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A soup is a liquid dish prepared from vegetables, fish, chicken or meat stock combined with other flavored ingredients. The origin of the word “soup” can be traced back to the Teutonic term, suppa, a Medieval thick stew poured on slices of bread or granulated crumbs called sop. Soups are traditionally divided in to the ‘clear’ or ‘thick’ types, and can be either vegetarian or not. The invention of canning in the 19th century was responsible for the initial commercializing of soup in the food market. Today, the most common types of retail soup products can be classified as follows:
  • Ready-to-serve soups, also commonly known as RTS soups, are the most preferred soups of today because of their convenience.
  • Condensed wet soups, on the other hand, need some preparation by adding an equal amount of water or some type of liquid.
  • Dry or dehydrated soups also need some preparation and contain agglomerated starches that dissolve easily in hot liquids.
  • Refrigerated soups have the shortest shelf life, and often the foundation is a mixture of stock made from mirepoix and bouquet garni.
  • Frozen soups have a conveniently longer shelf life.
  • Ramen is a simple type of noodle in bouillon or broth, usually dehydrated.

Soups are popular among consumers as filling and tasty dishes that can be both healthy and inexpensive. Consumption of low-energy dense foods such as soups can lead to long-term health and weight loss benefits.

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Soups Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Meals and Soups in Costa Rica

    ... appreciate the convenience of meals and coups, with ready meals in particular registering healthy current value growth. That being said, dry soup continue to account for most volume sales and the choice on offer is ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Guatemala

    ... soup in 2023 with similar products, flavours and unit prices. Price differentials between the brands are almost zero; therefore, consumers tend to guide their purchasing decisions in terms of flavour preference. Premium brands are mainly ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Peru

    ... a particularly prominent feature of categories like this, which are usually not considered essential, as consumers have focused their reduced purchasing power on products that they really need. In this context of high inflation and ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Dominican Republic

    ... of raw materials, shipping costs, labour wages and energy have led to substantial price increases in all cooking ingredients and meals categories. However, product supply on retail shelves has stabilised in 2023 amid fewer shortages. ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Nigeria

    ... Consequently, as consumers focused on essentials and sought to cut spending in a challenging economic environment, demand declined. Nevertheless, as the income base for these categories is comprised of fairly higher income consumers, the rate ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Georgia

    ... segment's dominance is a significant propellant for the broad spectrum of meals and soups within the country. Traditional Georgian specialties such as khinkali dumplings and apkhazura meatballs, alongside classic Russian frozen delicacies like dumplings and ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Canada

    ... a substantial number of newcomers, has created a diverse population. This diversity is driving demand for culturally-inspired foods, which is particularly reflected in the meals and soups category, with a notable impact on ready meals ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Finland

    ... in the market and seeing regular product launches and improved recipes, as more Finnish consumers reach for such products in order to make their meal preparations obsolete or, at least, faster. For manufacturers, being in ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Egypt

    ... costs of raw materials, ingredients, and energy, alongside the depreciation of the EGP. The currency factor means it is even more expensive than ever for Egyptian businesses to import raw materials, leading to increases in ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    ... products that represent convenience for the local population. In particular, the solid performances recorded in shelf stable ready meals, frozen ready meals and frozen pizza underpinned a positive performance for the overall category as the ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Cameroon

    ... packaged soup are also considered to be unnecessarily expensive products and this also contributes to low consumer interest. Dry soup is the only product with any significant presence, but value sales are still low. Furthermore, ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Malaysia

    ... manufacturers are increasingly targeting this trend with new product development. With modern lifestyles becoming increasingly hectic, consumers are also looking for convenient meal solutions that minimise the amount of time and effort required for preparation. ... Read More

  • Cooking Ingredients and Meals in Kuwait

    ... soaring cooking oil prices, directly affected both international and local brands, causing consumers to trade down where possible. Despite this, modern channels have continued expanding. Due to growing concern over high obesity rates, many consumers ... Read More

  • Cooking Ingredients and Meals in Qatar

    ... society is set to further boost consumption. Urban lifestyle changes have heightened reliance on food products due to quicker, often unhealthy meal choices and the rise in working mothers seeking swift meal solutions. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Cooking Ingredients and Meals in Jordan

    ... prices, particularly edible oils, have dropped, however, the industry continues to be impacted by global inflation. Nonetheless, as most categories are perceived to be essential, consumers have not been cutting out their purchases but rather ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Poland

    ... of ready meals, Dobrowolscy od Kuchni, featuring award-winning oven-chopped Golabków (stuffed cabbage rolls), meatball Klopsiki, meat Hamburgers, and two versions of roladki (meat rolls). These offerings cater to consumers seeking healthy, time-saving solutions for their ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Uruguay

    ... Category leader Unilever del Uruguay SA leads sales of dry soup with its brand Knorr, but production difficulties in Argentina have led to a shortage in supply resulting in sales fluctuations. Nevertheless, Unilever has become ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Morocco

    ... appreciative of taste, sensitive to price and, to a lesser extent, health and wellness benefits, the demand for ready meals remained low at the end of the review period. Ready meals tend to be consumed ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Colombia

    ... the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. This is seeing a shift back towards foodservice channels for some consumption occasions, with Colombians turning to cheaper complete meals in times of high inflation. As such, demand for products ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in the Netherlands

    ... meal option. Valued for its nutritional benefits and perceived as a healthier choice, the soup category is experiencing higher value growth, driven by price increases implemented by major manufacturers like Unilever and private label alternatives. ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Kazakhstan

    ... was in 2022. Retail volume sales are also growing steadily as consumption rises, especially in cities that have a larger urban working population with hectic lifestyles and less time to prepare meals at home. Euromonitor ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Ecuador

    ... an extensive portfolio focused on cream and traditional soups and newer options containing beef ribs and noodles. Nestlé’s strong position can be attributed to its extensive distribution network and prominence in the traditional channel present ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Bulgaria

    ... affected by this shift were shelf-stable ready meals and dried shelf-stable soups. These categories also experienced declines due to heightened concerns among consumers regarding ingredients and the presence of artificial preservatives and monosodium glutamate, which ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Denmark

    ... appetising ready meal products. Flash freezing and day fresh products are elevating the category with such products increasingly meeting the expectations of Danish consumers. Euromonitor International's Meals and Soups in Denmark report offers in-depth knowledge ... Read More

  • Meals and Soups in Norway

    ... they are finding themselves with less time to prepare meals from scratch while economic pressures have forced some people to cut back on foodservice, with this scenario making meals and soups are more attractive proposition. ... Read More

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