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Sweat is essentially odorless until bacteria ferment it, which is when people reach for deodorant or antiperspirants. These are more than scented sticks or sprays and serve different purposes depending on the consumer’s needs. The deodorant retail category includes both simple deodorants, which neutralize or mask the odor of underarm perspiration – or sweat; and antiperspirants, which actually cause pores to close. Deodorants are often alcohol-based to fight order and may use hops as antimicrobials. These may come in the form of wax-based push-up sticks, liquid roll-ons, body sprays and even natural/organic preparations in solid, irregular rock shapes. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, are classified as drugs by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because they typically use aluminum salts that combine with the body’s own electrolytes to form gel plugs in one’s pores, thus stopping the flow of sweat. In spite of their efficiency, aluminum salts are linked with damage to the blood-brain barrier, various cancers, and renal (kidney) difficulties. Because of this, antiperspirants cannot be considered natural/organic.
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Deodorant Industry Research & Market Reports

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