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Country Overviews Industry Research & Market Reports

  • United Kingdom Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... due to local currency appreciation. The market will benefit from an escalating production of certainmedical devices during the Covid-19 pandemic, although the contracting economy in 2020 will pose a threat to growth. Positivedemographics, the growing ... Read More

  • Russia Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... depreciation. The market will benefit from the large population, healthcare projects,the development of medical tourism, the need to modernise existing infrastructure, heavy reliance on medical device imports, thesimplified medical device registration process, and agreements between ... Read More

  • Switzerland Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... seen as a 'safe haven' currency through a period of global recession.Favourable tax rates, high demand for sophisticated products, the development of a technology transfer centre network andcontinued investment in medtech startups will boost growth ... Read More

  • Oman Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... to the negative impacts of the Covid-19 outbreak. This presentssubstantial downside risks to our forecasts, while a recent sharp drop in oil prices limits authorities’ ability to provide fiscal stimulus inresponse to the crisis. In ... Read More

  • Nigeria Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... Market growth will be limited by moderating oil prices, which will weigh on theNigerian economy in 2020, while the global outbreak of Covid-19 also poses downside risks to our market forecast, but upside risksto the ... Read More

  • Canada Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... medical device market, which ranks eighth in the world in terms ofvalue. Despite the economic headwinds caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the market will register moderate growth overthe remainder of the forecast period. Read More

  • Morocco Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... over our forecast period both in local currency and US dollar terms,driven by the expansion of universal health insurance coverage, external funding and increasing investment in healthcareinfrastructure. However, the market will remain heavily import dependent. Read More

  • Germany Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... a commitment to maintaina high quality healthcare service. However, sustained downward pressure on prices, particularly from co-operative purchasing andtenders, as well as reduced reimbursement rates and increased regulatory compliance, will continue to hit profit margins. Read More

  • Pakistan Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... slowing, economicgrowth, as well as the construction and upgrading of healthcare facilities. Imran Khan's leadership is also positive for Pakistan'shealthcare sector as he aims to introduce much-needed reforms in the country's health system, while domestic ... Read More

  • Sweden Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... uptakeof most other medical devices due to the pressure placed on healthcare resources by Covid-19 and the accompanying decline ineconomic activity. The expanding elderly population, which is proportionally one of the largest in the world, ... Read More

  • Cuba Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... to the country’s success at containing the initial spike in cases via mandatedmask usage, full closure of its air and sea borders, its robust and well-staffed healthcare system, aggressive contract tracing and thegovernment’s willingness to ... Read More

  • Japan Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... mounting downsiderisks to Japan's medical device market growth due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The sales tax hike that was implemented in October2019 will also weigh on consumer spending, while the adoption of emerging technologies will ... Read More

  • Greece Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... increased demand of personal protection equipment and ventilators, and reduceduptake of most other medical devices. Over the longer term, a slow economic recovery, ongoing austerity measures and healthexpenditure cuts will continue to contain the market. Read More

  • Thailand Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... Covid-19 pandemic, but a growing privatesector, further government incentives for the medical devices industry and a still-booming medical tourism sector after thepandemic will support growth. However, pricing controls on medical supplies and services will limit ... Read More

  • Poland Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... of medical devices. The market will registerstronger growth in US dollar terms due to local currency appreciation. The country's significant medical devices production sectorwill be boosted by government investment in medical start-ups and we expect ... Read More

  • Peru Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... marketgrowth in Peru over the coming years. Lima will remain the most attractive area, as it has most of the best public and private medicalfacilities, targeting an urban population that has more disposable income to ... Read More

  • Philippines Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... strong economic performance over the next five years, althoughwith a tough 2020 due to the the Covid-19 outbreak. Modernisation of hospitals and other key health sector development projectswill drive market growth, while new medical device ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... from an overall strong economic performance over the next five years, despitea tough short-term outlook for 2020 due to Covid-19. With rising healthcare costs, the government will increase private sectorparticipation. Population growth, a changing epidemiology, ... Read More

  • Lebanon Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... years, although with a tough 2020 due to the Covid-19outbreak. Market drivers will include the demographic boost provided by the influx of Syrian refugees, the increasing incidence ofchronic diseases, medical tourism, the predominance of private ... Read More

  • Croatia Medical Devices Q4 2020

    ... currency appreciation. The market will benefit from EUfunding that is being invested in healthcare, the construction of new hospitals and the expansion of medical tourism. The marketwill remain reliant on imports due to the absence ... Read More

  • Argentina Medical Devices Q3 2020

    ... be restricted by a contraction in Argentina's economic growthin 2020 and the long term outlook is mixed. Argentina's attempts to renegotiate its foreign debts will be protracted and difficult,keeping the country cut off from foreign ... Read More

  • Norway Medical Devices Q3 2020

    ... by ageing demographics andinvestment in new technology. Per capita spending will remain one of the highest in the world. The market will continue to beimport-led with much of domestic production geared to the export market. Read More

  • Latvia Medical Devices Q3 2020

    ... to the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilesome products will see increased demand, there will be reduced uptake in other medical device sectors, due to the increasedpressure placed on healthcare resources and the accompanying decline in economic activity. Read More

  • United States Medical Devices Q2 2020

    ... upside risks for suppliers ofconsumables, selected diagnostic imaging equipment, therapeutic respiration apparatus and other medical devices. Conversely, itposes downside risks for dental products and orthopaedics & prosthetics, as resources are directed to treat Covid-19 patients. Read More

  • Ghana Medical Devices Q2 2020

    ... A bright economic outlook, although facing headwinds in 2020, will benefit market growth. The largepopulation and ongoing healthcare projects will also drive the market. However, decreasing health expenditure and limiteddomestic production will be constraining factors. Read More

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