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  • Glass Packaging Manufacturers (GLOBAL) - Industry Report

    ... top 240 companies, including C.A. FABRICA NACIONAL DE VIDRIO Y FILIAL, VETROPACK HOLDING AG and SAVERGLASS. This report includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing's latest ... Read More

  • Bottles & Closures (UK) - Industry Report

    ... top 110 companies, including ALPLA UK LTD, BEATSON CLARK LTD and BLOWPLAST LTD. This report covers activities such as plastic containers, pet, packaging, injection molding, caps and includes a wealth of information on the financial ... Read More

  • Bottling (UK) - Industry Report

    ... LTD, DIAGEO GLOBAL SUPPLY IBC LTD and GREENCROFT BOTTLING COMPANY LTD. This report covers activities such as scotch, bottling, home, whisky, brands and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past ... Read More

  • Global Beverage Packaging Market 2018-2022

    ... market to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% during the period 2018-2022. Covered in this report The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global beverage packaging market for 2018-2022. To ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in Mexico

    ... certain categories, with tequila and whiskies amongst the most prominent examples. Indeed, rising prices paradoxically contributed to premiumisation through their fuelling of at-home consumption, with premium products being significantly more affordable through retail outlets than ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in South Korea

    ... the course of the year, driven by the strong performance of wheat beer brands such as Hoegaarden which target female consumers. Growth is also supported by rising demand for beer in 500ml metal beverage cans ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in South Africa

    ... 400ml and 500ml metal beverage cans as the format of choice for its domestic lager, with one litre glass bottles gaining momentum through the flagship Carling Black Label brand. According to Nampak, the leading manufacturer ... Read More

  • Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ... size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are five year industry forecasts, growth rates and an analysis of the industry key players and their market shares. Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Singapore

    ... have traditionally been value-conscious, the purchasing and transporting of goods packaged in larger sizes from bricks-and-mortar stores have often been a hassle. The growing acceptance of online purchases and delivery has removed this obstacle, allowing ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in the Philippines

    ... in the year. Within soft drinks, carbonates experienced a greater shift from glass bottles to PET bottles. Flexible packaging also enjoyed expansion in 2017, thanks to dynamism in hot drinks, particularly in instant standard coffee ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in Singapore

    ... sales over the forecast period. This stems from the fact that glass is an inert material, thereby preserving the beverage’s original taste. Also, the majority of beer and cider/perry sales are made on-trade, with consumers ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in Indonesia

    ... to the younger generation and female drinkers who are new to alcohol, or not able to handle too high an alcohol content. In addition, due to the ban on alcoholic drinks in convenience stores and ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in Ukraine

    ... Carlsberg, updated the design of its Seth & Riley's Garage metal cans and glass bottles and extended its Robert Doms brand via the addition of Robert Doms Golden Ale. Furthermore, PrAT Odessavynprom launched its Lustdorf ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in Poland

    ... are expected to continue. However, there is also much criticism of these formats as they are often bought by people addicted to alcohol, as the price is cheaper than for larger bottles. However, as there ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in Russia

    ... variety of gift offers and share of secondary packaging increased in 2017 and was especially evident in whiskies and cognac. There were even proposals from manufacturers who had not used this tool before. In addition ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Canada

    ... In packaged food, beauty and personal care, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, this meant packaging innovations centred on portability either by favouring smaller pack sizes or resilient materials that are suitable for various, often casual, consumption ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in the Netherlands

    ... more consumers consider the sustainability of packaging an indication of the quality of the product. This means that sustainability has a growing influence on the success of brands. Manufacturers are therefore investing resources to further ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Australia

    ... on the environment and the rising need for convenience among consumers had the biggest impact on the industry overall during the year. With consumers moving towards products packaged in recyclable, reusable and reduced waste materials, ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in France

    ... local economy should limit the structural decline of on-trade volume sales within alcoholic drinks and help stabilise overall volume sales within spirits. However, the main growth driver will remain rising volume sales within beer. This ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in Italy

    ... introduced new regulations, including a restriction on glass packaging during public events for security reasons. Heineken, Carlsberg, Dreher, Ceres, Bavaria and Twins Beer, which offer plastic packaging, have all consequently benefited from the new regulation. ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in Spain

    ... has seen a steady economic recovery in recent years, with GDP increasing by 3% in 2017 according to the IMF. This has helped to boost consumer confidence, as highlighted by the rise in leisure spending ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in the Netherlands

    ... years, and will be one of the determining factors for the development of alcoholic drinks packaging over the forecast period. The premiumisation trend will lead to a greater variety of packaging formats. Premium alcoholic drinks ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in Germany

    ... this development, the overall size of the alcoholic drinks packaging industry is expected to continue to decline over the forecast period as consumers are favouring quality over quantity. Nevertheless, both the on-trade and off-trade are ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in Switzerland

    ... recycled, such as glass and metal. While glass bottles remained the leading pack type in Switzerland in 2017 in both the off- and on-trade, metal packaging, such as metal beverage cans, continued to enjoy a ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in China

    ... They are demanding unique and personalised experiences, not just the same thing every time for everybody. In search of sustainable growth, many breweries are not only working on product innovation, but also focusing on packaging ... Read More

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