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With a legacy spanning over four decades, Euromonitor International has emerged as a premier provider of global business intelligence and market analysis. The company's expertise encompasses publishing, market research, business reference, and online information systems, cementing its stature as a revered authority in the industry.
Euromonitor International offers an esteemed array of services, including the creation of comprehensive global reports covering regions such as Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Oceania, Africa, and the Middle East. These meticulously crafted reports serve as invaluable tools for enterprises engaged in marketing and strategic planning across diverse industry sectors.
Standout offerings from Euromonitor include its insightful country reports, meticulously analyzing statistical data and prevailing industry trends for over 80 countries worldwide. The company also provides incisive company profiles shedding light on operational intricacies and strategic pursuits of industry leaders.
A central focus for Euromonitor International lies in its proficiency in market research within the consumer goods domain. This expertise encompasses sectors such as alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, disposable paper products, electrical appliances, packaged foods, hot and cold beverages, household products, OTC healthcare, pet foods, pet care, and tobacco.
Euromonitor's influence transcends consumer goods; its purview extends across a spectrum of industry sectors including financial services, food service, retail, leisure, lifestyles, and travel/tourism. The breadth and depth of coverage underscore the company's ability to cater to diverse business interests.
In addition to its core offerings, Euromonitor International maintains a repository of diverse report titles. These encompass insightful analyses providing invaluable insights into market dynamics and trends.
In essence, Euromonitor International's steadfast presence and expertise in global business intelligence and market analysis position it as an invaluable collaborator for enterprises navigating the intricacies of modern market landscapes.
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16,953 Reports from Euromonitor International

  • South Korea Traditional Toys and Games

    Traditional Toys and Games in South Korea After seeing a fairly steep decline in 2022, traditional toys and games in South Korea saw a further small fall in sales in current value terms in 2023. Only half the categories within traditional toys and games showed growth in 2023, with just four exceedin ... Read More

  • The United Kingdo Home Improvement

    Home Improvement in the United Kingdom In 2023, the UK housing market was faced with a combination of economic pressures and a desire for personalisation. Homeowners increasingly opted to upgrade their current homes rather than embark on the often-costly endeavour of relocation. A growing desire for ... Read More

  • South Korea Video Games

    Video Games in South Korea In 2023, video games in South Korea experienced a notable current value decline. This turnaround, after years of growth, was propelled by various factors, foremost among them being the waning impact of COVID-19, which led to a resurgence in outdoor activities and reduced r ... Read More

  • Austria Processed Fruit and Vegetables

    Processed Fruit and Vegetables in Austria After a challenging year in 2022 in which volume sales declined sharply, sales of processed fruit and vegetables witnessed a notable resurgence in 2023 in Austria. This turnaround can be attributed to various factors, including a slightly more stable economi ... Read More

  • Austria Breakfast Cereals

    Breakfast Cereals in Austria Sales of breakfast cereals in Austria experienced a notable rebound in 2023 following the decline in retail volume sales observed in the previous year. Shifting consumer preferences, increased product innovation and evolving lifestyle trends all benefited category sales, ... Read More

  • Canada Home Furnishings

    Home Furnishings in Canada Home furnishings in Canada faced challenges in 2023, witnessing declines in both current and constant value terms. This contraction was driven by several factors, including persistent inflation and a slowdown in new constructions impacting furniture demand. The surge in ho ... Read More

  • Canada Homewares

    Homewares in Canada Homewares in Canada faced challenges in 2023, witnessing a decline in value sales due to supply chain disruptions and inflationary pressures. Global events, such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in China, led to stock issues and higher prices for ... Read More

  • Canada Home Improvement

    Home Improvement in Canada Home improvement in Canada experienced a marginal contraction in value sales in 2023 at constant 2022 prices, despite registering marginal growth in current value terms. The subcategory performance varied, with areas like bathroom and sanitaryware witnessing declines due t ... Read More

  • The United Kingdo Home Furnishings

    Home Furnishings in the United Kingdom For decades, barbecues have been a cornerstone of summertime in the UK, offering a convivial and flavourful way to enjoy meals outdoors. However, recent years have witnessed a significant surge in their popularity, driven by several factors. Firstly, advancemen ... Read More

  • Canada Home and Garden

    Home and Garden in Canada In 2023, home and garden in Canada faced challenges stemming from persistent inflation, notably in food and energy prices, exacerbated by supply chain disruptions and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These factors contributed to a decline in current value sales across the p ... Read More

