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AWA AlexanderWatson Associates is an international market research and marketing consultancyspecializing in the packaging, coating, converting and printing industries.AWA was founded in 1971 by Alexander Watson to provide business-to-businessclients with practical, reliable and cost-effective information.

A critical elementof the philosophy of AWA is its integrity: integrity, not only in termsof the information the company provides, but also in maintaining the confidentialityand trust of the industry sources from whom it receives information. Thepersonal involvement of AWA's Principals in every stage of a project ensuresadditionally that information and recommendations are based on hands-onknowledge of the market and the client's needs.

AWApublishes a series of multi-client market studies atregular intervals. These include studies on the followingtopics:

- Extrusion Coating
- Envelopes
- Release Liners
- Self-adhesive Labelstock
- Self-adhesive GraphicArts Materials
- Specialty Self-adhesiveTapes
- Labeling Films
- Metalizing Papers& Films
- Medical Packaging

Inaddition, AWA publishes a series of timely, concisemarket profiles, AWAreness Reports, to meet the needsof executives making first-stage evaluations of newmarket opportunities for informed, impartial adviceon status, opportunities, and threats. Titles include:

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46 Reports from Alexander Watson Associates

  • AWA Labeling and Product Decoration Annual Review 2019

    ... key aspects of the industry, including global volumes; market structures; market characteristics by region; and growth rates. Raw material trends and M&A activity are also assessed. The report is a practical tool for producers, material ... Read More

  • AWAreness™ Report Linerless Labeling 2019

    ... the linerless label technology and markets. What's in it for you? A comprehensive overview of linerless labels Market segmentation and applications for linerless labels Market drivers and trends Linerless technology review Overview of technology providers Read More

  • Fiberboard Market Study 2019

    ... Formerly known as the MDF Yearbook, this market study has served the industry for decades. What's in it for you? Producer capacity listings on a global, regional and national level Global MDF and Particle board ... Read More

  • AWA Global Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Market Study 2019

    ... detailed analysis on adhesives forlaminate production in key pressure-sensitive market segments, including tape,labelstock, hygiene, graphic films, and medical. Detail is included for theglobal market as well as for regional markets. AWA Global Pressure-sensitiveAdhesives Market Study ... Read More

  • Global Specialty Pressure-Sensitive Tape Market Study 2019

    ... to other technologies. The AWA Global Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape Market Study 2019 (3rd edition) provides a concise and clear overview of this complex and often dynamic industry. The report dives into the trends in the ... Read More

  • Global Pressure-Sensitive Label Market Study 2019

    ... have seen the technology grow into one of the largest labeling technologies providing several benefits to end-users in the form of high-quality graphics, flexibility, short-run cost effectiveness, less downtime, variety in label shapes etc. Our ... Read More

  • Global Beer Label Market 2018

    ... application opportunities for alllabeling formats. Report Global Beer Label Market 2018 is the fourth assessment of the currentstatus of one of the world’s leading label end-use markets, and details trends in the market bylabel format, ... Read More

  • In-mold Decoration 2018

    ... AWAreness™ Report In-mold Decoration 2018 is our first report that focuses entirely on inmolddecoration. In-mold decoration (IMD) as a technology was developed over 20 years ago. When firstlaunched is was adopted mainly in the low ... Read More

  • In-mold Electronics 2018

    ... Report In-mold Electronics 2018 is our first report to delve into the in-moldelectronics market. In-mold electronics is an emerging market and the process enables the embedding offunctional electronics, lighting and touch controls inside thin 3D ... Read More

  • Global Silicone Pressure-sensitive Adhesive Market & Application Study 2018

    ... industries. We have regularly published reports aboutspecialty pressure-sensitive adhesives and the markets in which they are used. This reportfocuses on silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives. These represent a small fraction of theoverall pressure-sensitive adhesives market, but are ... Read More

