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When the world wide housing bubble burst in the mid 2000’s, it sent the Real Estate Industry in general into crisis mode. Long thought of as the safest of all possible investments, the economic downturn saw homes lose as much as half their value in a few short months, leaving many homeowners owing significantly more on their houses than they were now worth. While this caused a large issue for banks (the main group exposed to this risk), the Real Estate companies that depended on the financing to close their sales also suffered from a highly unstable market with significant downward pressure on pricing due to foreclosures and short sales.

Real Estate companies such as Long and Foster, Caldwell Banker, Century 21, Sunland Group, Westfield Group and others faced a difficult market in which to operate. With tight credit, the possibly increasing government oversight, lower home prices and a smaller customer base, how the various real estate companies respond to these challenges will be the key determination in their success or failure.

Given these challenges faced by these companies, it is more essential now than it has ever been to understand this industry, which is something that can help you achieve. With the most up to date offerings in market research covering the Real Estate Company category, is your most exhaustive source for information on this highly volatile industry, providing company reports, information on segmentation, growth, size, sales, marketing strategies and analysis on regulatory efforts in both the United States and Global Markets.

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Real Estate Company Reports Industry Research & Market Reports

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