Refrigerated Foods Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Refrigerated meats and meals had overall sales that reached $25 billion in 2013, and are expected to approach $31 billion by 2018.

Global demand for refrigerated foods is due to many consumers in other countries recognizing the convenience and easy to use of refrigerated ready meals. Also, the increased presence of grocery stores in developing nations are creating demand for packaged, refrigerated foods instead of fresh foods. Marketers for food manufacturers are going to have to create their own competitive advantage through branding and packaging. Companies can also increase their sales by meeting ingredient demands by health concerned consumers. Using more natural and organic ingredients in products can drive sales over the competition, especially when placed on the packaging.

Different products covered in refrigerated foods include: Chilled Fish/Seafood, Chilled Lunch Kit, Chilled Noodles, Chilled Pizza, Chilled Processed Meats, Chilled Ready Meals, Chilled Soup, Chilled/Fresh Pasta, Fresh Cut Fruits, Prepared Salads.’s collection of market research studies on refrigerated foods in the food industry will help you stay competitive and knowledgeable in this growing market. We offer a full array of studies on subjects ranging from chilled packaging and supplies to specific segments of the market, including refrigerated meats, meals and microwaveable foods. Also available is a full library of country-specific studies for refrigerated foods.

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Refrigerated Foods Industry Research & Market Reports

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