Heavy Construction Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The heavy construction market refers to heavy construction equipment, machinery and industrial vehicle products and associated services for heavy construction projects. Industrial vehicles for heavy construction include excavators, cranes, tunnel boring machines, bulldozers and loaders. Equipment for heavy construction can include drilling equipment, soil stabilizers, pile drivers, trucks, tankers and generators. The vehicles consist of five parts: control systems, implementation systems, information systems, power trains, structures and traction systems. Hydraulic components are an important part of heavy construction vehicles and are the major means for power transference to the tools and equipped machinery. Some key heavy machinery manufacturers include Bobcat Company, Caterpillar Incorporated, Deer and Company, Doosan Group, Fiat-Allis, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ingersoll Rand, Kobelco, New Holland, Roto Tilt, and ST Kinetics.

Services relating to heavy construction can include engineering; equipment, vehicle and materials procurement; and construction itself or building (EPC). Contractors, engineers, distribution specialists, consultants, technicians, skilled workers and laborers make up the majority of workforces assigned to heavy construction projects. Examples of heavy construction projects include bridge and tunnel construction, large concrete structure construction (dams and aqueducts for instance), harbors, docks and other water projects, road and highway building, canal and waterway excavation, pipeline excavation and laying, other concrete and metal pipe projects, and steel structure construction. Heavy construction can include also demolition and wreckage activities in order to clear and prepare construction areas.

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Heavy Construction Industry Research & Market Reports

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