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Wealth management refers to the combined strategy of investment portfolio management, financial planning, and a number of other aggregated financial services typically utilized by individuals with high net wealth, families that are looking for help from a credentialed financial advisor and small business owners. Coordinating estate planning, retail banking, tax professionals, legal resources, and investment management, wealth management is a highly sought after tool in today’s financial world.

Wealth Management in general and Wealth Managers in particular is a concept by which (typically) high net worth individuals. Typically referred to as either Private Wealth Management when referencing individuals, Wealth Managers help their clients by using a variety of tools such as trusts or other estate planning vehicles, stock option planning and business succession plans to both protect and grow their capital.

Given the unease in the financial markets starting in 2007-2008, wealth managers came under more scrutiny, forcing many to change tactics and forgo long-held mantras like ‘buy and hold’, instead taking a new approach to ensuring their clients’ investments prospered.

This information is both highly sought after and incredibly useful when formulating a business or investment strategy, as information regarding individuals with high net worth is essential for determining what the likely investment patters for those parties will be


Using the Wealth Management reports in MarketResearch.com’s Wealth Management category, you will gain an understanding of marketing strategies aimed at wealth management clients, demographics, sales, market share, size, and growth in the Wealth Management market broken out by country, region, companies and purchasing habits, these reports are an invaluable tool for understanding the Wealth Management industry, as well as offering insights into the strategies the wealth managers themselves use.

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Wealth Management Industry Research & Market Reports

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