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Stay on top of industry trends and gain a competitive edge in the commercial construction market. Our collection of reports provides insights into areas such as building contracting, ventilation systems, prefabricated buildings, wood cabinets, hospital furniture, and more. Specific features in the reports include data on market share, projections, competitive analysis, and growth opportunities in the US and worldwide.
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Commercial Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Civil engineering Services for Public Works Infrastructure Projects: North America

    ... maintenance of the built environment. This report is concerned specifically with the market for civil engineering services as they relate to public infrastructure projects. Public infrastructure projects are construction or engineering projects executed by governments ... Read More

  • Australia Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... from the government's push to improve transportinfrastructure over the next decade. However, the buildings construction sector will be a drag on overall growth, particularly due to aslowing housing market owing to an ongoing price correction. Read More

  • Colombia Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... continuedweakness of the residential and non-residential construction sector will partially offset strong growth for infrastructure construction.From 2021, growth will strengthen, with Colombia's construction industry set to be among the fastest growing regionally between2021 and 2024. Read More

  • Iraq Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... maintained into 2020 and we expect public spending into infrastructure to be constrained. Nevertheless, certainreconstruction efforts and investment into energy and utilities are enjoying elevated levels of activity, with China an increasinglystrong presence in Iraq. Read More

  • Jordan Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... forthcoming in the key residential and non-residential building sector, which will hold back overall market growth. While Jordan remains one of the most stable markets in theregion, there is persistent risk of social unrest due ... Read More

  • Namibia Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... outlook for government infrastructure spending. In particular, therenewable energy sector is an emerging investment bright spot, in line with the government's National Renewable Energy Policyand NamPower's plan to invest USD309.5mn in the sector by 2022. Read More

  • Poland Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... downside risk relating to the country's futureaccess to EU funding, given that the bloc is seeking to link investment to the rule of law in member states, an area in which thePolish government has previously ... Read More

  • Indonesia Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... at a robust rate over our 10-year forecast period as work progresses on anumber of high-value infrastructure and real estate projects. Growth is supported by policy continuity, following President JokoWidodo's victory in the presidential elections. Read More

  • Nicaragua Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... onconstruction activity in Nicaragua, while US sanctions and a potential banking crisis further cloud the outlook forinfrastructure investment. We expect the construction market to register its third year of consecutive contraction of 7.3% in 2020. Read More

  • Peru Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... View: Peru's construction industry will see a modest deceleration in growth from 2020 as project delays weigh on the advanceof projects. We highlight downside risk to our outlook from elevated political uncertainty in the country. Read More

  • Singapore Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... Key View: Singapore boasts world-class transport and energy infrastructure, and its small size and population limits growth andinvestment opportunities over the next decade. However, several government initiatives will support growth of rail, port and watersectors. Read More

  • South Korea Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... of well-developed infrastructure, South Korea's infrastructure sector is expected to have limitedengines of growth over the coming years. Weak demographic and economic outlook will weigh on growth of the country's buildingssectors over the long term. Read More

  • Uganda Infrastructure Q1 2020

    ... expansion during their development,and upon completion allow for increased government revenue to funnel into infrastructure development. The market will still recordhigh growth regionally and we highlight ongoing improvements to power and transport infrastructure will continue ... Read More

  • Turkmenistan Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... economic recovery will support employment and real wage growth. Consumer confidencemarkedly improved in the aftermath of Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s presidential election victory. However, vehicle production in Ukrainewill remain in the negative territory in 2019, contracting by ... Read More

  • Sri Lanka Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... profile, rising disposable incomes and a growingurban population. We note that while disposable incomes are rising, they remain low which constrains spending to essentials.Staples in the bread, rice and cereals category will continue to dominate ... Read More

  • India Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... will help offset natural decline rates, butthe prospects for major greenfield investments in oil are poor. New reforms - which have improved licensing procedures and fiscalterms - pose additional upside in the coming years. The ... Read More

  • Europe Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... period. This contrasts with the wider Europe region’s forecast average of 2%annually during the same period; indeed, when isolating CEE as a region in its own right it ranks in fourth place globally,demonstrating its outperformance ... Read More

  • Argentina Infrastructure Q4 2019

    Argentina Infrastructure Q4 2019 Key View: Elevated uncertainty and likely cuts to public construction investment will see Argentina's construction industry remainin contraction through 2020. Read More

  • Uzbekistan Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... underpinned by governmentefforts to establish a manufacturing base and tap hydrocarbon reserves. Furthermore, upside risk to construction sector growth ismounting, in line with President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s plans to reduce the state’s footprint in the economy, ... Read More

  • United States Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... construction seen over the first half of the year.From 2020, we expect the sector will return to stronger growth, spurred by a moderate recovery of residential construction andrising state and local investment in infrastructure development. Read More

  • Netherlands Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... and 3.6% y-o-y in 2020. Our short-term outlook for theDutch construction industry is further informed by our view that infrastructure investment will remain steady through 2020, withthe market to see robust investment across both the ... Read More

  • Ecuador Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... through the end of 2019, leading to a contraction of theindustry. From 2020, we expect the industry to return to growth, supported by pro-business policies and the growing use of public-private partnerships in infrastructure development. Read More

  • Japan Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... by both global and regional standards.While the banking sector faces headwinds, it is the industry that sits in the strongest position - albeit against a still-challengingmacroeconomic backdrop, particularly as fiscal consolidation continues to feed through ... Read More

  • Laos Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... demand for new vehicles, vehicle sales growth in Brazil will outperform its neighbours.However, weaker demand for new vehicles in the region's remaining two largest vehicle markets, Argentina and Mexico, will resultin subdued sales in 2019. Read More

  • Global Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... construction growth within that time frame, although we note that in the context ofslowing economic growth, the growing likelihood of a no-deal Brexit, and US-China trade disputes, risks to our outlook are weightedto the downside. Read More

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