  • AWA Global Specialty Papers and Paperboards Market Study 2018

    ... industry is dynamic, with the coming and going of specialty paper producers. In this niche,technology and creativity are important tools. Even more important for a company’s success isan understanding of the market. This report provides ... Read More

  • AWAreness™ Report Pressure-sensitive Label Waste Management 2018

    ... around the globe makes waste management across thepressure-sensitive label value chain an important concern today. In 2012 AWA Alexander Watson Associates published the first edition of the AWAreness™Report Pressure-sensitive Label Waste Management. This second edition ... Read More

  • AWA Global Beer Label AWAreness™ Report 2018

    ... the market bylabel format, materials, and technologies, with particular emphasis on the changing structureand developments within this key area of use for labels and other forms of product packagingand decoration. Since the first edition of ... Read More

  • AWAreness™ Report In-mold Decoration 2018

    ... decoration. ThisAWAreness™ Report In-mold Decoration 2018 is our first report that focuses entirely on inmolddecoration. In-mold decoration (IMD) as a technology was developed over 20 years ago. When firstlaunched is was adopted mainly in the ... Read More

  • AWA Asian Extrusion Coated Materials Market Study 2018

    ... and market characteristics. It focuses on markets and materials and on the changing structure of this business, with particularreference to material suppliers and extrusion coaters and their capabilities. Applications covered in this report include flexible ... Read More

  • AWA Global Glue-applied Label Market Study 2018

    ... of product decoration. The study details the current status of the global glue applied label market by label format, materials,technologies, and regional volumes with particular emphasis on the changing structure and trendswithin the sector. Why ... Read More

  • AWA South American Release Liner Market Study 2018

    ... sizingand trends – highlighting the South American market and putting the South American marketinto a global context. It focuses on the demand for silicone coated release liner by marketsegment and material type . The study ... Read More

  • MDF Yearbook 2017/2018

    ... operation from Data Transcripts, thisincludes publication of the MDF yearbook. The MDF Yearbook provides comprehensive global industry statistics and technology andequipment-based information. Since 2013-2014, the YEARBOOK has included Global MDF/ HDF/LDF and PB company producer ... Read More

  • AWA North American Extrusion Coating Market Study 2018

    ... market in North America, and covers marketplace developments forsuppliers and key extrusion coating operations in North America. Applications covered in this study include liquid packaging, flexible packaging,photographic and commercial. The latter category has been divided ... Read More

  • AWA North American Release Liner Market Study 2018

    ... unique tool for evaluatingthe market by highlighting opportunities, and supporting strategic and tactical decision-making. The report details papers and films that are silicone coated. The study provides in-depth statistics on markets, drawing on an enhanced ... Read More

  • AWA Global Sleeve Label Market Study 2018

    ... market. It details the current status of the fast moving global sleeve label market,materials, and technologies, with particular emphasis on the changing structure and trendswithin this dynamic business area. Sleeve labels – particularly heat shrink ... Read More

  • AWA European Extrusion Coated Materials Market Study 2018

    ... with particular reference to material suppliers and extrusion coaters. The extrusion coating industry value chain is complex and has a large number of players, suchas raw material and chemical suppliers, coating and laminating companies and ... Read More

  • AWA European Release Liner Market Study 2018

    ... strategicand tactical decision- making. The report details papers and films that are silicone coated. This industry study and sourcebook on the demand for, and supply of release liner productsprovides information on trends and developments. It ... Read More

  • One Side Coated Papers Market Study 2018

    ... the range and diversity of theapplications for C1S papers, with special emphasis on: Identifying the range of applications for C1S papers The present and future opportunities, focusing on those applications that are mostsignificant and developing ... Read More

  • Pressure-sensitive Graphic Films 2018

    ... trends and opportunities for converters and materialsuppliers. The report covers the structure of the industry with particular reference to material suppliersand pressure-sensitive laminators. The global market and regional markets are segmented bymaterial type and by ... Read More

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