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TeleResearch Labs a US-based research company, focused on providing high quality, data-centric reports and database products. They are a telecoms analyst firm specializing in the mobile and wireless sector and they provide market expertise and advice to organizations operating across the telecoms and related sectors.

TeleResearch Labs also produces directories, handbooks and databases, and the company is always looking to help clients with bespoke research requests. In working with TeleResearch Labs, clients enjoy the longevity of a large organization with the personalized service and industry-specific knowledge of a research specialist.

TeleResearch Labs' clients include telecom carriers, transmission and switching equipment vendors, platform providers, software developers, and financial institutions. Their comparative market research reports provide in-depth analysis of major telecommunications industry issues. Both well established and newly created companies rely on them to gain a competitive advantage.
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15 Reports from TeleResearch Labs

  • Worldwide Mobile Money Modernisation & Monetisation 2017 to 2022 - too much exposure - risk, excess competition (/ quantification-of-expertise), razor of compliance . . . could only shrink profits (if there any). The revenue decay is inevitable. Already who were doing it were ... Read More

  • Worldwide Mobile Big Data Market 2016-2020 disease control thereby bettering healthcare system. Various ways and methods are being employed to harness telecom big data in this direction. Recently, various studies and instances (in which telecom big data has been used ... Read More

  • Worldwide Mobile Virtual Network Operators Directory 2016-2017

    ...of directories: Worldwide-MVNO-Directory 2016-2017 (aka MVNOD 2016). The MVNOD 2016 has been designed to help those who work directly or indirectly with MVNOs, and need a more sophisticated & disciplinary approach of doing business or ... Read More

  • Worldwide MNO | MVNO | 4G Operators Directory 2016

    ...WMNOD 2016 PART 2. WORLDWIDE MVNO DIRECTORY 2016—2017 (February 2016) a.k.a. WMVNOD 2016 PART 3. Worldwide 4G-Wireless Operators Directory 2016—2017 (February 2016) a.k.a. W4GOD 2016 The “The Value Pack Edition 2016-2017” will include following regions/ ... Read More

  • The mCommerce & mPayment Marketplace 2016-2020  (Condensed edition | February 2016)

    ...businesses in identifying the lucrative revenue opportunities and making future-proof investments and strategies. MNOs have an obvious opportunity in mobile payments due to network ownership and existing relationship with a huge chunk of target segment. ... Read More

  • Worldwide Mobile Network Operators Directory 2016-2017

    ...Worldwide Mobile Network Operators Directory 2016-2017. Thank you for your continuous support and belief in our work. Your acceptance means a lot and pays great motivational value for us to keep doing better. Over the ... Read More

  • Global Mobile Vertical Markets 2016-2020 payment service which is slowly and steadily catching on is being looked upon as the next big thing in vertical market by MNOs for varied reasons especially as an enabler in revenue generation. GSMA ... Read More

  • Mobile Wealth Revelations 2016

    ...multiple approaches, including: 1. Market Analysis: both qualitative and quantitative; 2. The application of most appropriate data and market analysis tools for market segmentation, competition analysis, data modelling, strategic evaluation, market assessment, and forecasts; 3. ... Read More

  • Worldwide Mobile Virtual Network Operators Directory 2015

    ...of directories: Worldwide-MVNO-Directory 2015 (aka MVNOD 2015). The MVNOD 2015 has been designed to help those who work directly or indirectly with MVNOs, and need a more sophisticated & disciplinary approach of doing business or ... Read More

  • Worldwide Mobile Network Operators Directory 2014

    ...all those looking to cater to the variety of operator needs vis-à-vis opportunities emerging ahead – all across the globe. Following Regions have been covered in this Directory: 1. Africa 2. Asia and Far East ... Read More

  • LTE Business Suite 2014-2018

    ...and Asia Pacific will account for 83% of the global LTE service revenue by 2018. USA, South Korea and Japan have established themselves as the early leaders in LTE. However, the developing and underdeveloped markets ... Read More

  • The Revenue Drill - Squeezing the most out of 2G & 3G Networks 

    ...coming years. At the same time, revenue contribution from broadband services will have a sharp uptake. The trend can be mainly contributed to the increasing penetration and availability of smartphones and other data consuming mobile ... Read More

  • Mobile Business Setups for Revival & Profitability 2014 & Beyond

    ...should not panic but need to safeguard their position and avoid unnecessary risks. Identifying the segments with highprofit margin and holding their position in the market will offer great opportunities to monetise their investment in ... Read More

  • The Book of Boost 2014-2018

    ...are the new avenues where fixed-line operators can team up with mobile operators? What are the revenue opportunities in mobile cloud beyond online storage and media offerings? What influence different mobile device manufacturers will have ... Read More

  • LTE Profit Mantras 2014-2018 to work around them? What are the mechanisms to optimise LTE CAPEX and OPEX? How best to integrate LTE TDD and LTE FDD? What are the key global LTE operators' future strategies? What should ... Read More

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