Pasta, Bread & Rice Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Pasta, breads, and rice are dietary staples internationally. Pasta includes commercially produced brands of dry domestic and imported Italian pasta, as well as "fresh-dried" handmade dry pasta and refrigerated pasta that is moist rather than dry. Popular pasta shapes include flat noodles that are cut from sheets of pasta, such as fettuccine, linguine, and angel hair, and stuffed pastas such as ravioli and tortellini.

Popular types of loaf bread include white, whole wheat, whole grain, French, Italian, pumpernickel and rye, potato, sourdough, and artisan. Flatbreads include the popular Middle-Eastern style pita as well as the Latin American tortilla.

The explosive popularity of rice-based cuisines is fueling interest in a number of rices encompassing a wide range of textures, tastes, shapes, and colors. There are reputedly some 80,000 varieties of rice in the world. Some of these varieties are: Arborio rice, a short-grain Italian white rice with a high starch content, typically used to make risotto; Basmati, an aromatic white rice from India, with long, tender grains; Bomba, a short-grained rice from Spain; Carnaroli, the highest-quality variety of Italian rice; Jasmine rice, an aromatic, long-grained white rice grown in Thailand; Red rice, a short- or medium-grained rice with a reddish color and earthy flavor; and Valencia rice, a Spanish rice used to make paella. offers an extensive collection of research reports designed to aid with competing in today’s market for staple food products.

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Pasta, Bread & Rice Industry Research & Market Reports

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