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IRN Research is a unique and innovative market research and information consultancy. They blend their deep functional research skills with business appreciation and the ability to take a multi-disciplinary approach to a task. They strive to translate research findings into practical managerial policies, enabling decisions to be made, strategies developed and action taken.
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9 Reports from IRN Research

  • UK Business Law Market

    ...provides an overview of the UK business law market. In addition, to looking at the market as a whole, it looks specifically at: Corporate, financial and company law; Employment law; International Litigation and Dispute Resolution; ... Read More

  • UK Family Law Market

    ...and provides an overview of the UK family law market. A clear majority of family law practitioners are expecting volume and revenue growth over the next 12 months. Key market drivers identified by practitioners are: ... Read More

  • UK Wills & Probate Market Briefing, 2016

    ...possessions after they die. Without a will, the Laws of Intestacy come into play, which means the State directs who inherits and benefits. The right to deal with a person’s property, money and possessions (their ... Read More

  • UK Personal Injury Market

    ...Briefing from IRN Research and provides an overview of the UK personal injury and clinical negligence markets. The personal injury market is still in a state of flux as it continues to come to terms ... Read More

  • Robo-finance - The Future Of Financial Services While currently most attention is focused on their use in Retail Robo-advice services, in the coming decade IRN Research expect them to be used more widely for Robo-Investing and Robo-insurance. Robo-Finance agents will grow ... Read More

  • UK Legal Services Market

    ...private practice firms, barristers, patent agents, and other legal services providers) was valued at an estimated £32.1bn in 2015 and annual growth was 6.7%. It is now almost five years since the introduction of the ... Read More

  • Litigation Funding in the UK

    ... Litigation Funding in the UK Market review of the growing litigation funding market in the UK with details of market trends and issues, key players, market drivers and obstacles, SWOT analysis, market outlook. Read More

  • UK Conveyancing Market Briefing

    ... UK Conveyancing Market Briefing Market review of the UK conveyancing market focusing on legal services associated with conveyancing and with details of market value, trends and issues, key players, market outlook. Read More

  • UK Ferry Market Report 2013

    ...statistics from all ferry lines operating in the UK Continent, UK Ireland and Domestic ferry sectors with the results of the syndicated UK Ferry Market Survey of UK Continent ferry passengers. It is produced in ... Read More

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