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  • Norway Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... its maximum, although the move to high-speed fixed and mobile broadband services is the main driver in Norway's markets. We have revised our fixed broadband forecastdown slightly on the back of recent operator data and ... Read More

  • Jordan Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... to focus on migrating existing subscribers on tomore premium services. Investments in 4G developments should contribute to a maintain adoption, but we caution pricecompetition will continue to erode already low ARPU figures. The fixed market ... Read More

  • Uganda Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... Q119 update we have slightly revised downwards our mobile subscribergrowth forecasts. However, we maintain our view that the market will continue a positive growth trend, ending our forecast periodwith 33.912mn subscribers in 2027. Uganda's low ... Read More

  • Romania Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... Convergence seems to be the key theme on theRomanian market, as it is rumored that Orange is preparing to buy the country's third-largest cable network operator, AKTA, andVodafone has agreed to purchase Liberty Global’s assets ... Read More

  • Uganda - Mobile Infrastructure, Operators and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... given the poor condition of fixed-line infrastructure. This has meant that mobile networks carry most voice traffic and account for the vast majority of internet connections. With recent investment in LTE technologies, the reach and ... Read More

  • Austria Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... is driving the market. However, ARPU growthwill be muted despite greater usage, given the intense competition in the 'no frills' prepaid segment. On the broadband side,demand for higher speed services is ongoing and though fixed ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... mobile data packages via LTE, fibre and connectedobjects. We maintain our positive outlook for the market. It will be driven by the uptake of 3G/4G services with an increasingnumber of operators investing in 4G roll-out. ... Read More

  • Oman Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... expat population in Oman declines and operators focus onmigrating subscribers to post-paid and value-added services. With no updates on the establishment of a third MNO, we still believe athird MNO would have limited success in ... Read More

  • Ireland Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... reduction of prescription medicine co-payment will supportthe rising demand for healthcare. However, persistent cost control measures targeting drug spending will keep a lid on marketgrowth. Ireland's slow uptake of innovative medicines relative to regional peers ... Read More

  • France - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... Group is one of the world’s major players with interests in markNoooets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Despite market liberalisation, the company still dominates all sectors though increasing competition from a number of ... Read More

  • China Telecommunications Q1 2019

    China Telecommunications Q1 2019 Key View: 3G continues its rapid decline as 4G roll-outs by the top three operators and the proliferation of locally-made Read More

  • Bangladesh Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... towerco licences is positive for operators to offloadcapital intensive mobile assets, while the hike in the on-net tariff will motivate operators to pursue service differentiation andnetwork improvements. Launch of 4G will continue to drive growth, ... Read More

  • Bahrain Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... updates regarding biometric SIM registration and newownership limits has led to a severe decline of mobile subscribers during 2017 and H118. Growth in the mobile market will comefrom the uptake of 4G services and investment ... Read More

  • Argentina Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... uncertainty, adifficult economic situation and the concentration of market power in the merged Telecom Personal-Cablevisión may limit muchneeded investments from operators into network expansion and, moreover, difficult the adoption of premium and advancedservices by subscribers. Read More

  • Russia - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

    ... network operators are active, although the market is dominated by four major operators (MTS, VEON, Tele2 Russia/Rostelecom and MegaFon). These have expanded their footprints widely through the acquisition of smaller regional service providers. Tele2 Russia ... Read More

  • Chile - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

    ... overall trend has been stable. In the year to June 2018 the subscriber base increased 5.5%, despite the prevalence of lower use of multiple SIM cards. Much of the growth can be ascribed to the ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... mobile growth, especially LTE take-up. Vodafone isincreasing its footprint in the Czech market with a view to becoming a stronger converged player by acquiring Liberty Global's cableassets. Operators are preparing for the evolution towards 5G ... Read More

  • South Africa Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... low-value prepaid SIMs and demand for smart phones is drivingoperators' revenues. The key determinant of how the broadband market develops is the successful auction of high-value 4Gspectrum planned for April 2019. The regulator is becoming ... Read More

  • Qatar Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... growth, but we maintain that new technologies and value-added services will continue to drive revenues. The market is competitive as both Ooredoo and Vodafone strive to offerdifferentiating services and attract higher-value subscribers. Both have invested ... Read More

  • Colombia - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

    ... still low and where strong demand exists in rural areas where fixed-line infrastructure remains poor. The market has seen considerable competition from the MVNO sector, with Virgin Mobile alone having almost 2.9 million subscribers as ... Read More

  • Colombia - Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations - Statistics and Analyses

    ... poor in small urban centres and rural areas. The government has sought to address this with a number of public programs and has facilitated the entry of operators to the mobile market in a bid ... Read More

  • Netherlands: Country Intelligence Report

    ... forecasts of key indicators up to 2023. Published annually, the report provides detailed analysis of the near-term opportunities, competitive dynamics and evolution of demand by service type and technology/platform across the fixed telephony, broadband, mobile ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... looking to migrate customers from basic topremium services, such as 4G LTE, fibre and pay-TV. The mobile market is due to undergo some changes with Telenor having sold itsBulgarian assets (as well as those in ... Read More

  • Turkey Telecommunications Q1 2019

    ... network operators aids innovation andmitigates prices in a market dominated by post-paid subscriptions. The wireline voice market has been staying relatively stable andis dominated by incumbent Türk Telekom, the M2M market is growing, and the ... Read More

  • Italy - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

    ... customers respond to attractive off-net pricing and bundled offers from the main providers. The market underwent considerable changes following the merger of Wind and 3 Italia (becoming Wind Tre). As a result of the merger ... Read More

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