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Prismane Consulting is a unique global research & consulting firm providing in-depth technical reports & consulting services to businesses in the field of Chemicals, Energy and Environment. They work with their clients to identify, deliver, and improve opportunities by providing valuable business information to support and improve their decision making. The company provides consulting services within tight time frame helping companies drive product innovation and customer value transforming capabilities into long-term benefits. Prismane Consulting advises clients on their key strategic issues, solving their toughest and most critical business problems, further helping them grow and improve their business.

Prismane Consulting is distinguished by their consulting and research capabilities, understanding of the industry with a blend of technical and management consulting experience.

They operate in the following business practices:
Chemicals Practice
Plastics & Polymers
Basic & Inorganic Chemicals
Specialty & Fine chemicals
Paints & Coatings
Agrochemicals & Fertilizers
Advanced Materials

Their strategy and Market study reports cover information on complete value chains, supply- demand analysis, trade, supplier profiles, target markets, business opportunity assessments, new technologies and emerging trends. These studies analyze historical trends and future prospects like major areas of growth, investments, profitability, and other emerging opportunities for companies. Special features in the strategy reports include variation in product pricing resulting from change in feedstock, raw material, input, and other associated costs.
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18 Reports from Prismane Consulting Private Limited

  • Global Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) Market Study 2014-2030

    ... is to produce polyvinyl acetate homo-polymer and copolymer. These polymers are further reacted to give polyvinyl alcohol and ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH). In the last decade, China has witnessed capacity additions due to its strong ... Read More

  • Global Fluoroelastomers Market Study 2014-2030

    ... used in designing more efficient passenger cars. In the chemical & processing industry it is used to manufacture long lasting equipment. According to Prismane Consulting’s Fluoropolymers&Fluoroelastomer Word Economics Model, the combined total consumption of the ... Read More

  • Global Fatty Alcohols Market Study 2014 - 2030

    ... petrochemicals and coal. The precise chain length varies with the raw material used for production. Some commercially important fatty alcohols are stearyl, lauryl and oleyl alcohols. They are colourless or waxy solids, usually having an ... Read More

  • Global Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) Market Study 2014 - 2030

    ... like fluorocarbon and fluorosilicone; however, Perfluoroelastomers can be used where other fluoroelastomer fail. Owing to its unique and important characteristics like heat resistance, sealing and mechanical properties, fluoroelastomers are used in number of applications. For ... Read More

  • Global Polyimide Films & Tapes Market Study 2014-2030

    ... electronics, aerospace, and automotive industry. Growth in industries such as electronics, medical and transportation industry, in emerging economies like India and China is expected to increase the demand in the Asia-Pacific region thereby making it ... Read More

  • Global Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Market Study 2014-2030

    ... electrical properties. The global EPDM market is forecast to witness growth in line with global GDP, with majority of growth projected in emerging economies of Asia. Automotive and Building & construction are key markets for ... Read More

  • Global Isoprene Market Study 2014 - 2030

    ... 2, 2 dimethyl butane, 2, 3 dimethyl butane, 2 methyl pentane, 3 methyl pentane, 1, 4 pentadiene, cis-trans-2-pentenes. Isoprene is one of the major types of C5 Petrochemicals. Isoprene is also known as 2-methyl-1, 3-butadiene ... Read More

  • Global Biodegradable Plastics Market Study 2014-2030

    ... with PLA leading the consumption with more than 42.7%market shares. Starch based plastic followed with 42% market share, while the third biggest biodegradable plastic was PHA with a market share of around 2.3%. All other ... Read More

  • Global Micronized PTFE Market Study, 2014-2030

    ... weight from materials. Thermal decomposition or irradiation of virgin PTFE or PTFE scrap yields Micronized PTFE. The other method that can be used to produce Micronized PTFE is direct polymerization (under controlled conditions). The PTFE ... Read More

  • Global Lubricating Oil Additives Study 2014-2030

    ... hydraulic fluids. Based on the type, the market has been segmented Dispersants, Detergents, Oxidation Inhibitors, Anti-wear Agents, Extreme-Pressure Additives, Viscosity Index Improvers, and Others. In addition, many industrial lubricants and metalworking oils also contain lubricating ... Read More

  • Global Polyethylene (PE) Market Study 2014-2030

    ... consumption with more than 47% market share followed by Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE). According to Prismane Consulting's Global Polyethylene Market Model, the average historical utilisation rates of all polyethylene combined has ... Read More

  • Global Caustic Soda Market Study 2014-2030

    ... by-product of Chlor-Alkali process. The combination of chlorine and caustic soda is termed as Chlor-alkali. Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is electrolysed to form chlorine which is primary product and caustic soda is produced as the secondary ... Read More

  • Global Maleic Anhydride (MAN) Market Study 2014-2030

    ... is generally dependent on overall state of the economy as it is bulk commodity chemical dependent on general economic trends. North America and Europe has seen a modest growth in past few years. China s ... Read More

  • Global Polyacetals (POM) Market Study 2014-2030

    ... Global demand is expected to grow to nearly 1526 kilo tons by 2025. Prismane Consulting estimates the growth rate to be around 3.7% during the long-term forecast till 2030. Utilization rates for POM globally averaged ... Read More

  • Global Polycarbonate (PC) Resins Market Study 2014-2030

    ... wider applications compared to their aliphatic counterparts. PC resins are amorphous in nature and have a transparent and clear appearance, giving them excellent light transmission properties similar to that of glass. Moreover, they have excellent ... Read More

  • Global Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Market Study 2014-2030

    ... stability. PPS has both thermal degradability and chemical reactivity. Globally the PPS market is witnessing growth on account of increasing applications and growing demand in Asia-Pacific and other developing regions. It serves end-use industries such ... Read More

  • Global Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Market Study 2014-2030

    ... additional industries include Medical, Aerospace & defence and Sports & Recreational. The fluoropolymer market can divided into two types, PTFE and other Melt-processibleFluoropolymers (PVDF, FEP, E-CTFE, ETFE, *PFA, CTFE-VDF, PCTFE, THV and amorphous types). Global ... Read More

  • Global Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Market Study 2014-2030

    ... specialized applications where polymers like PPS, PAI or other engineering plastics are not suitable for operations. The polymer has wide temperature operability and can have similar characteristics and performance at high temperatures of 250°C and ... Read More

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