College Market Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

These comprehensive reports will help marketers and businesses understand these specific age groups and the opportunities they present for marketing. Reports address the demographic profile of current and future college students, overviews of marketing and promotional strategies for this population, including pros and cons for specific strategies, and reviews of consumer behavior. Reports are available that discuss the distinctive characteristics, purchasing power, and consumer behavior for specific groups, such as teenagers, the Internet Generation, millennials/Generation Y, and even Generation X. Reports include data on market segmentation, size and growth in US, UK, Europe, Asia and global markets, and many have tables and charts that are easy to extract and use for presentations or reports.
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College Market Industry Research & Market Reports

  • ForeSights: Singles' Day Shopping Festival

    ... envisaged as the antithesis of Valentine's Day, wherein singletons celebrate their 'singledom', splurge on themselves, or scout for partners. Singles' Day soon became a popular celebratory occasion for people to shop and indulge in everything ... Read More

  • Young Consumers

    ... environmental pollution, todays’ consumers became more concerns over environmentalism (Chua et al., 2016; 2019; Lin and Hsu, 2015), which has given the rise for green consumption movement (Kaklamanou et al., 2015; Quoquab et al., 2019). Read More

  • Technology Habits of Generation Z - UK - September 2019

    ... media platforms and messaging apps dominate smartphone use, while gaming is extremely popular across all devices. With creativity and expressing identity priorities for Gen Zers, brands must look beyond traditional advertising and towards more engaged, ... Read More

  • Lifestyles of Generation Z - UK - September 2019

    ... issues. For their part, the major social media platforms are exploring ways of lessening the young’s reliance on digital approval, but there remain opportunities for brands to implore this generation to switch off from the ... Read More

  • Generation Hashtag - Thematic Research

    ... Generation Z, cannot countenance a world without the internet or smartphones, and their priorities and preferences are reshaping the corporate world. At a rough estimate, Generation Hashtag makes up one-quarter of the world's population and ... Read More

  • The Generation Z BPC Consumer - UK - August 2019

    ... group, who are already involved in their BPC routines at a young age and buying their own products. Whilst much is speculated about the influence of bloggers, Gen Z are much more likely to trust ... Read More

  • Future of the Family: Generation Z as Homemakers

    ... will shape the future family structure, with households becoming smaller and more diverse. Although habits may change as they age, Gen Z tend to have a strong preference for homeownership, smart technology and spacious home. ... Read More

  • Generation Z as Future Customers, Forecast to 2027

    ... and 2007, will be an important customer base in the future. This age cohort is expected to be the most ethnically diverse and tolerant generation yet. It is also a socially and environmentally aware group. ... Read More

  • Student Lifestyles - UK - December 2018

    ... they do not drink alcohol at all, while an even higher proportion show interest in more alcohol-free social events. This paves the way for the leisure and retail sectors to rethink their approach when it ... Read More

  • The Effective operator strategies to address the youth market segment

    ... address this demographic and have led to operators marketing youth-specific plans or launching sub-brands, but it is not clear what the most effective strategies are. In this report, we examine how operators can best serve ... Read More

  • Lifestyles of Generation Z - UK - August 2018

    ... “hyper-connectivity” that is arguably having a very real impact on their mental health. From a commercial perspective this underlines opportunities for more brands to engage with the young about their mental wellbeing, and to help ... Read More

  • Lifestyles of Multicultural Young Adults - US - November 2017

    ... older generations and will continue to become even more so in the years ahead. In this Report, Mintel provides an in-depth understanding of how this group lives, including where they reside, whom they spend their ... Read More

  • Marketing to the iGeneration - US - April 2016

    ... marketers need to pay closer attention to this generation’s priorities and how their behavior differs from the dominant Millennials." - Fiona O'Donnell, Category Manager - Multicultural, Lifestyles, Leisure and Travel This report discusses differences that ... Read More

  • Who's Buying By Age

    ... anyone who needs to know spending patterns by age—and age is probably the most important predictor of spending—Who’s Buying by Age could be considered the Bible of Spending. Who’s Buying by Age is a unique ... Read More

  • Collegiate Gen Y Eating: Culinary Trend Mapping Report

    ... an eye on nutrition and the health of the planet. These attributes haven’t changed and over time we’ve been able to see more clearly how they are playing out and strategically assess their future impact ... Read More

  • Millennials in the U.S.

    ... back to their parents’ home and married and unmarried couples with and without kids. Gen-Y consumers encompass college grads with high-paying full-time jobs and credit cards and bank accounts as well as those struggling with ... Read More

  • Millennials in the U.S.: Trends and Opportunities Surrounding Gen-Y Adults

    ... while those with jobs are most likely to have been asked at some point during the recession to work fewer hours, switch to part-time employment or agree to have their pay cut. Yet, paradoxically, survey ... Read More

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