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The landscaping industry involves any activities that change visible features of an area of land. Landscaping includes installing gardens, trees, plants, shrubs, and lawns, as well as landscape care and maintenance services. Specifically, this industry consists of the transformation of several different elements, such as living, natural, human, and abstract. Living elements refer to flowers and plants, and natural elements refer to landforms, varied terrains, and/or bodies of water. Also included in landscaping are human elements like buildings, fences, and other man-made materials, as well as abstract elements such as weather and different lighting conditions.

For landscaping projects, independent landscapers construct plans and designs for the development of land by incorporating their information and awareness of land characteristics, the location of various structures, the use of land areas, and design of the current landscape. Landscaping firms work on larger projects such recreational areas, subdivisions, community structures and land areas, as well as commercial, residential, and industrial areas.

Landscaping services consist of the initial landscaping for both commercial and residential clients, as well as the resulting maintenance. Services may also include chemical line and pest control, “line-clearing”, or branch removal around utility lines, irrigation systems, landscape construction, and tree services. A landscaping company may provide a commercial client with gardening services in the spring, yard and lawn care and tree pruning in the summer, and leaf clearing in the fall. During the winter months, landscaping companies will sometimes offer snow removal services to their clients.

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Landscaping Industry Research & Market Reports

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