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Stay on top of industry trends and gain a competitive edge in the commercial construction market. Our collection of reports provides insights into areas such as building contracting, ventilation systems, prefabricated buildings, wood cabinets, hospital furniture, and more. Specific features in the reports include data on market share, projections, competitive analysis, and growth opportunities in the US and worldwide.
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Commercial Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Brazil Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... in 2018 driven by power sector investment, a recovery in the residentialsector and base effects from a four-year recession. Uncertainty surrounding the October 2018 election will weigh on nascentpositive momentum over the coming 12 months. Read More

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... Bosnia a EUR74.6mn credit line, while the EBRD has made EUR700 available forroad construction. We forecast a construction industry value expansion of 2.7% y-o-y in 2018, with an average annual real growth of2.8% over 2018-2027. Read More

  • Kuwait Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... to outperform over the course of our forecast period on the back of economicdiversification initiatives. An improving economy and higher oil prices will also have positive knock on effects with respect to state-driven infrastructure investment. Read More

  • Qatar Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... underway in preparation for the FIFA 2022 WorldCup, and these are being supported by significant investment in the expansion of the country's road and rail network. Thegovernment has also committed to the improvement of greater ... Read More

  • Tanzania Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... public investment flows into transport infrastructure and supported by ongoing activity in the power andnon-residential sectors. Regulatory challenges will remain a hindrance to the development of the country's oil & gas industry andthe associated infrastructure. Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... when the region will pass the Middle East and North Africa region asthe global growth leader. While key markets such as South Africa will continue to lag behind the regional average, a strong projectpipeline and ... Read More

  • Thailand Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... in transport, power and real estate projects. Although projects continue to struggle withfinancing and logistics delays, we note that the military's strengthening position in government will be positive for maintainingpolicy continuity and instituting sector reforms. Read More

  • Honduras Infrastructure Q3 2018

    Honduras Infrastructure Q3 2018 BMI View: Driven by robust infrastructure investment, the Honduran construction industry will grow strongly in 2018 and 2019,before decelerating thereafter. Read More

  • Australia Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... besubdued in 2018. The sector still faces risks from weakness in commodity prices, while residential construction is negatively affectedby a cooling housing market. That said, the ongoing public infrastructure drive will continue to provide support. Read More

  • Turkmenistan Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... View: Turkmenistan’s construction sector growth will lead both Central Asia and the broader CEE region with annualisedaverage growth of 7% over the next five years, largely on the back of the country’s industrial infrastructure sector. Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... number of factors in facilitating construction sector growth in the coming years, includingrising oil prices, a growing economy, and Expo 2020, all of which will combine to make the country one of the most attractiveglobally. Read More

  • United Kingdom Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... to grow robustly over the next 10 years, especially compared to otherdeveloped markets in the world. Outperforming segments include residential buildings and transport infrastructure. The outlook fornon-residential buildings remains dampened by uncertainties surrounding Brexit negotiations. Read More

  • Vietnam Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... Vietnam Infrastructure Q3 2018 BMI View: Vietnam will remain one of the fastest-growing construction markets in emerging Asia, with positive support comingfrom its robust economic growth, liberalising business environment and strong government spending on infrastructuredevelopment. Read More

  • Nigeria Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... Nigeria's construction industry will accelerate in 2018 and remain robust over our five- and ten-year forecastperiods. Supporting factors include the government's infrastructure development plans, higher oil revenues and efforts aimed atattracting private investment in projects. Read More

  • Gabon Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... funding flows into power and transport infrastructure. Rising oil prices and new exploratoryopportunities will provide some support, albeit minimal, to the sector over the medium term, as higher revenues increasegovernment's ability to support construction activity. Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... red. Further supporting its expansion is continuedprivate sector financing and expertise in the transport and power infrastructure sectors. Growing political risk will continue to weighon the overall attractiveness of the market as an investment destination. Read More

  • South Korea Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... BMI View: We forecast South Korea's construction sector to expand at a slower pace of 5.3% in 2018 as the government cuts backon social overhead spending and the effect of Olympics-related construction projects tapers off. Read More

  • Ghana Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... back of steady economic expansion and a supportive environment for investment. Relative political stability and arobust demand profile for infrastructure will ensure foreign participation in the market is sustained, helping to progress a largeproject pipeline. Read More

  • Kazakhstan Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... BMI View: Economic diversification schemes, rising oil prices, and external multilateral and Chinese companies will be the decisivefactors fueling robust construction sector growth in Kazakhstan over the next five years, easily outpacing the CEE average. Read More

  • Kenya Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... and cater to business and tourism in Nairobi, backed by substantial public and private investment. Issuesaround inadequate project preparation and concerns over the commercial viability of some developments will hinder a more rapidpace of development. Read More

  • Commercial Insulation

    ... demand for all insulation materials. This report covers commercial insulation product demand by material, building type, project type, and region, along with a discussion of key producers and their respective market shares. Data are given ... Read More

  • Outdoor Kitchens

    ... and upgrades to facilitate both routine outdoor cooking and outdoor entertaining. The expansion from primarily high-end installations to more mass-market versions will further boost sales. This report covers outdoor kitchen equipment demand by Product and ... Read More

  • Commercial Building Construction in the UK - Industry Market Research Report

    ... airport buildings. The assembly and erection of prefabricated buildings is also covered. Repairs and maintenance are also included in the industry. Part or all of the construction process may be outsourced. This report covers the ... Read More

  • Jordan Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... is a positive for the market, bringing greater access to capital and expertise in key sectors. The provision ofinternational development funding will also ensure growth is maintained in the market, offsetting a generally weak public ... Read More

  • Hungary Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... in themarket, offsetting relatively slow growth in the power infrastructure sector. The country is expected to remain a regional economicoutperformer, boosting public spending capacity and creating a healthy investment environment. Downside risk does howeverstem from ... Read More

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