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The Service sector is often considered the tertiary sector of many global economies, with the others being the secondary sector or manufacturing and the primary sector being agriculture.

As the name suggests, the service sector consists of the service-focused portion of the economy, such activities where companies or individuals offer their knowledge and time to improve productivity, performance, or opportunities. The basic characteristic of this sector is the production of services instead of tagible products. Services (also known as "intangible goods") include attention, advice, experience, and discussion.

For decades, there has been a substantial shift from the primary and secondary sectors to the tertiary sector in industrialized economies. This sector is now the largest sector of the economy in the Western world, and has also seen the fastest growth.

The business services industry, a subset of the Services sector, is focused on services explicitly offered to businesses and includes accounting, human resources, consulting, facilities management, leasing, security, and numerous other functions.

The market reports available in this Business Services category will help you research specific topics or organizations providing support to other businesses and in many cases will be focused on a specific topic, such as collections services, intellectual property, or corporate finance. Our collection of market research reports provides insights into product and market trends, opportunities, projections, sales, and marketing strategies. Specifics on market share, segmentation, size, and growth by country are also featured.

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Business Services & Administration Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Switzerland Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... Switzerland's open economy, although consumer spending will play a larger role over the long term. The government's robust fiscal position implies it will maintain its safe haven status and be able to step in and ... Read More

  • Taiwan Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... expand by 2.5% in 2018 as the moderation in export demand weighs on Taiwan's export-oriented growth outlook. However, efforts to develop the Asian Silicon Valley are gaining traction and ongoing development programmes will lend some ... Read More

  • Uganda Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... that the change increases the risks of a power vacuum in the event that Museveni unexpectedly departs the scene due to death or illness, as it reduces the need for a succession plan to be ... Read More

  • Barbados and Guyana Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... As a result, we maintain our real GDP growth forecasts at 1.2% in 2018 and 1.4% in 2019. With persistently wide fiscal deficits, the government will continue to pursue politically unpopular consolidation efforts. Political uncertainty ... Read More

  • Botswana Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... expenditure in government budgets will offer further support to the country's real GDP growth. Botswana is likely to benefit from continued political stability in the run up to the 2019 general elections, as an economic ... Read More

  • Canada Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... Risk Report Q3 2018 The Canadian economy will slow in 2018-19 as robust private con-sumption grinds to a more sustainable level. Monetary tightening from the Bank of Canada will help to support the Canadian dollar. Read More

  • Kosovo and Montenegro Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... likely that both countries will show little willingness to improve ties over the coming quarters. This will continue to weigh heavily on Kosovo's long-term political environ-ment, with our long-term political score coming in at a ... Read More

  • Libya Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... Even if held, the elections are by no means guaranteed to deliver widespread stabil-ity โ€“ particularly if they are rushed, without securing support from a large number of Libya's various groups and militias. Rising oil ... Read More

  • Mauritius Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... treaty with India will weigh on the finance, tourism and manufacturing sectors, although construction will grow strongly. From 2020 onwards, we expect growth to accelerate as Mauritius completes its transition to being a major transhipment ... Read More

  • Mongolia Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... co-ordination over the coming years. Meanwhile, Mongolia remains highly economi-cally dependent on China, and we expect relations between the two countries to advance further over the coming years, which will likely benefit the landlocked nation's ... Read More

  • Rwanda Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... continued social stability and broad policy continuity. That said, rising tensions in East Africa could threaten Rwanda's security. Over a longer-term period, though, the risks to political stability have increased. The leader's prolonged stint in ... Read More

  • Jamaica Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... of austerity measures will further buoy growth over the long term. The JLP government will move ahead with IMF-sponsored reforms in 2018 aimed at boosting stability and economic growth. Central bank reform and reductions in ... Read More

  • Sri Lanka Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... to pick up on the back of improved external market access, a pick-up in infrastructure projects and sustained growth in tourism arrivals. We forecast Sri Lanka's current account deficit to narrow to 1.9% of GDP ... Read More

  • Central Asia Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... expand by an average of 4.6% from 2018-2019. Ongoing efforts aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the country to skilled human capital will also provide support. We continue to hold a downbeat outlook on the ... Read More

  • Denmark Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... demographics and high private sector debt. The large debt burden of the private sector presents significant sys-temic risks. Low interest rates have allowed households to reduce their debt burdens proportionally to their incomes and to ... Read More

  • Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... spending. Tourism and related services will continue to be bright spots, provid-ing tailwinds to the economy. Political risk is likely to subside in the Dominican Republic in 2018. Government attempts to address corruption allegations and ... Read More

  • Ethiopia Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... opportunities in the manufacturing and power sectors. Ethiopia's current account deficit will narrow in 2018, supported by a more competitive currency, though we note that these tailwinds are unlikely to last. Meanwhile, Ethiopia's external position ... Read More

  • Egypt Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... Egypt's fiscal deficit will gradually narrow over the quarters ahead, with the pace of consolidation likely to pick up after the March elec-tions. The debt-to-GDP ratio will nevertheless remain elevated for the foreseeable future, making ... Read More

  • Germany Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... domestic consumption has been slow, but recent data suggests it is ongoing. The government will remain committed to a very conservative fiscal stance, and will continue to push for this at the eurozone level as ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... China's 'Belt & Road' trade route will also bolster foreign direct investment and support a diversification of the economy. Recovering growth, rising foreign direct investment and a rebound in oil prices will support the tenge, ... Read More

  • Latvia Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... growth outperformance relative to the rest of the eurozone due to ongoing business environment improvements and EU fund inflows. Rapidly rising wage growth, an external economic shock emanating from the eurozone, or a political shock ... Read More

  • Morocco Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... โ€“ most of it is centred in a few coastal regions โ€“ will reinforce geographical economic divides. Morocco will see a modest economic slowdown in 2018 and 2019 ow-ing to an uptick in imports, driven ... Read More

  • Nigeria Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... for broad-based growth remain weak and the upcoming general election offers little scope for meaningful change. At this stage, President Muhammadu Buhari looks unlikely to win re-election in the 2019 general election. While it is ... Read More

  • Norway Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... fixed capital formation, with non-residential investment picking up the baton from weakening residential investment. Divisions within Norway's ruling coalition since the September 2017 election, and inconsistent support from the centre-right Christian Democrats, have negatively impacted ... Read More

  • Poland Country Risk Report Q3 2018

    ... to drag on economic activity as employment growth slows and labour shortages start to impede firms' ability to expand production. Poland's strong macroeconomic backdrop will prevent fiscal slippage despite various expansionary policies, with the budget ... Read More

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