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Direct marketing is practiced by businesses of all sizes. Both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies use direct marketing. This type of advertising reaches its target audience through social media, direct mail, catalog, street advertising, email, fliers and television.

Direct advertising is a form of direct marketing. It sends a clear message to consumers without the use of commercial communication media. There is also a “call to action” aspect to this style of advertising. The focus is on the consumer response.

Direct marketing is a very attractive form of marketing because the emphasis is on measuring the positive effect. One problem with this type of marketing is the number of people who may be offended by “junk” mail or email “spam” – that is, paper or electronic mail that they did not request or do not want.

Direct mail, or junk mail, as some call it, is the most common form of direct marketing. It is often a low cost form of advertising such as the distribution of circulars, catalogs, pre approved credit applications and free trial CDs. However, the cost of printing and mailing traditional direct mail pieces has placed on damper on marketers’ willingness to use traditional direct mail. Instead, many marketers have turned to email marketing to reach audiences through direct marketing.

The internet has made it easier for marketers to measure the results of a direct marketing campaign. Often times a specific website landing page is used to monitor the results of a campaign. The negative side of direct marketing can be the tendency to generate poor quality leads due to unorganized database files and poor message strategy.

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Direct Marketing Industry Research & Market Reports

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