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The Service sector is often considered the tertiary sector of many global economies, with the others being the secondary sector or manufacturing and the primary sector being agriculture.

As the name suggests, the service sector consists of the service-focused portion of the economy, such activities where companies or individuals offer their knowledge and time to improve productivity, performance, or opportunities. The basic characteristic of this sector is the production of services instead of tagible products. Services (also known as "intangible goods") include attention, advice, experience, and discussion.

For decades, there has been a substantial shift from the primary and secondary sectors to the tertiary sector in industrialized economies. This sector is now the largest sector of the economy in the Western world, and has also seen the fastest growth.

The business services industry, a subset of the Services sector, is focused on services explicitly offered to businesses and includes accounting, human resources, consulting, facilities management, leasing, security, and numerous other functions.

The market reports available in this Business Services category will help you research specific topics or organizations providing support to other businesses and in many cases will be focused on a specific topic, such as collections services, intellectual property, or corporate finance. Our collection of market research reports provides insights into product and market trends, opportunities, projections, sales, and marketing strategies. Specifics on market share, segmentation, size, and growth by country are also featured.

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Business Services & Administration Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Egg, Meat & Fish Wholesaling in China - Industry Market Research Report

    ... not included in this industry. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are five year industry forecasts, growth rates and an ... Read More

  • Business Service Centers & Copy Shops

    ... include Allegra Network, ARC Document Solutions, FedEx Office and Print Services, Minuteman Press, Sir Speedy, and The UPS Store. Major companies based outside the US include bpost (Belgium), PostCon (Germany), and Quality Post (Mexico). COMPETITIVE ... Read More

  • Chemical Wholesalers

    ... HELM (Germany), ITOCHU (Japan), Nexeo Solutions (US), Sinochem (China), and Univar (US). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Chemical distribution is a cyclical business dependent on industrial demand. The profitability of individual companies depends on an efficient distribution system. ... Read More

  • Electronic Component Wholesalers

    ... the US) and WPG Holdings (Taiwan), Future Electronics (Canada), and Premier Farnell (UK). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand for electronic components is driven largely by business and consumer purchases of computers and telecommunications equipment. The profitability of ... Read More

  • Exterminating & Pest Control Services

    ... by Rollins), as well as the pest control operations of Rentokil Initial (UK) and Sanix (Japan). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by sales and occupancy of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The profitability of individual ... Read More

  • Steel Service Centers & Other Metal Wholesalers

    ... cleaning, or edging services. Major companies include Reliance Steel & Aluminum and Ryerson (US), IMS International Metal Service (France), Klöckner (Germany), and Russel Metals and Samuel, Son & Co (Canada), and Stemcor Holdings (UK), as ... Read More

  • Environmental Consulting Services

    ... and Tetra Tech, as well as the environmental and consulting divisions of large engineering and construction firms such as AECOM, Bechtel, and CH2M HILL. Other major companies include Arcadis (the Netherlands), Environmental Resources Management (the ... Read More

  • Farm & Garden Equipment Wholesalers

    ... is driven primarily by the health of the farming sector, which is tied to crop prices and yields. The profitability of individual companies depends on good merchandising and efficient operations. Large distributors have few economies ... Read More

  • Membership Organizations

    ... Association, and the National Rifle Association, all based in the US, along with the International Chamber of Commerce (France) and the International Bar Association (the UK). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by business and political ... Read More

  • Technology & Office Equipment Leasing

    ... Services, and SmartSource Rentals (all based in the US), along with Fuyo General Lease (Japan) and Syscap (the UK). Major manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Canon, and Xerox also offer technology leasing services. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE ... Read More

  • Industrial Equipment Wholesalers

    ... Supply, Motion Industries, NOW, and WW Grainger, as well as ERIKS (Netherlands), Wolseley (UK), and Würth Group (Germany). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE The entry of online retailers, primarily Amazon Business, into the industrial equipment wholesale space has ... Read More

  • Country Forecast World July 2018

    ... foreign investors. These reports have been recently updated to include more practical data. The business environment rankings allow comparisons to be made quickly and easily on business conditions in different countries. The labour market forecasts ... Read More

  • Livestock and Other Agricultural Supplies Wholesaling in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ... and dairy products). The industry includes wholesalers operated by marketing authorities, but excludes the wholesale of agricultural chemicals (e.g. fertilisers and pesticides), fencing materials, veterinary drugs, machinery and equipment. This report covers the scope, size, ... Read More

  • Personal Welfare Services in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ... not include accommodation services, except on a short-stay basis. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are five year industry forecasts, ... Read More

  • Bangladesh Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... greater financial instability and cause the economy to overheat over the medium term. The Bangladesh government's decision to lift the government job quota reserved for special groups will likely bode well for sentiment towards the ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... of strong productivity gains, the country's tight labour market will put upward pressure on unit labour costs, and begin to weigh on the country's competitiveness. With a budget surplus in 2017 and already low public ... Read More

  • Greece Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... cuts, Greece's economy will remain on a very low growth trajectory and will be vulnerable to external market shocks over the coming years. This view is underpinned by severe structural issues facing the country, namely ... Read More

  • Indonesia Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... 5.3% in 2018 and 5.4% in 2019 as we expect the economy to benefit from a recovery in private consumption, government expenditure, and resilient investment growth. That said, the recovery would be somewhat dampened by ... Read More

  • Italy Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... first time that a major European power has been ruled by a populist force since the EU's inception. The recent growth uptick in Italy will prove to be cyclical. Growth will slow to sluggish trend ... Read More

  • Laos Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... is pushing to improve the business environment, increasingly wide external and fiscal imbalances suggests that the current growth rate will be difficult to sustain. Corruption in Laos has worsened according to Transparency Inter-national and local ... Read More

  • Lebanon and Syria Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... weeks, which will result in broad policy continuity. However, political fragmentation means that policy-making will remain challenging, limiting the scope for structural reforms. Owing to the weak business environment and other structural obstacles, growth rates ... Read More

  • Liberia and Sierra Leone Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... production – boosted by greater lending to SMEs – will drive the economic expansion. We expect George Weah's new government in Liberia to make some progress in fighting corruption in the coming months as he ... Read More

  • Macedonia Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... Commitment to meeting the EU accession criteria will remain in place, although lingering ethnic and geopolitical tensions and macroeco-nomic challenges will continue to provide headwinds to achieving full membership in the medium term. EU convergence ... Read More

  • Netherlands Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... slow sharply next year. Real GDP growth looks set to come in at an impressive 3.2% in 2017, but we maintain our forecast for the economy to grow by a much-more sustainable 2.4% in 2018, ... Read More

  • New Zealand Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... a drag on overall growth, even though investment in the dairy sector should improve modestly along with milk prices. We continue to expect the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) to hold its official cash ... Read More

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