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Air fresheners are generally designed to eliminate bad odors and add fragrance or freshness to the home environment. They are primarily functional products although many have become more decorative in recent years. Their primary purposes are to mask or eliminate unpleasant odors, fragrance and freshen the air. Product types include room sprays and diffusers.
  • Room sprays - generally aerosol sprays in cans, although higher end specialty sprays may come with pump sprays in glass bottles. Typical mass market room sprays are highly functional and recently have been repositioned to eliminate odors rather than simply mask them.
  • Diffusers – release and disperse fragrance into the air. They are generally classified as being active or passive. Active diffusers require an energy source to activate scent release. They are either electric, generally plugged into an outlet, or battery operated. Passive diffusers do not require energy but release fragrance from some form of substrate. Types of passive diffusers include adjustable solids, gel products, and reed diffusers.

Specialty products are also considered a part of the air freshener market. These types of air fresheners include a variety of products designed to add scent to a room or space. They are available in different product forms, including:

  • Potpourri - is generally made from various dried botanicals, and other natural products such as flowers, fruits, wood chips, and spices that may have fragrance oils added to them.
  • Sachets - are small pouches, bags, cushions or pillows that are filled with scented powder, crushed potpourri and botanicals or solid, fragrant tablets.
  • Incense - is made primarily from a mixture of fragrant gums, resins, woods and spices. It is available in various forms including stick, cone, rod, coil, small block, wand and powder.
  • Fragrance oil burning lamp - is a catalytic diffusion lamp that purifies the air while imparting a fragrance.
  • Fragrance oils – concentrated fragrance oils that are added to oil warmers to release scent into the air. Generally a tealight candle is used to heat up the oil for quick scent release.
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Air Freshener Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Air Fresheners in Spain (2018) – Market Sizes

    ... fresheners, scented candles and car air fresheners. It excludes pot pourri, non-scented candles and scented oils for other uses. Market size comprises sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. Market size for Air ... Read More

  • U.S. Air Fresheners Market Analysis by Product Type (Aerosol/Spray, Electric Air Fresheners, Gels, Candles, Others) by Application (Residential, Commercial, Cars, Others), Competitive Analysis And Segment Forecasts, 2018 - 2025

    ... is projected to reach USD 2.18 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Rising disposable income coupled with consumer’s preference of aesthetic fragrance associated with their residence is one ... Read More

  • Air Care in the United Arab Emirates

    ... as luxury items which are not essential. As a result, with all the headwinds the country has been facing, growth of air care products declined in 2017, although this is expected to recover over the ... Read More

  • Air Care in Australia

    ... complaint. A correlation between health problems and air fresheners seems also to be demotivating consumers from purchasing some air fresheners as symptoms such as headaches, migraines and nausea are common side effects among some consumers. ... Read More

  • Home Care in Australia

    ... content being improved and branded accordingly. Companies’ efforts to compete on price and quality has also stimulated growth in the industry as consumers become more willing to try new products and buy in bigger quantities. ... Read More

  • Air Care in Kenya

    ... promoters of growth for air care, especially with the government’s devolution process which involves the establishment of government offices in county areas. Households are also using smaller versions of these products which are increasingly available ... Read More

  • Home Care in Japan

    ... is partly because many consumers bought home care products in bulk towards the end of 2016 to stockpile them in anticipation of the increase in consumption tax. Japan’s ageing and declining population presents a challenge ... Read More

  • Air Care in Turkey

    ... urban areas, not only prioritise the strength and the price of a product when purchasing home care in general, but also its health aspects and impact on the environment. Air care has been negatively affected ... Read More

  • Home Care in Turkey

    ... sharp downward trend, especially from 2014 onwards, when developed economies recovered and global liquidity returned. Therefore, production and import costs in various markets, including home care, rapidly grew and companies were forced to pass at ... Read More

  • Home Care in Cameroon

    ... a growing focus on hygiene in urban areas and widening distribution through modern retailing outlets. These trends, allied to stronger competition and local players’ more global outlook, resulted in higher sales of home care products. ... Read More

  • Home Care in Bolivia

    ... with the entry of many major brands of liquid detergents and fabric softeners, encouraged by the major penetration of washing machines. With many consumers in Bolivia from low socioeconomic segments, players within laundry care have ... Read More

  • Home Care in Vietnam

    ... purchasing power, higher living standards and rising awareness regarding health have also played vital roles in driving demand for high quality home care products. However, the forecast period is expected to see more intense competition, ... Read More

  • Home Care in the Philippines

    ... media channels to implement extensive marketing campaigns, allowing them to expand their reach to a higher number of consumers. They are also able to invest in research and development to consistently produce existing and new ... Read More

  • Air Care in Vietnam

    ... increasing awareness of the impact that the chemicals in home care products can have on human health. Particularly, in large cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, where the level of air pollution is ... Read More

  • Air Treatment Products in Japan

    ... extra air conditioners for their homes and replace recent models to maintain a comfortable environment. It stimulated purchases of split air conditioners, even though the penetration rate was already high. Euromonitor International's Air Treatment Products ... Read More

  • Air Care in Belgium

    ... consumers losing interest in air care products. Other products in home care are also focusing on scent, such as toilet care manufacturers developing scent diffusion power into their toilet care products. As a result, a ... Read More

  • Home Care in Ireland

    ... emigrants returning as economic stability returned. Growth was on par with the review period as the market continued to benefit from a return to strong economic growth. A rise in disposable incomes benefited value sales ... Read More

  • Home Care in France

    ... key home care categories, thereby causing deflationary pressures resulting in value erosion. Efforts made by some manufacturers in their attempts to inject premiumisation into diverse product lines was not enough to offset the intense promotional ... Read More

  • Home Care in the United Kingdom

    ... following its decision to leave the EU, and possibly the common market. Furthermore, the cleaning habits of consumers in the UK are evolving, due to increasingly hectic lifestyles and the greater appeal of highly convenient ... Read More

  • Air Care in the United Kingdom

    ... Air care is expected to continue performing well over the forecast period as it provides a cheap way for one to improve the home, either with traditional scented candles or with more substantial products such ... Read More

  • Air Care in Ireland

    ... continuing to record positive volume growth. The concentration trend in the spray/aerosol format dragged down overall volume sales. Over the forecast period, the positive performance by air care is set to continue with a higher ... Read More

  • Air Care in France

    ... witnessed a decline in current value terms in 2017. The only exceptions were electric air fresheners and car air fresheners, the latter being positively impacted by the growth of the French automotive market. Electric air ... Read More

  • Home Care in Ecuador

    ... influencing this trend were decreasing purchasing power amongst consumers, increasing production costs and import restrictions. Also, there was uncertainty about the new government and the future political scenario, which made companies and consumers more cautious. ... Read More

  • Global and Chinese Air diffusers Industry, 2018 Market Research Report

    ... market. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the Air diffusers manufacturers and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the industry.Firstly, the report provides ... Read More

  • Air Care in Lithuania

    ... standards improve. The innate pride that most Lithuanians take in their home has resulted in increasing attention being paid to the scent in homes throughout the country and, as incomes rise, more people are adopting ... Read More

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