of travel agents and, in turn, ... Read More

  • Booking in Thailand

    ... still accounted for more than two thirds of retail constant value sales. Online travel agencies (OTAs) improved their services, in order to take advantage of the expanding range of travel opportunities available. Euromonitor International's Booking ... Read More

  • Booking in Hong Kong, China

    ... Euromonitor International’s Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles survey 2023, 23% of global consumers say more of their everyday activities will shift to online platforms. Online travel agencies (OTAs) are becoming amongst the most popular booking ... Read More

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