Leisure Travel Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The leisure travel industry is comprised of several different sub-industries that make up the various aspects of traveling for pleasure or leisure. These leisure travel sub-industries include transportation and lodging, as well as any reservations and packages for tours and other entertainment and recreation activities one participates while traveling. Entertainment consists of any activity that provides the general public with pleasure during their leisure time. These activities may include watching television, attending a theatrical or performance or the opera, going to the movies, attending a sporting event, and playing a variety of board games or video games. Recreational activities are intended specifically for the therapy provided for the physical, mental, and emotional states of the mind and body. The most usual recreational activities include writing, art, yoga, trips to amusements parks, or attending restaurants, but new sectors such as adventure tourism, motor sports, and extreme events such as bungee jumping or sky diving have emerged in this realm as well.

Often those tourist who are leisure travel minded focus on traveling to tropical places, no matter what season. As such, there are several popular tropical locales that are frequented by leisure tourists: Bali, Malaysia, Cannes, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Queensland, Antigua, Turks and Caicos Islands, Saint Kitts, Florida, Hawaii, Thailand, Saint-Tropez, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Cuba, Anguilla, Aruba, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, and Saint Maarten, amongst other destinations.

Demand in the leisure travel industry is dependent upon personal income and the overall state of the economy. Because there are so many differing sub-industries that help to form the framework for the leisure travel industry, there is constant competition between the promotion of travel destinations, as well as the services offered by a variety of travel-oriented companies.

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Leisure Travel Industry Research & Market Reports

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