Resorts/Casinos Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The resort and casino industry is composed of lodging and recreational establishments that provide both facilities on the same premises. Resorts are viewed as places for relaxation as well as recreation, and as such the resort segment of the industry typically offers guests a broad spectrum of amenities and various services, that may include but are not limited to: entertainment (such as gambling venues), swimming pools, health centers, valet parking, food and beverage services, and conference and convention facilities. The casino sector of the industry is located on the premises of a resort, and may offer sports betting, table wagering games, and slot machines, amongst others. All gambling activity within the resort and casino industry is legalized through the licenses obtained by the premises, and the activity is supervised by state and/or federal governments. While often operated on the same premises, resorts and casinos may still hold differing rates. As an example, there may be entrance fees for a casino that are not included in the cost of resort accommodations.

Travel, whether business or leisure, often drives the demand in the resort and casino industry. Consumer income also directly affects the frequenting of these establishments, as does the state of the economy. In a struggling economy demand may slow and revenue may decrease while consumers reduce spending on travel and/or vacations. Competition exists worldwide between the international resorts and casinos, as well as with the increasing trend of online casinos.

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Resorts/Casinos Industry Research & Market Reports

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