Regulation Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Regulation is the control and restriction of business, corporate and industry and its operations, investment, other expenditures, and market activities. Regulation is commonly exercised by legal authorities such as governmental (executive) agencies, although self-regulation is also present in many companies and industries and is guided by trade and industry association policies, guidelines, and individual business conduct policies. Regulation is drafted and enforced to prevent business and market failures, realize societal desires, uphold and protect the common good and welfare by mitigating or preventing economic disruptions or environmental damage.

Regulatory compliance is a pertinent issue to business development, legal compliance, investment strategies, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), profit, and income for numerous companies in heavy industry, manufacturing, construction, utilities and the energy sector. Air emissions, pollution controls and environmental regulations are crucial market drivers for OEMs and vendors supplying equipment and products for pollution abatement and emissions mitigation systems. The modern renewable energy sector has largely been borne from climate change and emissions regulation seeking to penalize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and subsidize, incentivize or otherwise promote carbon-neutral or carbon mitigation technologies and products. Regulation-bound product and technology markets are high-growth areas due to increasing prevalent environmental regulation in developing economies such as China, India, Brazil, and Russia. Mature regulation-supported product, service and technology markets exist in the developed economies of North America and Europe.

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Regulation Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Gas Detection Equipment (UK) - Industry Report

    ... 130 companies, including ALPHA ELECTRONICS (SOUTHERN) LTD, BEDFONT SCIENTIFIC LTD and DD-SCIENTIFIC LTD. This report covers activities such as gas, gas detection, gas analysis, calibration, refrigerant and includes a wealth of information on the financial ... Read More

  • India Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2024

    ... policies governing the renewable energy market in the country and provides information on renewable policies/developments at a regional/municipal level. The report discusses renewable energy targets and plans along with the present policy framework, giving a ... Read More

  • India Power Market Outlook to 2035 - Market Trends, Regulations and Competitive Landscape

    ... up to 2035. Detailed analysis of the country’s power market regulatory structure, competitive landscape, and a list of major power plants are provided. The report also gives a snapshot of the power sector in the ... Read More

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