Air Freshener Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Air fresheners are generally designed to eliminate bad odors and add fragrance or freshness to the home environment. They are primarily functional products although many have become more decorative in recent years. Their primary purposes are to mask or eliminate unpleasant odors, fragrance and freshen the air. Product types include room sprays and diffusers.
  • Room sprays - generally aerosol sprays in cans, although higher end specialty sprays may come with pump sprays in glass bottles. Typical mass market room sprays are highly functional and recently have been repositioned to eliminate odors rather than simply mask them.
  • Diffusers – release and disperse fragrance into the air. They are generally classified as being active or passive. Active diffusers require an energy source to activate scent release. They are either electric, generally plugged into an outlet, or battery operated. Passive diffusers do not require energy but release fragrance from some form of substrate. Types of passive diffusers include adjustable solids, gel products, and reed diffusers.

Specialty products are also considered a part of the air freshener market. These types of air fresheners include a variety of products designed to add scent to a room or space. They are available in different product forms, including:

  • Potpourri - is generally made from various dried botanicals, and other natural products such as flowers, fruits, wood chips, and spices that may have fragrance oils added to them.
  • Sachets - are small pouches, bags, cushions or pillows that are filled with scented powder, crushed potpourri and botanicals or solid, fragrant tablets.
  • Incense - is made primarily from a mixture of fragrant gums, resins, woods and spices. It is available in various forms including stick, cone, rod, coil, small block, wand and powder.
  • Fragrance oil burning lamp - is a catalytic diffusion lamp that purifies the air while imparting a fragrance.
  • Fragrance oils – concentrated fragrance oils that are added to oil warmers to release scent into the air. Generally a tealight candle is used to heat up the oil for quick scent release.
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Air Freshener Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Air Care in Malaysia

    ... mode of transportation for local consumers and, with the country transitioning to the endemic phase of COVID-19, 2022 saw a significant rise in domestic holidays involving road trips to other states and so on. Local ... Read More

  • Air Care in Thailand

    ... volume remained low. Whilst volume is indeed lower than value in air care, volume is showing a recovery trend. Euromonitor International's Air Care in Thailand market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and ... Read More

  • Home Care in Malaysia

    ... the weakness of the local currency. Home care products saw prices increase by more than 10% during the year. Facing significant increases in the cost of raw materials, rising logistics costs and an increase in ... Read More

  • Air Care in Spain

    ... ambience in the home by using air care products. Spray/aerosol air fresheners remains the most popular format, largely due to the more accessible average unit price of these products and the wide variety of options. ... Read More

  • Home Care in Spain

    ... European economy. Russia’s war in Ukraine led to spiralling food and energy prices which translated into high inflation. This led to a spike in the cost of living, while also leading to a sharp rise ... Read More

  • Air Care in France

    ... an expected sales slump following this boost, the new hybrid working models and fact that consumers spend more time entertaining at home than they did pre-pandemic, are maintaining sales to a degree. This is boosting ... Read More

  • Home Care in France

    ... the overall trend is a movement back to normal sales patterns after the atypical spikes seen in sales during the height of the pandemic lockdowns in 2020. That said, some categories continue to show higher ... Read More

  • Air Care in Belgium

    ... to contain it provided a major boost to category sales in 2020 with consumers forced to spend more time at home and thus looking to create a more pleasant environment. With the rollout of Belgium’s ... Read More

  • Air Care in Cameroon

    ... that urban areas are becoming increasingly crowded, as a result of people fleeing conflict, and waste management and sanitation systems are unable to cope with the increasing numbers. This is leading to increasing foul odours ... Read More

  • Air Care in Colombia

    ... air care products suffered from being viewed as non-essential products. However, alongside being the best current retail value sales performer, aerosol/spray, which accounts for the majority of sales within air care, only recorded a marginal ... Read More

  • Air Care in Indonesia

    ... spend on non-discretionary home care products. Middle-income households are now spending on air care products again as they looked to create a more relaxing atmosphere at home. Air care products are seen as less necessary ... Read More

  • Air Care in Morocco

    ... that their homes were free of COVID-19, there was a lot of frenzied cleaning, and essential cleaning products were prioritised. Also, health advice around COVID-19 was to ensure rooms were well ventilated and this hampered ... Read More

  • Home Care in Cameroon

    ... coffers and helped stabilise the economy. However, ongoing civil conflict, as well as widespread poverty, restrained economic growth. All the same, while overall inflation was modest, volume sales fell. This was mainly due to the ... Read More

  • Home Care in Italy

    ... outbreaks in 2020 and the first half of 2021. Overall, Italians felt less anxious about contacting the virus, thanks to the milder symptoms of new variants and low rates of hospitalisation. This was in marked ... Read More

  • Home Care in Saudi Arabia

    ... of inflation, due to their relatively high significance. There was also a small rise in household utilities, including gas and other fuels. Inflation in the Kingdom in 2022 was the result of the nonstop expansion ... Read More

  • Air Care in the United Kingdom

    ... to experience a decline in demand was car air fresheners. While retail volume sales of the latter plunged in 2020 due to home seclusion and limited mobility outside of the home, ongoing remote or hybrid ... Read More

  • Air Care in Brazil

    ... pressures caused a lower volume increase in this category than others within air care, with the best volume growth rates observed by other air care and electric air fresheners. Meanwhile, gel air fresheners was the ... Read More

  • Air Care in Bulgaria

    ... was given to essential items within home care, with many Bulgaria consumers considering air care products to be non-essential for their everyday life. Therefore, although value growth was prevalent in air care, this was mainly ... Read More

  • Air Care in Finland

    ... guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data (historic date range), allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading ... Read More

  • Air Care in Singapore

    ... 2020, with little household budget left over for air care products, this trend turned around in 2021 alongside an improvement in the pandemic, given the high local vaccination rate and the continued wearing of masks ... Read More

  • Home Care in Bulgaria

    ... driven by inflation, which has negatively impacted volume sales. Rising budget constraints and uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis has impacted consumer buying habits. Spending on non-food and non-essential goods ... Read More

  • Home Care in Finland

    ... bathroom cleaners, as well as hand dishwashing and toilet liquids. While some of this volume decline was due to normalisation after COVID-19, with consumers spending more time outside of the household, declines in spending were ... Read More

  • Home Care in Indonesia

    ... 2022. Purchasing power continued to grow and consumers started spending on non-essential home care products such as air care. While the resurgence of optimism slowed down in the fourth quarter of 2022 due to a ... Read More

  • Air Care in Italy

    ... time indoors under lockdown. However, with cleaning sessions becoming more diligent, an appealing smell was already ensured through the use of other home care products, such as surface care, thereby having a negative impact on ... Read More

  • Air Care in Japan

    ... reasons. One was a trend led by home seclusion – to make the home a better place in which to live and work. The other was a spike in gel air fresheners, which is explained ... Read More

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