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Fairfield Market Research, a UK-based Market Research firm, is a business division of Fairfield Consultancy Services Limited, registered with The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales. Our primary focus is to provide all our clients with high-quality, comprehensive market research data that is reliable. Our team's domain expertise allows us to create and compile extensive industry-related dossiers, that are relevant, up-to-date, in-depth, and insightful. We have legal registered entities with offices based in the U.K. and India. 

Our company is built on the principles of quality, credibility, and the importance of establishing valuable connections. We place utmost emphasis and pride ourselves on delivering information of value to our clients. 

We also aim to establish a mutually-beneficial and long lasting relationship with our clients that is built on the grounds of trust and meaningful collaborations. We want to benchmark ourselves against the best; with the goal of being counted among the top 20 market research firms within the next 10 years. 

Meet Our Leadership Team

UTKARSH KOREGAONKAR FOUNDER Utkarsh has over 20 years of relevant business experience and has demonstrated success in the Market Research domain over the past decade. He has worked as an Interactive Broker trading in GOI securities and has also been engaged in the distribution and advisory aspect of asset management. He even runs an HR consulting firm that helps clients find the best fit for their talent requirements in India and the UK. Utkarsh is an automobile enthusiast, who loves theater, travel, and spending time with close friends. 

RAGHU RAM SIDDAVARAM DIRECTOR, RESEARCH Raghuram has over 27 years of work experience in the Market Research domain. He is a career research professional with acclaimed business advisory and consulting experience, spanning client, provider, advisory, and analyst roles. He is adept at making insights meaningful; with newer ideas, perspectives, and refined conclusions. Raghuram is an avid reader of books, a music enthusiast, and has played competitive cricket at a university level. 

We are a full-time team of 15 seasoned research professionals with over a decade of experience. Our analysts are engineering and biotech graduates that have completed their master's in management. As such, our research offerings address both the technical as well as analytical facets that are a must in successful research endeavors.

Our Expertise Across Different Verticals 

▪ Aerospace & Parts ▪ Automotive Services ▪ Electric Vehicles ▪ Logistics ▪ Parts & Components ▪ Transport ▪ Advanced Materials ▪ Agrochemicals ▪ Construction Chemicals ▪ Functional Chemicals ▪ Packaging Materials ▪ Specialty Chemicals ▪ Appliances ▪ Clothing and Footwear ▪ Household Goods ▪ Packaging & Retail ▪ Personal Care ▪ Printing & Labeling ▪ Biofuels ▪ Environmental ▪ Fossil Fuels ▪ Oil & Gas ▪ Renewable Energy ▪ T&D Systems ▪ Beverages ▪ Dietary Supplements ▪ Food Additives ▪ Food Ingredients ▪ Food Processing ▪ Plant-Based Alternative ▪ Drug Pipeline Review ▪ General Healthcare ▪ Healthcare IT & Services ▪ Healthcare Security ▪ Medical Devices ▪ Medical Equipment ▪ Data Management ▪ Factory Automation ▪ IT Services ▪ Robotics ▪ Semiconductors ▪ Software & Hardware ▪ Minerals ▪ Metals and Alloys ▪ Mining Technologies ▪ Mining Equipment ▪ Industrial Gases ▪ Welding Consumables 

Why Choose Fairfield?

Client Support 

Fairfield Market Research prides itself on being more than just a conventional publisher. 

Work Quality 

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list of priorities, and we ensure our clients have access to not just high quality syndicated reports but also customized research projects that are tailored to their needs.

Approach to Work 

We imbibe a work ethic of equality, precision, timeliness, and fairness, which percolates through our work in every manner. As such, we approach each task with due diligence, determined to deliver only the best. 

Relevant Research Experience 

Our team’s rich experience in the field of market research gives us a better understanding of what our clients want and how best to cater to them. 

Syndicated Market Research

In today's complex & competitive landscape, the launching of new business ideas or products requires expert market knowledge. Businesses need competitive intelligence, market awareness, and strategic insights that will allow them to thrive. At times, the need for authentic information that is readily available is necessary for a quick business decision to be taken. 

  • Our syndicated studies will help you tide over a problem. They are off-the-shelf and will benefit you in terms of effort, money, and time.
  • These are available for ‘markets in general’, yet objective reports are created by in-house analysts. These syndicated reports are available for every major industry, sector, and field, as well as for a wide range of purposes.
  • Our reports will provide you with an immediate snapshot of a market's landscape, its size, demand, market analysis, and forecasting. 
  • Our reports are extensive as we collate data from disparate sources, from further afield, to make meaningful interpretations with information and guidance that will prove to be advantageous for your business. 
  • A comprehensive, 360-degree quantitative & qualitative evaluation will lend insights beyond your area of market operations.
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