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In April 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a new program focused on curbing the abuse and reducing associated risks of prescription opioid painkillers. The Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) program focuses primarily on educating doctors about proper pain management, patient selection and improving patient awareness about how to use these drugs safely.

According to the White House, prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic, estimating that in 2007 alone, over 33 million Americans age 12 and older misused opioid painkillers. That same year, drug overdose in the U.S. was one of the leading causes of unintentional injury death, second only to motor vehicle accidents.

One important target of the campaign is the safe disposal of medications. In many cases, doctors have been found to prescribe larger doses of opioids than patients actually use. Many of these pills find their way onto the black market. Additionally, more than half of all non-prescribed painkiller users get their drugs from someone they know. As part of the plan, FDA wants opioid manufacturers to provide prescribing physicians with educational materials, including a medication guide that uses consumer friendly language to explain safe use and disposal.

The drugs targeted by the REMS plan include brand name products known under the generic names hydromorphone, oxycodone, morphine, oxymorphone, methadone, transdermal fentanyl, and transdermal buprenorphine.

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Prescription Drugs Industry Research & Market Reports

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    ... including ALLIANCE HEALTHCARE DEUTSCHLAND AG, CONFRAT EXPLOIT ET REPART PHARMACEUTIQUE and TEVA HUNGARY PHARMACEUTICAL MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY. This report includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll ... Read More

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (SWEDEN) - Industry Report

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  • Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (NORDIC) - Industry Report

    ... including MOLNLYCKE HEALTH CARE AB, BOOTS NORGE AS and LUNDBECK EXPORT A/S. This report includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing's latest Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (NORDIC) analysis ... Read More

  • Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (GLOBAL) - Industry Report

    ... including PHOENIX PHARMAHANDEL GMBH & CO KG, SANACORP PHARMAHANDEL GMBH and COMIFAR S.P.A.. This report includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing's latest Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (GLOBAL) ... Read More

  • Online Pharmaceutical Sales in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ... one registered physical shop-front pharmacy. The industry excludes those establishments that operate several physical stores that are supplemented via complementary online operations. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including ... Read More

  • Cuba Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... and development opportunities fordurgmakers will be aided by the country's developed biotechnological and healthcare sector. Whereas, the ageing population willfacilitate the rising demand for chronic diseases treatment that are not catered by local manufacturers. However, ... Read More

  • Lebanon Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... responses to the Syrianrefugee crisis, has seen noticeable improvements in healthcare and medicine access. Furthermore, medicine demand will besupported by a growing chronic disease burden and high per capita spending by regional standards. However, Lebanon’s ... Read More

  • Romania Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... represents a huge untapped opportunity for drug sales growth, bolstered by anageing population. We note that opportunities will continue to be restricted due to medicine access issues. This is primarily due tothe limited availability of ... Read More

  • Greece Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... resulting in high levels of debt. Medicine sales will remain on a lowly growthtrajectory, albeit now positive, due to restrictive public funding. Repressive government policy, including aggressive pricing, highclawback and rebates will continue to repress ... Read More

  • France Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... recent commitments towards accelerating marketauthorisation of innovative medicines, as well as optimising market access and promoting innovation and clinical research,anticipate an effort to transform France into a highly attractive market for drugmakers and investors, reversing ... Read More

  • Singapore Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... cost-containment measures. Prospects forgeneric medicine sales will remain strong over the coming fiscal years as the government seeks to use it as a key tool of controllingexpenditure. A stable business environment, with a clear regulatory ... Read More

  • Finland Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... drugmakers to operate in. Patented medicine sales are supportedby a growing pensionable population, high per capita spending and a strong intellectual property regime. However, delays anddisagreements within the government and its opponents concerning healthcare and ... Read More

  • Belgium Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... Although fiscal pressures haveforced the government to implement a raft of policy initiatives designed to contain costs and unburden an over-stretched healthsystem, it remains committed to access to innovative drugs, mental health treatment, as well ... Read More

  • Moldova Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... discourage drugmakers from investing in the country. Moreover, high levels ofindustry- and country-specific risks, such as an uncertain pricing regime and high political risk, will augment the challenges faced bycompanies marketing their products in Moldova. Read More

  • Kenya Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... ‘Big Four Agenda’ to 2022, providing upside risks to ourpharmaceuticals and healthcare forecasts. However, while this development highlights greater political will to improve healthcareaccess in Kenya, the target is highly ambitious over the coming five ... Read More

  • Switzerland Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... of the high-value patented drugs along with the impact ofgovernment measures, including price cuts on medicine. However, as the years progress towards the end of our forecast, thecountry’s ageing population and exceptionally high per capita ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... The country is attracting greater foreign investment into itsdomestic pharmaceutical industry, with Roche and Servier the latest multinational drugmakers to commit to the market. In Addition,the state-owned SK-Pharmacy new tender favouring domestically-produced medicines in line ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... We note, however, that a lack of generic medicine uptake posesconsiderable risks to market sustainability, posing downside risks to long-term market growth. Moreover, the market poses feweropportunities for increased FDI by multinational innovative pharmaceutical firms ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... a key market for innovative medicine approvals, generics will experiencemore robust growth given the emphasis on cost-containment and plans to boost local production. In a region marred by politicalrisk, the UAE's relative stability and anticipated ... Read More

  • Bangladesh Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... drugs continue to outperform. Although existingincentives to localise drug production, together with the market’s long-term development potential, will continue to drive industrialdevelopment, multinational investment appetite in the sector will remain low due to high country ... Read More

  • Denmark Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... and growing pensionable population. Despite the market being regarded asrelatively small by Western European standards, Denmark’s high per capita spending, strong regulatory enforcement and anadvanced clinical trials sector will continue to attract innovative drugmaker investments. ... Read More

  • India Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... market represents a significant growth opportunity for drugmakers, aided by pharmaceuticalregulatory development and healthcare reforms. Despite this, a tough pricing environment and low levels of intellectual propertyprotection will remain ongoing concerns for multinational pharmaceutical firms. Read More

  • Iraq Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... aid funds will continue to play a criticalrole in ensuring access to health care services, particularly in conflict-affected governorates. Given the fragmentation of Iraq’spolitical landscape and still-pervasive corruption, pharmaceutical investors will remain cautious in their ... Read More

  • Israel Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... in the Middle East. The government's ongoing commitment toattract biotechnology companies, was underlined by a further expansion of that the country’s basket for patented drugs in2018. Additionally, Israel is emerging as a international centre for ... Read More

  • Croatia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q4 2018

    ... some regional peers and a limited availability of skilledworkers - due to a small population size and a lack of science and engineering graduates - will deter foreign multinationalinvestments. Furthermore, sales of high-value medicines will ... Read More

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