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MIC is based in Taipei, Taiwan and was founded in 1987. It is Taiwan’s ultimate Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) market research group, providing intelligence, analysis and strategic consulting which focuses on the Asia-Pacific region. MIC works in tandem with other ICT firms to create unrivaled access to the latest industry information. Thanks to its unique Asian viewpoint, MIC provides clients with knowledge and insight that is necessary in order to succeed in the dynamic ICT world.
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247 Reports from Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

  • Autonomous Cars: Business Opportunities for IC and Automotive Electronics Companies

    ... are driving changes in product specifications and performance requirements, prompting traditional automotive semiconductor and automotive electronics companies to introduce new products tailored to the needs of autonomous vehicles. Large international suppliers in the traditional automotive ... Read More

  • The Taiwanese Fabless IC Industry, 2Q 2018

    ... season for smartphones and TVs. Shipment value of the industry is expected to have grown both sequentially and year-on-year in the second quarter of 2018. Looking forward, in anticipation of the increasingly stable shipment of ... Read More

  • Taiwanese Notebook PC and Tablet Industry, 2Q 2018

    ... 2018, following the peak seasonal demand toward the year-end. Compal and Foxconn took up the largest shipment share of the notebook PC and tablet industry in the first quarter of 2018, respectively. With the commercial ... Read More

  • Line Pay’s Investment in i-Pass Corporation and Its Benefits, Challenges, and Influence on Market

    ... year. In late March, there were rumors LINE PAY planned to sell its stakes in order to set up a pure-play online bank. These moves are to heat up competition in Taiwan’s mobile payment market. ... Read More

  • Worldwide Major Mobile Phone Vendor Performance, 2Q 2018

    ... units were smartphones, declining sequentially and year-on-year. The decline is attributed mainly to the annual decline in three major markets: China, the United States, and Europe. The increase in India and Southeast Asia however could ... Read More

  • The Worldwide Motherboard Industry, 2Q 2018

    ... of Intel's Coffee Lake, coupled with commercial replacement demand triggered by Windows 10 and the still-strong gaming demand, has bolstered the industry's year-on-year growth in the second quarter of 2018. The mining demand from China ... Read More

  • The Taiwanese Server Industry, 2Q 2018

    ... in the first quarter of 2018 owing to the rollout of Intel's new processor. The overall server system industry is anticipated to have witnessed both sequential and year-on-year growth in the second quarter of 2018. ... Read More

  • Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry, 2Q 2018

    ... share of high-end memory ICs manufactured using advanced process technology continued to stay over 50% in the first quarter. The industry's shipment value is projected to have reached approximately USD11 billion in the second quarter ... Read More

  • The Taiwanese Smartphone Industry, 2Q 2018

    ... increasing demand for Xiaomi phones in emerging markets like India and Indonesia and the increase in shipments of Huawei and Apple. With Taiwanese branded vendors losing global traction, global EMS orders from Apple, Huawei, and ... Read More

  • The Taiwanese Desktop PC Industry, 2Q 2018

    ... AMD's Ryzen processor launched in April was yet to make its contribution, the slowdown in the demand of desktop PCs in China since 2017 and the delayed commercial replacement demand in China took their toll ... Read More

  • The Taiwanese IPC Industry, 1Q 2018

    ... = NTD30.2), owing mainly to acquisitions made in recent two years. Based on our findings, service-related IPCs enjoyed the highest year-on-year growth in the first quarter of 2018, followed by industrial automation related IPCs which ... Read More

  • Application of 3D Sensing Technology in Era of AIOT

    ... have 3D computer vision. Besides improving facial recognition accuracy and human-machine interaction via hand movements, 3D sensing technology also speeds up the pace of Level 5 autonomous vehicle developments. With this technology, industrial robots can ... Read More

  • An Analysis Of The US Denial Order's Impact On ZTE Smartphone and 5G Developments

    ... from selling high-tech components and technologies to the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker. Given that American companies provide most of the APs (Application Processors), RF (Radio Frequency) components, and operating systems used in ZTE smartphones, the ... Read More

  • Smart Manufacturing: A Case Study of Rockwell Automation (Updated 2018)

    ... company brought forward the Connected Enterprise solution to support its smart manufacturing initiatives. This report discusses Rockwell Automation's smart manufacturing developments, major products and business, and real-world applications to explore the trend in smart manufacturing. Read More

  • Smart Manufacturing: A Case Study of Mitsubishi Electric (Updated 2018)

    ... uses. Amid the trend of IoT, the company has long acknowledged that it is imperative to invest in the development of intelligence in factories. In 2003, it introduced smart manufacturing to its production process with ... Read More

  • Outlook for the Global PC System Industry in 2018 and Beyond

    ... ‘gaming’ and ‘slim’ PCs could not stimulate more demand from the end market. Therefore, the pace of global PC system market growth is anticipated to plateau and even decline in 2018. This report provides an ... Read More

  • Smartphone Industry Developments & Future Trends: MWC 2018

    ... by some emerging technologies such as edge-to-edge screen design and AI, the global market's sales volume is anticipated to grow slowly to 1.57 billion units in 2018. This report provides an overview of the global ... Read More

  • Development of the Taiwanese Smart/Intelligent Transportation Industry

    ... by traffic accidents, inconvenient rural transport, congestion of transportation systems, and less attraction in public transportation. This report provides an overview of government's initiatives for smart transportation, and the smart transportation industry's supply chain, and ... Read More

  • Development of the Taiwanese Smart Manufacturing Industry

    ... 4.0 in 2015, and 5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan in 2016 in the hope of spurring the smart manufacturing development through the implementation of Smart Machinery Industry Promotion Project. This report provides an overview of Taiwanese ... Read More

  • Worldwide Server Forecast, 2018 - 2022

    ... over 11 million units. As the big data for data aggregation and analysis keep growing, the cloud market continues to grow rapidly. Hence, the industry is anticipated to enjoy modest growth in 2018 and 2019. Read More

  • Development of the Taiwanese Smart Health/Medical Care Industry

    ... Health Cloud 2.0 to facilitate medical data sharing, improving information networks in rural areas to facilitate the provisioning of smart health/medical care services, or the value-added applications of health/medical care big data. This report provides ... Read More

  • Worldwide Notebook PC and Tablet Forecast, 2018 - 2022

    ... is attributed mainly to the fast decline of tablets. For the period 2018-2022, shipment volume of mobile PCs, comprising of notebook PCs and tablets, is expected to slip to 308 million units in 2022, down ... Read More

  • Worldwide Motherboard Forecast, 2018 - 2022

    ... 102.9 million motherboards shipped in 2018. As the replacement demand triggered by Windows 10 that kicked in at the end of 2017 is slated to continue into 2019, it is anticipated that the pace of ... Read More

  • The Worldwide Motherboard Industry, 1Q 2018

    ... Intel Coffee Lake processors. Nevertheless, the stable supply of Intel's Coffee Lake and commercial replacement demand triggered by Windows 10 will help soften the global motherboard market decline in 2018, with a total of approximately ... Read More

  • Worldwide Desktop PC Forecast, 2018 - 2022

    ... mainly to the lukewarm market demand for the Intel Kaby Lake CPU launched in January 2018. It is anticipated that Intel's Coffee Lake and Windows 10 commercial replacement demand will bolster desktop PC demand in ... Read More

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