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  • Argentina Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... extremely high interest rates on consumptionand investment. Market fundamentals remain, including a large population with a sizeable elderly group, the incidence of chronicdiseases, a well-developed healthcare system, the implementation of universal health coverage, a backlog ... Read More

  • Slovakia Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... euro. The market will benefit from the economy expanding at a healthypace over the next two years, the modernisation of hospitals with EU funding, and a heavy reliance on medical device importsdespite the presence of ... Read More

  • Germany Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... economy and a commitment to maintain ahigh quality healthcare service. However, sustained downward pressure on prices, particularly from co-operative purchasing andtenders, as well as reduced reimbursement rates and increased regulatory compliance, will continue to hit ... Read More

  • Ghana Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... local currency and US dollar termsover the 2017-2022 period. Relatively strong economic growth, the large population and ongoing healthcare projects will benefitthe market, but decreasing health expenditure and limited domestic production will constrain market growth. Read More

  • United Kingdom Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... pricing pressures and the prospect of increased marketbarriers will all weigh on growth in 2018. Positive demographics, the growing incidence of chronic diseases, universal access to goodquality healthcare services and government support for innovation and ... Read More

  • Netherlands Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... the healthcare needs of the expanding elderly population, which will be aprimary driver in the market. However, cost containment in the health sector, which will continue under the newly appointedadministration, will be a restraining factor. ... Read More

  • Peru Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... hospitals and health centres, will underpin moderate medical device market growth in Peru overthe coming years. Lima will remain the most attractive area, as the urban population has more disposable income to spend onmedical devices. Read More

  • Sweden Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... proportionally is one of the largest in theworld, the rising incidence of chronic disease and the desire to remain at the forefront of technological innovation, will be the maingrowth drivers in the market, while the ... Read More

  • Thailand Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... economic growth in 2018 due to a supplementary budget that was enacted inMarch which earmarks THB100bn in additional spending, an ample investment pipeline, and a still-booming medical tourism sector.However, the political uncertainty caused by likely ... Read More

  • Latvia Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... back of a strengthening economy andincreased public investment in healthcare supported by EU funds. Trade with fellow EU member states will continue to increase asbusiness activity with Russia and other former Soviet bloc countries wanes. Read More

  • Lebanon Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... Syrian refugees, the increasing incidence of chronic diseases, medical tourism, the predominance ofprivate healthcare providers, import reliance and stronger market regulation. However, limited funds to cover Syrian refugees andhigh market competition will contain market growth. Read More

  • Nigeria Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... market will benefit from an improved outlook for the economy and will remainalmost entirely reliant on imports. The large population and highly underdeveloped healthcare sector offer huge long-termpotential, but chronic underfunding and the chaotic management ... Read More

  • Philippines Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... from a strong economic performance over the next five years.Modernisation of hospitals and other key health sector development projects will drive market growth, as well as expansion of theprivate sector and medical tourism. The capital ... Read More

  • Croatia Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... currency appreciation. The market will benefit from the economyoutpacing the wider EU over the next few years, as well as EU-funded healthcare investments. The market will remain reliant onimports due to the absence of large ... Read More

  • Greece Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... from 2019. The market will remainheavily reliant on imports, as domestic manufacturers are mainly small-scale operations. Slow economic recovery over the longterm, ongoing austerity measures and health expenditure cuts will continue to contain the marketplace. Read More

  • Norway Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... The market will see moderate growth with the ageing population and investment in new technology the main growthdrivers. The market will continue to be import-led with much of domestic production geared to the export market. Read More

  • Poland Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... currency appreciation. The country's significant medical deviceproduction sector will be boosted by EU-funded projects involving the purchase of medical devices, government investment inmedical start-ups and William Demant transferring hearing aid production from Denmark by the ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Medical Devices Q4 2018

    ... rising healthcare costs, the government will increase private sector participation. Population growth, achanging epidemiology, a growing medical tourism industry, healthcare infrastructure developments, an expanding healthinsurance, digital transformation and new technologies will remain key market drivers. Read More

  • Japan Medical Devices Q3 2018

    ... to medicalfees and reimbursement prices, will continue to limit medical device market growth potential. The current trend of Japanesemanufacturers seeking acquisition opportunities to expand their footprint and seeking new growth opportunities will continue toplay out. Read More

  • Slovenia Medical Devices Q3 2018

    ... market will benefit from the country’s optimistic short-term economicoutlook. Slovenia is heavily reliant on imported medical devices as domestic production is characterised by small, specialisedmanufacturers, many of which engage in exports, principally to neighbouring countries. Read More

  • Switzerland Medical Devices Q3 2018

    ... low single-digitgrowth in US dollar terms due to local currency depreciation. Accelerating economic growth, favourable tax rates, high demand forsophisticated products and continued investment in medtech start-ups, will boost growth in the medical technology sector. Read More

  • Denmark Medical Devices Q3 2018

    ... the country's generous welfare system a constraining factor.The market will benefit from an economy outperforming the eurozone, although with a slight deceleration on GDP growth isforecast in 2018 and 2019. The transfer of more hearing ... Read More

  • Russia Medical Devices Q3 2018

    ... rouble depreciation. The market will benefit from a short-term uptick in economic activity,the large population, the development of medical tourism, the need to modernise existing infrastructure, heavy reliance on medicaldevice imports and the simplified medical ... Read More

  • Serbia Medical Devices Q3 2018

    ... appreciation of the Serbian dinar. Accelerating economic growth in the years aheadwill boost the market. The majority of medical devices are imported as local manufacturers focus on disposables such as bandagesand syringes, and low-tech equipment. Read More

  • Morocco Medical Devices Q3 2018

    ... over our forecast period both in local currency and USdollar terms, together with the expansion of universal health insurance coverage, external funding and increasing investment inhealthcare infrastructure. However, the market will remain heavily import dependent. Read More

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