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Corporate, or business, travel has seen steady gains since the 2008 global recession prompted corporations to put the break on employee travel. According to a study released by the Global Business Travel Association, spending on global business travel was estimated at $1.1 trillion in 2013, with annual growth between 7% and 8% projected through 2017.

This study found that while U.S. and Western European business travel markets were steady, the real growth can be found in the “BRIC” countries (Brazil, India and China; Russia is likely to be a more volatile location).

However, the industry still faces challenges. Conferencing technology, whether over the phone, video or through the internet by services such as Skype, offer a low- or even no-cost alternative to travel. Such options are proving attractive to budget-conscious corporations, which may prefer staff to meet remotely than spend the money for in-person meetings.

Rely on’s catalog of market research studies to keep you abreast of the resurgent corporate travel industry. Our studies examine broad global and industry trends, as well as reports examining consumer preferences when planning business travel.

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Corporate Travel Industry Research & Market Reports

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