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Objective Analysis is a hand-picked team of highly-seasoned semiconductor industry analysts each committed to providing clients with the most unbiased evaluation possible of industry status, events, and outlook for the future. With the help of the Objective Analysis team technology firms can more finely tune their goals to assure business success.
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2 Reports from Objective Analysis

  • A Close Look At The Micron/Intel 3D XPoint Memory

    ...and Intel’s Optane support products. This Objective Analysis report explains why and how crosspoint memories work and the manufacturing challenges they present, while examining the market and its impact on the computing and competitive landscapes. Read More

  • How Many IOPS Is Enough?

    ...requirements with key enterprise SSD markets. The 80-page report dissects the results of a months-long on-line survey of IT managers which collected their inputs on the IOPS, capacity, and latency needs for a number of ... Read More

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