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Involved in publishing, market research, business reference and online information systems for over 40 years, Euromonitor International is recognized as a leading provider of global business intelligence and market analysis.

Euromonitor creates global reports for Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia­Pacific, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East. The company creates market reports used for marketing and strategic planning in all sectors of industry.

Country reports look at statistical data and current industry trends for 80 countries globally. Company profiles highlight insights of leading companies regarding operations and strategies. Specializing in market research for consumer goods which includes the following sectors: alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, disposable paper products, electrical appliances, packaged foods, hot and cold beverages, household products, OTC healthcare, pet foods, pet care and tobacco. Industry sectors include: financial services, food service, retail, leisure, lifestyles and travel/tourism.
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23693 Reports from Euromonitor International

  • Under Armour Inc in Apparel and Footwear (World)

    ... strong perception as an athletic brand drove this dynamism. With a focus on developing its footwear and womenswear offerings, Under Armour is set to broaden its consumer base as it aims to take on Nike ... Read More

  • Packaged Food in Serbia

    ... mainly because this CAGR was bolstered by the fact that many packaged food categories experienced strong current value growth rates during the early years of the review period, when they were still recovering from the ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in the Netherlands

    ... recorded in the category over the review period. The ageing of the Dutch population is set to be a key driver of growth in digestive remedies. Poor diets and unhealthy eating habits are expected to ... Read More

  • Eye Care in the Netherlands

    ... in the Dutch climate will lead to the more regular incidence of prolonged pollen seasons, thus boosting demand for allergy eye care. In addition, sales of standard eye care products are set to be supported ... Read More

  • Sleep Aids in the Netherlands

    ... and added family responsibilities are set to continue causing anxiety and sleep problems, supporting demand for sleep aids. In addition, the use of digital technology is also eroding the amount of time available for Dutch ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in the Netherlands

    ... better performance over the forecast period, with a 1% value CAGR expected in constant 2017 terms. Despite the increasing numbers of Dutch consumers who are adopting healthier lifestyles, sales growth within the category over the ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in New Zealand

    ... increases in many categories. Within OTC products, categories which performed well in current value terms were eye care, sleep aids and cough, cold and allergy (hay fever) remedies. Meanwhile, vitamins and dietary supplements also performed ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in New Zealand

    ... parents sought natural solutions to help their ailments. In addition, with the influence of the increasing Asian population, traditional products are becoming more readily available through various distribution channels. Also, the growing popularity of people ... Read More

  • NRT Smoking Cessation Aids in New Zealand

    ... 5% smoking prevalence by 2025. This initiative led to continued government-enforced excise tax rises, legislated until the year 2020. In addition, those who want to quit smoking are encouraged to move to NRT smoking cessation ... Read More

  • Weight Management and Wellbeing in New Zealand

    ... Vitaco Health NZ was the only brand available in supermarkets, with the Healtheries Naturally Slim range. However, with the popularity of herbal tea, it made sense for another player to enter the category with a ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in Nigeria

    ... particularly herbal/traditional dietary supplements. Even products such as herbal/traditional topical analgesics that utilise store retailing are generally sold in traffic in key cities, similar to how a wide variety of less regulated herbal products are ... Read More

  • Levi Strauss & Co in Apparel and Footwear (World)

    ... shopping behaviour and an intensifying competitive landscape. Returning its domestic market back to growth is crucial if it hopes to maintain its global leadership position, while expanding its presence in dynamic emerging markets and capturing ... Read More

  • Scotts Co LLC, The in Home and Garden (World)

    ... world’s largest market for gardening. Its geographical scope shrank after the sale of some international operations in 2017, but tapping into emerging opportunities, and leveraging its status as one of gardening’s foremost players to introduce ... Read More

  • Consumer Finance Global Overview

    ... adoption in both emerging and developed markets as consumers’ confidence in the economic future increases, and more credit is available. With greater card spend however, there has been a rise in fraud in several markets ... Read More

  • Analgesics in the Netherlands

    ... review period. Greater consumer confidence in OTC analgesics due to tighter regulatory restrictions and the increasing trend of self-medication for minor ailments are expected to result in a value CAGR of 3% at constant 2017 ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in the Netherlands

    ... the Netherlands has led many to self-medication as well as encouraging preventive healthcare. In particular, expensive dental care has led many consumers to focus on their oral hygiene regimes in a bid to avoid needing ... Read More

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in the Netherlands

    ... and this is set to be a major improvement on the marginally positive value CAGR recorded in the category constant 2017 terms over the review period. The acceleration in the category’s performance is set to ... Read More

  • Dermatologicals in the Netherlands

    ... the 2% of value CAGR recorded in the category at constant 2017 prices over the review period. The slow but steady sales growth expected in dermatologicals during the forecast period is a sign of the ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in the Netherlands

    ... are safer for human health and for the environment. However, sales of herbal/traditional products benefit from the input of healthcare professionals, which are expected to continue advising consumers to take standard Rx medicines or OTC ... Read More

  • NRT Smoking Cessation Aids in the Netherlands

    ... prevalence fell substantially in the country over the review period, declining from 27% in 2009 to 25% of the total Dutch population aged 16 years and older smoked in 2016. Further declines in smoking prevalence ... Read More

  • Sports Nutrition in the Netherlands

    ... the growing health and wellness trend in the country and burgeoning sports and fitness culture. The strong interest of Dutch people in fitness and exercise is expected to increase further over the course of the ... Read More

  • Wound Care in the Netherlands

    ... be in line with the 2% value CAGR registered in the category in constant 2017 terms over the review period. Consistent but slow growth in the category is expected to be mainly due to lifestyle ... Read More

  • Analgesics in New Zealand

    ... the launch by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare New Zealand targeted children (rather than infants); in particular, the peak birth group of babies born over 2007/2008, which are now nearing 10 years old. Over the review period, ... Read More

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in New Zealand

    ... targets a range of problems, such as fever, headache, blocked sinuses, cough and sore throat, tends to be the preferred option by many consumers. Therefore, combination products saw the strongest current value growth in 2017. ... Read More

  • Dermatologicals in New Zealand

    ... brands, which are mainly available through chemists/pharmacies, and have a higher content of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The trend for more natural content or less harmful ingredients has made these mainstream brands more acceptable to the ... Read More

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