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Market Krystal is a team of chemical engineers, with expertise on executing reaction in the plant as well as in executing ad-hoc projects on market intelligence, competitive intelligence, value/volume analysis, and similar reports for their clients across the chemical industry value chain. Market Krystal is different in terms of publishing the market research reports, as the company is involved in mapping all of the chemicals, starting from its source petroleum, bio-based, etc., until it's end-use. Some of them include monomers (alkane, alkene, alkyne, acids, alcohols, amines, and similar other functional groups), polymers, specialty chemicals, etc. Apart from syndicated market research reports, the team at Market Krystal helps their clients in collecting information specific to their business needs, which helps them to make strategic decisions.
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260 Reports from Market Krystal LLP

  • Global Foam Glass Market, 2014-2024

    ... and better durability. It is made from raw material such as, foaming agent, limestone, calcium carbide, or coke by grinding, blending, and fitting die roasted at high temperature. The principle of the foam glass process ... Read More

  • Global Natural Fragrance Market, 2014-2024

    ... nontoxic in nature. Natural fragrance is widely used as an ingredient in various applications includes personal care & cosmetics, household care, food & beverage industry, pharmaceutical & clinical for aroma theory, and perfume industry. The ... Read More

  • Global composite film market, 2014-2024

    ... from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics different from the individual components. The composite films are categories on epoxy resin film ... Read More

  • Global Lithium Compounds Market, 2014-2024

    ... flame. It forms numerous organic and inorganic compounds including hydride, oxide, nitride, carbide, hydroxide, etc. These compounds find applications in cooling systems for nuclear reactors, rechargeable batteries, special glasses, glass ceramics, aircrafts, armour plating and ... Read More

  • Global Pipe Coatings Market, 2014-2024

    ... and corrosion prevention, which make it an apt product for pipeline integration management. Pipeline coating is considered as one of the most reliable corrosion prevention methods used by industries today worldwide.Pipe coating has offered several ... Read More

  • Global Chromatography Resin Market, 2014-2024

    ... purification and separation of proteins and other bio-molecules in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing. Resins have wide uses in gel filtration, ion-exchange, affinity, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction and mixed-mode chromatographic techniques. In chromatography-based purification, choice ... Read More

  • Global Breathable Films Market, 2014-2024

    ... are used to derive the films. The polymers that are essentially used in breathable films are polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene and others which comprise polyester thermoplastic elastomers, block amide polyether, co-polyamide and co-polyester. These films provide ... Read More

  • Global Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) Market, 2014-2024

    ... used as a bulking, anti-caking, and emulsifying agent, used as a food additive. The most common form is used in vitamin supplements or tablets. It is also used in plaque assays for counting viruses, as ... Read More

  • Global Fiberglass Market, 2014-2024

    ... of fiberglass including E-Glass, S-Glass, and others. They are employed in major applications such as piping, composites, storage tanks, insulations, filament winding, and house building. Fiberglass is widely used in insulation application in building and ... Read More

  • Global Extruded Polystyrene Market, 2014-2024

    ... commonly used for below-grade waterproofing and roof systems, where insulation is placed over the roof membrane. Extruded polystyrene made from polystyrene. XPS is most commonly used as foam board insulation. Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is also ... Read More

  • Glass & Speciality Synthetic Fiber, 2014-2024

    ... of fiber available such as, glass, carbon, aramid, UHMWPE, PPS .The glass fiber is used in different end-use industry such as construction, wind, pipe & tanks, marine, and transportation. Carbon fibers are considered to the ... Read More

  • Global Water Treatment Biocides Market, 2014-2024

    ... many areas of water treatment and it should be under control in a wide range of systems including drinking water, down water services, process waters, closed circuits, recreational waters and open cooling systems. This can ... Read More

  • Global Industrial Cleaning Market, 2014-2024

    ... places. As a raw materials solvents, chelating agents, and surfactants are used in various cleaning applications. It can be in the form of solvent, powder or liquid. It provides safety and extended operating lifetimes. Industrial ... Read More

  • Global Glycolic Acid Market, 2014-2024

    ... solid which is highly soluble in water. Glycolic acid is a 2-hydroxy monocarboxylic acid that is acetic acid where the methyle group has been hydroxylated. It has a role as a metabolite and a keratolytic ... Read More

  • Global Specialty Tapes Market, 2014-2024

    ... applications, which often contain specific performance adhesives and other materials. Specialty tapes fall into four basic construction types including self-wound, single-sided with release liner, double-coated, and unsupported transfer adhesives. Acrylic is the most-preferred resin type, ... Read More

  • Global White Spirit Market, 2014-2024

    ... This solvent used in paint to make it thin. White spirit is insoluble in water.There are generally four types of spirit - Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 0, which are categorized on ... Read More

  • Fatty Amines Market, 2014-2024

    ... derived from C12-C18 hydrocarbons, which in turn are derived from the more abundant fatty acids. They are often mixtures. Fatty amines are cationic surface‚Äźactive compounds which strongly adhere to surfaces by either physical or chemical ... Read More

  • Global Geofoams Market, 2014-2024

    ... EPS used plastic beads and XPS used molten material. XPS is more expensive than EPS. Geofoam is used in geotechnical applications such as lightweight fill for construction on soft ground, for slope stabilization, and retaining ... Read More

  • Global Plastic Additives Market, 2014-2024

    ... Plastic additives are the components added to plastic/polymer to modify, and enhance its physical, chemical properties such as their strength, durability, and heat sensitivity. Without additives, plastics would not work, but with them they can ... Read More

  • Global Industrial Lubricants Market, 2014-2024

    ... friction. In some extreme cases, they may also prevent or lessen electrical resistivity while it increases thermal conduction. Those products are ideal because they can prevent corrosion in both the inner and outer surfaces where ... Read More

  • Global Furfural Market, 2014-2024

    ... quantities in the hemicellulose fraction of lignocellulosic biomass. Furfural is produced from agricultural wastes that contain pentosans that are then hydrolyzed to furfural and other byproducts. The most common raw materials for furfural production include ... Read More

  • Global Polyaryletherketone Market, 2014-2024

    ... polymers has also good resistance to combustion and good electrical performance. The PEEK class are extremely tough and have very high impact strength. Due to the semi-crystalline nature of these polymers, a high degree of ... Read More

  • Global Glyoxal Market, 2014-2024

    ... as from the oxidation of lipids or as a by-product of biological processes. Commercial glyoxal is prepared either by the gas-phase oxidation of ethylene glycol in the presence of a silver or copper catalyst (the ... Read More

  • Global 1,3-Propanediol (PDO) Market, 2014-2024

    ... produced by the hydration of acrolein. An alternative route involves the hydroformylation of ethylene oxide to afford 3-hydroxypropionaldehyde. The aldehyde is subsequently hydrogenated to give 1,3-propanediol. 1,3-Propanediol is an important commercial chemical used in industry ... Read More

  • Global PVB Interlayers Market, 2014-2024

    ... Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is a clear, colorless, amorphous thermoplastic obtained by condensation reaction of polyvinyl alcohol and butyraldehyde. The resin is known for its excellent flexibility, film-forming, impact resistance, penetration resistance, sound insulating and good ... Read More

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