Automotive Financing Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

There are a range of options for automotive financing. Most parties will finance the purchase of an automobile or vehicle through a loan. A buyer can obtain financing or borrow money through a contractual agreement bank, credit union or an automotive company or dealer where the purchase is being made. The lender generates revenue through charging interest on the amount borrowed. Another option for automotive financing is a cash sale, which is when the buyer pays for the entire purchase in cash. When a buyer chooses this option for automotive financing it is most likely to avoid interest rates.

Some of the factors which may affect the choice for automotive financing are interest rates and convenience. There are some variables in automotive financing which the buyer may have some control over. These variables might include the length or term of the loan and the amount of cash down. Often by putting more cash down or paying toward the purchase price of the automotive, the buyer may be able to secure a better interest rate or term.

Due to the volatile economy over the past years, the automotive financing industry has experienced a downfall. Since that time growth has been very low. Because of this, many of the key players chose to close their automotive finance department and focus on other areas.

There are several companies who extend loans for the purpose of automotive financing. Some of these companies include GMAC, Chase, Ford Credit, PNC Bank, Toyota Financial Services Corporation, Suntrust and Bank of America.

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Automotive Financing Industry Research & Market Reports

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