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StatPlan Energy specialises in the energy industry, especially electricity, and associated industries around the world. We publish a range of reports, forecasts and databases on generation, transmission and distribution infrastructures, and on demand for key products therein, such as meters, transformers and cables.

The foundation of our work is 20 detailed databases which track the development of the industry from its beginnings (1900), and based on a range of variables forecasts demand forward to 2050. These are constantly nurtured and updated as we develop new sources of market intelligence around the world. It is safe to say that our data is based on many hundreds of sources.

Why do we track back so far? Because to accurately anticipate the future, it is essential to fully understand the past. It is not enough to know an installed base, it is vital to know when plant was installed. Based on useful life measures and the inclination of owners to replace on this basis, the replacement market (which in parts of the world, and for some product types, is already the dominant segment) can be tracked.
Our conclusion? While global growth in demand for energy is linear, demand for plant product is actually cyclical. There are circumstances when the link to the past is broken – smart meters is a case in point – and then the variables driving demand are different and such high peaks in demand create a different future. But where the link to past development exists, it is possible see different demand curves for countries that might easily have been assumed to be similar.
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42 Reports from StatPlan Energy

  • World Market for Smart Electricity Meters Ed 4 2019

    ... component of the Internet of Things and digital energy. This comprehensive report outlines the development of this market, identifying the new drivers. The Smart Grid market is forging ahead and changing year by year. Smart ... Read More

  • Poles for Street Lights & Parking Ed 2 2019

    ... of the 1.7 billion global population of poles. Light pole sales are growing fast, driv-en by the rise of the megacities in the developing world, ever growing transport networks and Passive Safety regulations in the ... Read More

  • Transformer Report Ed 7 2019

    ... Network Transformers Distribution Transformers Industrial Transformers The report contains comprehensive analysis of the transformer markets; globally, for all regions and for 78 countries, sales and the installed base by type of transformer and ownership for ... Read More

  • Water Meter Report Ed 2 2019

    ... schema of how the water metering population is distributed; bulk, C&I, residential utility meters and sub meters. Chapter 2 - METERING CATEGORIES Meter appliccation, measurement functon, custody non-custody accuracy classes, meter technologies. Chapter 3 - ... Read More

  • Gas Meter Report Ed 3 2019

    ... plants. Analysis of gas customers in 64 countries, their number, consumption of meters in units and value. Chapter 2 - WORLD DEMAND FOR GAS METERS FROM 2018 TO 2022 Global demand anaalysed by meter type. ... Read More

  • Towers and Poles Report Ed 7 2019

    ... report analyses the geographical distribution of the tower and pole fleet, utility services carried, materials - wood/steel/concrete/composite, the princi-pal vendors, with coverage of many other industry and market issues. The installed base of towers and ... Read More

  • MENA Power Investment Report Ed1 2018

    ... to illustrate and quantify the high level of investment in the public and private electricity sectors in the MENA countries. The GCC countries have the most intense level of investment in electricity infrastructure, pub-lic and ... Read More

  • Desalination & Water Sector Report Ed 1 2018

    ... AND THE WIDER WATER MARKET Desalination is sometimes presented as the ultimate solution to water shortage, but it fills a niche in the huge global water and waste value chain. It is the most costly ... Read More

  • Poles for Street Lights & Parking Ed 1 2018

    ... 2 - THE SMART CITY AND SMART STREET LIGHTING Outline and discussion of the smart city concept and its implications for smart street lighting. Regional developments are dicussed and the major smart lighting manfacturers outlined. ... Read More

  • Wire & Cable Report Ed 4 2018

    ... $/tonne . The correlations established enable reliable prediction of the value of future sales of wire and cable. The StatPlan Wire & Cable Report Ed 4 2018 sizes sales demand for energy and telecoms wire ... Read More

  • Power & Industry Electrical Equipment Ed 2 2018

    ... generator owners; utility, industry and private, historical and fore-cast. Historical annual sales demand for 56 products in $ from 2000 to 2017 and forecasts to 2022 are contained in 155 tables, encompassing equipment purchased by ... Read More

