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IRN Research is a unique and innovative market research and information consultancy. They blend their deep functional research skills with business appreciation and the ability to take a multi-disciplinary approach to a task. They strive to translate research findings into practical managerial policies, enabling decisions to be made, strategies developed and action taken.
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19 Reports from IRN Research

    • UK Workplace Pensions Consumer Research Report 2020

      ... MIS Group’s UK panel. The research was structured so that 2,077 nationally representative consumers aged 18+ were asked about their pension ownership and savings. This generated 1,142 individuals who had a workplace pension and 975 ... Read More

    • UK Legal Services Consumer Research Report 2020

      ... of key national legal brands. Based on a survey of a nationally representative sample of 1,060 UK adults in March 2020 and comparisons with 2019 survey data. The survey questions covered the following themes: Use ... Read More

    • UK Pension Income (Decumulation) Consumer Research Report 2020

      ... using the pension to generate income. This report studies the income generation process from the points of view of two types of consumers: Pensioners: i.e. individuals who are currently receiving income from a pension. How ... Read More

    • UK Family Law Market Trends Report 2020

      ... the family law sector including financial remedies, Children Act cases, adoptions, domestic abuse, cross-border divorces, forced marriage protection, and female genital mutilation protection. Market value is forecast to increase steadily over the next five years. ... Read More

    • UK Pension Savings (Accumulation) Consumer Research Report 2020

      ... buying or taking out a pension product and saving for retirement. For this report, IRN Research commissioned research from MIS Group’s UK panel. The research was structured so that 2,077 nationally representative consumers aged 18+ ... Read More

    • Statistical Overview of the UK Passenger Ferry Market 2011-2019

      ... Although the market is made up of three market sectors – UK Continent, UK Ireland and Domestic – comparisons are also made with Eurotunnel and Eurostar. In addition, information is also detailed at a subsector ... Read More

    • Annual UK Ferry Market Survey 2019

      ... and clients to complete the online ferry survey. An incentive of an entry into a prize draw for free ferry trips is offered. This covers individuals travelling on the three main ferry sectors and the ... Read More

    • UK Legal Services Market Trends Report 2020

      ... services providers. Chapters cover market size, market trends, and five-year forecasts; legal market timeline; industry structure; key players including profiles of the UK's top law firms and consumer law firms; market segment summaries, e.g. business ... Read More

    • Wills & Probate Consumer Research Report 2020

      ... sample includes 427 adults that have made a will. There are 286 that have been involved in estate administration (probate). There is also analysis of results from a series of general questions asked to a ... Read More

    • UK Wills & Probate Market Trends Report 2019

      ... administration, lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) and legal guardianships. It remains a largely unregulated legal market and fragmented market, primarily made up of SME law firms and unregulated willwriters and probate firms although volume players ... Read More

    • Personal Injury Consumer Research Report 2019

      ... in the market and their awareness and use of selected personal injury brands are also explored. Background information on the market and future trends is included. The report is based on 27 detailed questions asked ... Read More

    • UK Mortgage Customer Journey Consumer Research Report 2019

      ... and beyond, providing a detailed narrative of the mortgage process. By understanding the customer pressure points within this process, this report will enable lenders to reduce churn, improve retention and understand better the push and ... Read More

    • UK General Insurance Consumer Research Report 2019

      ... market-specific reports consider consumer actions and customer journeys with respect to a specific type of insurance policy, this report examines the motivations of all UK consumers towards taking out general insurance products. This report identifies ... Read More

    • UK First-time-Buyers Consumer Research Report 2019

      ... where this is directly impacting their wider spending potential. A key aspect of this report is considering the customer journey taken by recent FTBs and how this may differ from the journey likely to be ... Read More

    • UK Personal Injury Market Trends Report 2019

      ... value and volume, industry structure, key suppliers, market developments and issues, drivers and obstacles, five-year market forecasts, results of a survey of personal injury practitioners. Key segments are road traffic accidents - RTAs - plus ... Read More

    • UK Mortgage Holders Market Trends Report 2019

      ... to undertake one of the following: purchase a home; refinance an existing mortgages; raising other forms of finance based on the security of a home.Existing homeowners borrowed over £180 billion in 2018 secured on their ... Read More

    • Improving the Home Buying Process, Consumer Research Report 2020

      ... least one problem or bottleneck in the home buying process. The most common problems encountered (by 39%) were chain-related problems, followed by seller-related problems (17%)– e.g. seller withdrew from market, asked for more money, accepted ... Read More

    • UK Legal Services Market

      ... market (including private practice firms, barristers, patent agents, and other legal services providers) was valued at an estimated £32.7bn in 2017 and this is an increase of 3.8% on the market value of £31.5bn in ... Read More

    • UK Clinical Negligence Market - IRN Legal Market Briefing 2018

      ... risen rapidly over the past three years. Despite efforts to cut the costs of clinical negligence claims, IRN Research anticipate the market will see substantial growth over the coming five years, with gross revenue rising ... Read More

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