Catering Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Catering is a business that provides food service to an event or location. Catering services are often sold on a per-person basis. A catering proposal will usually include rental arrival time, staff arrival time, bar open and close time, meal time and rental pick up. There are many factors that can affect the price of catering such as menu choices, furniture or supply rentals, labor and service charges. There are many types of food catering services included in the market, including mobile catering, airline catering, and event catering.

Mobile catering serves food from a truck, cart or other vehicle. Mobile catering has expanded in popularity the last 5 years. Airline catering is a meal or snack that is served to passengers on a plane. Boxed lunch catering is the preparation of lunches in individual containers. They are often served to businesses during working lunches. Event catering is a food service with waiting staff. This type of service is often used for large events such as banquets or weddings. A full service catering company will also provide room decorations, lighting and table settings. Reports in this category address national and international market segments, company profiles in different areas of the market, equipment needs for the market, and market projections and trends.

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Catering Industry Research & Market Reports

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