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Bishop & Associates, Inc. is a market research firm that specializes in the global electronic connector market. In operation since 1985 and headquartered in St. Charles, Ill., the company takes pride in maintaining a staff of associates skilled in conducting ongoing research that provides clients with in-depth and up-to-date market information.

The firm produces many of the off-the-shelf market studies available that analyze regional and global markets, connector products and technology. Reports center on geographic regions, end-use equipment markets, interconnect technologies and more. Bishop & Associates, Inc. also offers executive placement services, conducts multi-client studies and assists in mergers and acquisitions.

Some additional capabilities and services of the firm include:

· Custom market research
· Research reports
· The Bishop Report
· Industry jobs available
· Executive presentations
· Databases

In addition to its headquarters near Chicago, the firm has offices in Sidney, Australia; Brussels, Belgium; and Hong Kong. is pleased to team up with Bishop & Associates to highlight its market research worldwide. We display the firm’s forecast reports, market handbooks, top manufacturer reports and more for a variety of industries.
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28 Reports from Bishop & Associates

  • Instrumentation Market for Connectors

    ... of significant growth. This creates opportunity for connector suppliers. Today, connector companies that are either already in, or are aspiring to enter the instrumentation market, may be contemplating their business strategies, and asking themselves: What ... Read More

  • Computer Server Market Trends and Connector Use 2020-2030

    ... and the manufacturers participating in this growth. Also examined are the connectors used in servers and which connector types will experience the most growth, and which will slowly be phased out. How has the server ... Read More

  • World Cable Assembly Market

    ... prospects? What technical and economic trends are affecting the cable assembly industry? What cable assembly types are being used by market sector and region? Where should business investments be focused? 2021 World Cable Assembly Market, ... Read More

  • The World Industrial Market for Connectors 2021

    ... next five-years? What growth rates can we expect from the industrial market from 2021 through 2026? Which segments of the industrial connector market will show the greatest growth and why? What are the important megatrends ... Read More

  • World Connector Market Handbook

    ... report provides detailed connector statistics by equipment sector and product category for North America, Europe, Japan, China, Asia Pacific, and the ROW region. Included is a complete chapter on worldwide connector industry results by region, ... Read More

  • Connector Industry Forecast

    ... equipment and resources could be redirected for the betterment of all! How is the connector industry anticipated to perform in 2021? What effect has the pandemic had on the industry? Which regions appeared to have ... Read More

  • Top 50 Medical Interconnect Solutions Companies

    ... environments, and strict healthcare regulations. Today, those that participate or strive to participate in the medical sector often question the best ways to enrich their business strategies. This report is designed to provide answers to ... Read More

  • High-Speed Copper & Fiber Optic Connectors

    ... primary advantages of fiber optic communication links? In what applications do mid-board optical transceivers make sense? What is driving interest in “jump-over” cable technology? What advantages do co-packaged optics bring to system design? Are co-packaged ... Read More

  • 5G Infrastructure

    ... The impact will be felt in the mobile infrastructure and through the wireline carrier central office and traditional cable television equipment markets. How is the telecom industry breaking from the past to prepare for tomorrow? ... Read More

  • Top 100 Connector Manufacturers

    ... and what percentage of the total connector market did they account for in 2019, the top 50 connector manufacturers? Which connector manufacturers had the greatest sales in the telecom/datacom sector, the industrial sector or the ... Read More

  • Medical Electronics Market for Interconnect Solutions

    ... leaders and the niche manufacturer. What trends are driving growth in the medical equipment sector? What role will demographics play in this growth and how will it affect product design and marketing? How has Covid-19 ... Read More

  • World RF Coax Connector Market

    ... in RF (coaxial) connectors and why? How do new and higher frequency allocations, especially for 5G and IoT, influence design, production tolerances, test equipment, and cost and supply chain sourcing? Which specific RF coax connectors ... Read More

  • Connector Industry Yearbook

    ... 10 years, five years, and most current year, providing benchmarks on the industry and the overall performance of the public connector companies. Featured in each issue are: consolidated history of the public companies, fifteen-year history ... Read More

  • Non-Automotive Transportation Market for Connectors

    ... market. Forecasts by transportation sector, product type and region are provided, along with five-year compound average growth rate projections. This report examines the following questions, and more. Which mode of transportation, rail & rolling stock, ... Read More

  • Connector Types and Technologies Poised for Growth

    ... rate than the general market over the next five years. Connector Types and Technologies Poised for Growth is a 21-chapter, 271-page report that defines the key characteristics of each connector or sensor, as well as ... Read More

  • World Automotive Connector Market

    ... Will growth of automotive connectors continue to outpace other end-use equipment sectors? Which automotive systems and sub-sectors of the automotive connector market will show the greatest growth over the next 5-years? Which regions and countries ... Read More

  • World Consumer Market for Connectors 2019

    ... factors are driving these changes? What role do interconnect products play in the future of the consumer appliance market? What is driving the rise and fall of the personal computer and tablets market, the consumer ... Read More

  • Top 100 Cable Assembly Companies

    ... Know your competitors and know your acquisition targets. Who are the biggest companies in the worldwide cable assembly industry? What are their strengths and capabilities? How might they impact you or help your business grow? ... Read More

  • Electronic Industry and Connector Outlook 2018 and Beyond

    ... software developments. It is important for companies in the connector industry to understand these changes, because the next decade will see multiple paradigm shifts that will affect the industry, its customers, and suppliers. Order your ... Read More

  • History of M & A in the Connector Industry

    ... the standing of the top 10 connector manufacturers? The top 50 or the top 100 connector manufacturers? How have acquisitions affected the technology, market, and product focus of connector manufacturers? Cable manufacturers and cable assembly ... Read More

  • Connector Manufacturers Connect to Sensors

    ... in sensors by connector manufacturers? What advantages can connector manufacturers bring to the sensor market? What is the synergy between connectors and sensors? Who are the current leaders in the electronic sensor industry? What is ... Read More

  • Fiber Optic Connector and Cable Assembly Market 2017-2022

    ... Which fiber optic connector and assembly types currently dominate the market? Will this change in the next five years? Which fiber optic connector types will exhibit strongest growth over the next five-years? What fiber optic ... Read More

  • IC Socket Market - System and Connector Forecast 2016 to 2023

    ... unless they had a good reason – or are basically following a standard operating procedure that has worked for previous generations. With the advent of modern digital circuitry and increasing importance of mobile electronics, socket ... Read More

  • Computer Market and Big Data Systems and Connectors 2017 to 2022 and Beyond

    ... a variety of equipment types including desktop computers, mobile computers (laptops and tablets), servers, storage equipment, and computer peripherals, the computer market is presently undergoing a major change which will challenge OEMs and suppliers alike. ... Read More

  • 2017 World Cable Assembly Market

    ... of 6.2% from 2017 to 2022. No worldwide recessions are projected during this timeframe and regional GDP growth was used as the primary basis for the projections of the industry growth. Worldwide market share in ... Read More

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