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The business services and administration industry includes everything from business outsourcing, accounting, and consulting to facilities management, human resources, and more. The goal of this industry is to provide businesses with the support they need to operate efficiently while focusing on their core capabilities. With the rise of technology and globalization, the business services and administration industry is constantly evolving, creating new opportunities and challenges for companies across the globe.

The Latest Business Services Market Research’s reports cover a diverse range of markets in this sector, including corporate services, franchises, human resources, wholesaling, international trade, and more. Our reports provide detailed data and insights into business services market dynamics, market segmentation, the competitive landscape, market opportunities, and the future outlook. In addition, we cover disruptive trends that are changing the way businesses operate. By staying up to date with these trends, companies can stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on new opportunities.

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Business Services & Administration Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Consulting Service Market Size & Share Analysis - Growth Trends & Forecasts (2023 - 2028)

    ... by 2028, at a CAGR of 4.21% during the forecast period (2023-2028). The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted multiple industries, including management consulting. To recover from the impact and adapt to the post-pandemic scenario, consultancies ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Austria

    ... month, reflecting negative sentiment from early indicators and recent inauspicious data releases. GDP contracted by 0.7% in Q2 after data revisions. We project the economy will expand by 1.1% in 2024 and 2.6% in 2025. Read More

  • Consumer Product Rental

    ... (all based in the US), along with Cinema Paradiso Rental (UK), Furlenco (India), Home Essentials (Hong Kong), Lyght Living Furniture Leasing (Germany), and TSUTAYA Store (Japan). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by personal income. The ... Read More

  • Professional Employer Organizations

    ... of which are based in the US. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by corporate spending and job growth. The profitability of individual companies depends on good marketing and efficient use of information technology. Large companies ... Read More

  • Commercial & Industrial Equipment Rental & Leasing

    ... AMECO, Herc Rentals, and United Rentals (all based in the US). Other companies include Aggreko, Ashtead Group, and Speedy Hire (all based in the UK), as well as Mitsubishi HC Capital and Tokyo Century Corporation ... Read More

  • Geophysical Surveying & Mapping Services

    ... based in the US), as well as Logan International (Canada), TGS ASA and Petroleum Geo-Services (both based in Norway), and WesternGeco (UK). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by oil and gas exploration activity. The profitability ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Netherlands

    ... expected, pushing the Dutch economy in a technical recession. While we expect GDP growth will pick up to 1.5% in 2024, up 0.4ppts from last month, this is still weaker than the 2015-2019 average rate. Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Norway

    ... the rest of 2023 and recover gradually over 2024. Still-high core inflation and the impact of previous Norges Bank rate hikes on fixed investment will keep momentum weak. The strong labour market is the key ... Read More

  • Environmental Consulting Services

    ... as well as the environmental and consulting divisions of engineering and construction firms such as AECOM, Bechtel, and Jacobs. Other major companies outside the US include Arcadis (the Netherlands), ERM and RPS Group (both based ... Read More

  • Surveillance, Investigation & Security Consulting Services

    ... Demand is driven by the needs of businesses, nonprofit institutions, and government agencies for outside advice on risk assessment and mitigation. The profitability of individual firms depends on the efficiency of their operations and their ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - South Korea

    ... slowdown may be losing intensity. Consumers have become much more positive since June and the falls in export values have moderated. However, the sluggish outlook for global growth persists given the lagged impact from global ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Mozambique

    ... following the stronger-than-expected economic activity in H1 despite the disruptive widespread flooding in Q1. The economy is powering ahead thanks to the ramp-up in offshore LNG production in the Rovuma basin and buoyant agricultural output. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Brazil

    ... strong household consumption and a thriving services sector, both at odds with credit conditions. Agriculture output also jumped by over 20%YTD, and we forecast that less favourable weather in H2 will revert it closer to ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Comoros

    ... to medium term after the International Monetary Fund released funding to the island nation under an Extended Credit Facility arrangement. We have lowered our expectations for the Comorian economy's performance over the 2024-2028 period: we ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - North America - US

    ... tilted toward additional rate hikes. We expect slower growth and gradually easing inflation will allow the Fed to hold policy steady, however, which should begin to spur a gradual decline in yields late this year. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Europe

    ... but was still high at 11.5% in August. Similar to global trends, headline inflation is easing faster than the core and with renewed pressures on oil prices, this might present a problem. The National Bank ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Slovenia

    ... driven by net trade, while domestic demand was a drag. The widespread floods in early August will likely dampen activity in the near term, but should not cause permanent scarring, with catch-up growth later. We ... Read More

  • Macro - Weekly Briefings - US

    ... price data will prompt officials to leave rates unchanged. Otherwise, the clear message from the September Federal Open Market Committee meeting was that rates will be left higher for longer, as officials think the neutral ... Read More

  • Worldwide Accounts Payable Applications Market Shares, 2022: Continued Uncertainty Puts Accounts Payable into Spotlight

    ... points to impending storms for businesses in the form of supply chain issues, inflations, interest rate hikes, and so forth. For accounts payable departments, the impending headwinds drive extreme focus on visibility and control. Modernization ... Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Africa - Tunisia

    ... IMF still needs to approve the $1.9bn External Fund Facility (EFF) that was finalised in December last year. While we are still waiting for the final sign-off, other bilateral arrangements which are contingent on the ... Read More

  • Macro - Country Economic Forecasts - Malta

    ... Q2, growing 1.1% q/q, supported by both domestic and foreign demand. Inventories was the only component that subtracted significantly from growth. We now see GDP growing 3.7% in 2023, before slowing to 2% in 2024. Read More

  • Analysis by Region - Emerging Markets - Burundi

    ... We forecast a stronger number of 3.4% real GDP growth for 2023 as the country obtains grants to the tune of 11.6% of GDP per year from 2023 to 2028, following the upliftment of sanctions ... Read More

  • Worldwide Accounts Payable Applications Forecast, 2023–2027

    ... manual processes to automated workflows to true AP autonomy. As companies continue to raise the profile of spend visibility and control and businesses make AP a data hub within the business, concepts like touchless and ... Read More

  • Worldwide Travel and Expense Management Software Forecast, 2023–2027: Travel Transformation Adding Complexity and Driving Investment

    ... travel experience itself. Travel companies (e.g., airlines, hotels, airports) will be adding more value to enrich your trip experience. These service providers will race to bring customers back, and as a result, vendors must be ... Read More

  • Worldwide Treasury and Risk Management Applications Forecast, 2023–2027: Treasurers Use Generative AI as Bridge to Future

    ... by revolutionizing cash flow forecasting, enhancing risk management, and optimizing financial operations. With careful integration and proper governance, generative AI has the potential to reshape treasury management, unlocking new levels of efficiency, innovation, and competitive ... Read More

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