  • The United Kingdom Home and Garden

    Home and Garden in the United Kingdom Home and garden in the UK experienced a marginal increase in current value sales in 2023 following a decline in 2022, which was due to a confluence of economic headwinds that significantly impacted consumer spending. The increasing inflation rate, which resulted ... Read More

  • Austria Staple Foods

    Staple Foods in Austria The challenging economic conditions in Austria, including inflationary pressures and fluctuating consumer purchasing power, influenced consumer spending habits and preferences in 2023. As prices rose across various categories, consumers sought more affordable options without ... Read More

  • The United Arab Emirates Traditional Toys and Games

    Traditional Toys and Games in the United Arab Emirates In 2023, traditional toys and games in the United Arab Emirates recorded significant value growth, driven by several key factors. Products incorporating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and catering for the rising deman ... Read More

  • The United Arab EmiratesVideo Games

    Video Games in the United Arab Emirates In 2023, video games in the United Arab Emirates recorded further dynamic growth, with winners and losers emerging in various categories. Among the fastest performers were AR/VR headsets and hand-held consoles, driven by the release of upgraded models with enh ... Read More

  • The United Kingdo Gardening

    Gardening in the United Kingdom Despite continuing headwinds, including erratic weather patterns and economic fluctuations, value sales of gardening in the UK recorded a substantial increase in 2023 following a decline the previous year, prompted by consumers prioritising home improvement over other ... Read More

  • The United Kingdo Homewares

    Homewares in the United Kingdom 2023 presented various challenges for the global retail landscape in the UK. The lingering effects of the pandemic, combined with economic and geopolitical instabilities, created a climate of uncertainty for local consumers, resulting by an undynamic performance by ho ... Read More

  • Austria Baked Goods

    Baked Goods in Austria Baked goods experienced mixed fortunes in 2023 with the category registering positive growth in current value terms by a small decline in retail volume terms. The main factor influencing the rise in sales in value terms was inflationary pressures that impacted the cost of ingr ... Read More

  • Austria Rice, Pasta and Noodles

    Rice, Pasta and Noodles in Austria The demand for rice, pasta, and noodles in Austria rebounded in 2023 after retail volume sales declined sharply in 2022. As consumers looked for convenient meal solutions amidst busy lifestyles, rice, pasta, and noodles emerged as go-to options for quick and satisf ... Read More

  • Austria Processed Meat, Seafood and Alternatives To Meat

    Processed Meat, Seafood and Alternatives To Meat in Austria Sales of meat and seafood substitutes in Austria experienced a temporary decline in retail volume terms in 2022, attributed to various factors such as supply chain disruptions, economic uncertainty and shifting consumer preferences. The cat ... Read More

  • Canada Gardening

    Gardening in Canada In 2023, gardening in Canada recorded steady value sales growth. The growing popularity of urban gardening drove the utilisation of space-saving products in Canada's gardening landscape. Throughout 2023, the trend of shrinking living spaces persisted, propelled by a rapid populat ... Read More

  • South Korea Toys and Games

    Toys and Games in South Korea After many years of growth, in 2023 toys and games in South Korea witnessed a notable current value decline, with traditional toys and games seeing only a slight fall in sales, and video games a stronger decrease. Toys and games witnessed a decrease in sales for several ... Read More

  • The United Arab Emirates Toys and Games

    Toys and Games in the United Arab Emirates In 2023, toys and games in the United Arab Emirates continued to experience a significant transformation, shaped by evolving consumer preferences, technological innovations, and socioeconomic factors. Prior to the review period, the share of traditional toy ... Read More

  • Singapore Video Games

    Video Games in Singapore Video games in Singapore maintained dynamic, although slower, current value growth in 2023, with stronger growth for video games software than hardware. In light of the relentless pace of life in Singapore, consumers are increasingly drawn to games that offer a reprieve from ... Read More

  • Singapore Traditional Toys and Games

    Traditional Toys and Games in Singapore Traditional toys and games in Singapore saw slow current value growth in 2023, maintaining the trend seen for a number of years, with low increases across all categories. In terms of the distribution of such products, traditional toys and games stores continue ... Read More

  • The United Kingdom Video Games

    Video Games in the United Kingdom Video games in the UK returned to value growth in 2023, following a marginal decline the previous year. The category experienced a surge in growth during the pandemic as many local consumers turned to video games as a form of entertainment when they were forced to s ... Read More

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