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VacZine Analytics is an established strategic research consultancy based in the United Kingdom. Its specific aim is to provide high-quality disease and commercial analysis to those working within or in collaboration with the growing vaccine/biologics industry. Through our “custom” and “off the shelf” syndicated product lines the key focus of the company is to help clients build the case for developing new vaccines.
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6 Reports from VacZine Analytics

  • MarketVIEW: Veterinary Vaccines

    ...canine and feline markets along with livestock, pigs and poultry. Veterinary vaccines are attractive commercially due to population growth and an increased demand for animal protein as a food source especially driven by emerging markets. ... Read More

  • MarketVIEW: Inactivated polio virus vaccines

    ...of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), launched in 1988 and coordinated by national governments and supranational partners such as the WHO, Rotary International, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UNICEF and ... Read More

  • MarketVIEW: HPV Therapeutic Vaccines

    ...most infections are asymptomatic and self-limiting; with 90% clearing within 2 years. High risk forms of HPV (16/18) can cause changes in the cells lining the mouth, throat or anogenital tract (including the cervix); called ... Read More

  • MarketVIEW: Cocaine dependence vaccines

    ...used cocaine in 2009, corresponding to 14.3-20.5 million people. Potential adverse effects associated with cocaine use our cardiovascular disturbances, new logical effects, gastrointestinal complications and sudden death due to cardiac arrest/seizures. It is estimated that ... Read More

  • MarketVIEW: Diabetes Vaccines

    ...of diabetes is estimated at over 371 million people, a number predicted to rise significantly by 2030. Diabetes, although manageable, can lead to a number of complications, many of which can be fatal. It is ... Read More

  • MarketVIEW: Hepatitis B vaccines

    ...although vertical transmission can occur from mother to child at birth. The HBV virus is more infectious than HIV and can cause chronic infection, resulting in cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure, and ... Read More

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