  • Towers and Poles Report Ed 6 2018 Electricity, Telephone and Street Lights

    ... Nanjing Daji Steel Tower, Qingdao Wuxiao, Guangdong Disheng, Shandong Huan, Jiangsu Gushua, Shandong Qixing Iron Tower, Jiangsu Xiadu, KEC, Valmont, Falcon, Bajaj Electrical, Kalpatru Power Transmission Ltd, Al-Babtain, Al-Yamamah, Metro Smart International, Europole, Mercur Induo ... Read More

  • Air Quality Control Report Ed1 2018

    ... in nominal values to $56 billion. In the last decade prices of AQCS equipment have fluctuated a lot and the annual figures could vary considerably. China is the largest market for AQCS equipment in 2018, ... Read More

  • Steam and Gas Turbine Report Ed1 2018

    ... coal-fired and gas-fired power capacity, industrial expansion in the developing world and tightening AQ controls. China and India are pruning back on new coal-fired plants, but they are not stopping. Turkey, Indonesia and Bangladesh are ... Read More

  • Transformer Report Ed 6 2018

    ... 2022. The report contains comprehensive quantitative data and qualitative analysis of the trans-former markets, globally and for all regions and countries. Generator Transformers Power Network Transformers Distribution Network Transformers The markets for power and distribution ... Read More

  • Heat Metering Report Ed 1 2017

    ... at many scales, from very small domestic appli-cations at the local level to large‐scale use in industrial processes and District Heating and Cooling networks. Industry - with high temperature steam/medium temperature water/chilled water. District Heating ... Read More

  • District Energy Report Ed 1 2017 (District Heating and Cooling)

    ... The DHC market is subject to large variations in local heat prices, currency rates and trends. Devaluations of the rouble, and national CIS and EE currencies have had a huge impact on the global DHC ... Read More

  • Electricity Metering Report Ed 3 2017

    ... rest of Asia but slowing down in the United States. Japan and Korea are at the forefront of the Smart Grid and the Smart City. We are entering the phase of smart meters replacements with ... Read More

  • Wire & Cable Report Ed 3 2017

    ... major countries. Insulated Copper Power Cable Insulated Aluminium Power Cable Uninsulated Conductors Metallic Telecoms Cable Fibre Optic Cable Winding Wire Wire and cable perform two basic functions. 1) They conduct electricity or com-munications, for which ... Read More

  • HV Insulators, HV Bushings, Spacers & Dampers Report Ed 3 - 2017

    ... a bushing can cause catastrophic damage to equipment, injury and loss of life. THE MARKETS FOR HV INSULATORS, HV BUSHINGS, SPACERS & DAMPERS The report gives market sizes and predicts future market trends in value ... Read More

  • Telecom Network Report Ed4 2017

    ... 2. The development of the generations of wireless technology from 1G to 5G is charted and ana-lysed 3. The state of the telecoms market is quantified and forecast to 2021 for all countries. 4. The ... Read More

  • Towers and Poles Report 2017 Ed 5 Electricity, Telephone and Street Lights

    ... bases and demand of towers, monopoles, utility poles and street lights for base year 2016, forecasts from 2017 to 2021 Market sizes– in unites of towers and poles and $ value Global analysis, the world, ... Read More

  • Transformer Report 2017 Ed 5

    ... 2021. The report contains comprehensive quantitative data and qualitative analysis about the transformer markets, globally and for all regions and countries. Generator Transformers Power Network Transformers Distribution Transformers The report analyses the global market for ... Read More

  • Utility Services Database 2016 Ed 1

    ... of these are direct into homes, some are connections to an outside tap, but still count as household connections. Gas is very widely distributed in cylinders, but piped gas is only available in around 90 ... Read More

  • GTD Infrastructure Database 2016 Ed 1

    ... Installed generating capacity by energy source/technology The development of generating capacity is charted from 1900 to the present day and forecast to 2050. It is tabulated for 1900, 1950 and annually from 1980 to 2020 ... Read More

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