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TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd. is a ground breaking technology advisory and research firm with comprehensive international coverage. They focus sharply on emerging tech trends that can direct the makeup of the market.

TechNavio identifies the trends by applying a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods in its proprietary research practices. They build breakdowns throughout market segments and geographies based on the trends seen. These breakdowns and analyses are applied to assist their customers in identifying fresh and already existing opportunities in their markets. TechNavio also assists clients in analyzing their competitive position in a volatile market environment.

Decision makers and leaders in sales, marketing, and R&D teams depend on research from TechNavio. Their clients include end users, consulting companies, technology suppliers, investment firms, and research institutes.

TechNavio was started in 2003 in London. They have around 200 analysts internationally and cover over 500 technologies spanning 80 countries worldwide. Their analysts are carefully watching the market every single day by connecting to all the industry players. TechNavio owns proprietary databases that give them a complete overview of the market and they develop more than 2000 pieces of research deliverables every single day.
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6966 Reports from TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.

  • Global E-waste Management Market 2017-2021

    ...which is called e-waste. Abandoned, unmanaged electronic devices and equipment pollute the environment, making it unsuitable for human habitation. The advancement of technologies has resulted in the reduction of the lifecycle of electronic products, which ... Read More

  • Language Training Market in India 2017-2021

    ...the qualifications as well as the salaries. Indians have realized the importance of adding at least one foreign language in their children's curriculum. With the rapid outsourcing and industrialization, India has become a hub for ... Read More

  • Global Portable Kayaks Market 2017-2021

    ...potential globally. It is mainly driven by the growing interest of consumers in outdoor recreational activities and the availability of a wide range of paddle sports equipment. In addition, the global tourism industry also encapsulates ... Read More

  • Global Drug Eluting Balloons (DEBs) Market 2017-2021

    ...These diseases cause narrowing of arteries leading to blockages. A DEB is used along with paclitaxel, an anti-proliferative drug, which helps in removing plaque from the walls of arteries and widening them. DEBs are primarily ... Read More

  • Global Parasailing Equipment Market 2017-2021

    ...terrestrial. The user needs equipment like parasail, harness, rope, and safety gear like a helmet and life jacket. The harness binds the parasailer to the parasail, and the parasailer is towed by a speedboat, car, ... Read More

  • Global Commercial Induction Cooktop Market 2017-2021

    ...induction technology. This includes countertop commercial induction cooktop, drop-in commercial induction cooktop, and floor standing commercial induction cooktop. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global commercial induction cooktop market to grow at a CAGR of 7.10% during ... Read More

  • Global Surgical Sealants and Adhesives Market 2017-2021

    ...can be used as adjuncts to sutures to prevent liquid and air leakages. They have the potential to completely replace conventional wound closure devices such as sutures and staples as they involve minimal blood loss, ... Read More

  • Global Disc Jockey (DJ) Consoles Market 2017-2021

    ...DJ controllers allow DJs to easily mix music compared with using control buttons or touchpads of laptops. DJ mixers are used for the smooth transition between different tracks. It allows DJs to listen to the ... Read More

  • Global High Strength Laminating Adhesives Market 2017-2021

    ...techniques. They are mainly designed to bond two different surfaces together and extensively used in leakage control of fluids or gases, diminishing weight, and vibration-dampening joints. The manufacturing of high strength laminating adhesives requires various ... Read More

  • Global Heat Pump Water Heater Market 2017-2021 reducing energy consumption by three times compared with conventional electric resistance water heaters. To move the heat from one place to other, the heat pump water heaters work like a refrigerator but in reverse, ... Read More

  • Global Prison Management Systems Market 2017-2021

    ...inmate population. Prison management systems can also be used by all the prisons across a country to share a common database of the criminals. In addition, it captures biometric information of all prisoners so identification ... Read More

  • Global Vacuum Interrupters Market 2017-2021

    ...break switches, and in several other devices for interrupting and extinguishing the electric current arc. These are one of the key components in semiconductor devices. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global vacuum interruptors market to grow ... Read More

  • Global Microbial Growth Media Market 2017-2021

    ...High-quality growth media is important to achieve accurate and reproducible results of microbiological tests. The microbial growth medium encourages the growth of microorganisms. Microbial growth media contains nutrients, growth promoting factors, energy sources, buffer salts, ... Read More

  • Global Industrial Cleaning Services Market 2017-2021

    ...employees and delivery of operations takes place with ease in such environments. Properly cleaned floors make the operations in an industry smooth and remove unnecessary wastages as well. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global industrial cleaning ... Read More

  • Global Coating Additives Market 2017-2021

    ...gloss control, dispersion of solids, anti-catering, anti-chipping, and improvement of wetting. In terms of formulation, the global coating additives market is segmented into waterborne, solventborne and powder-based. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global coating additives market ... Read More

  • Global PoS Accessories Market 2017-2021

    ...helps in better inventory and people management. End-users can efficiently track and monitor daily transactions using the data collected from PoS accessories. The data can also be used to carry out operations such as quality ... Read More

  • Global Air Hockey Table Market 2017-2021

    ...two players hold strikers and a puck. A conventional air hockey table has a large smooth playing surface, a surrounding rail to prevent the puck and paddles from falling off the table, and slots in ... Read More

  • Global Canned Tuna Market 2017-2021

    ...It is one of the most affordable sources of animal protein in the world. Canned fish are fish which have been processed, sealed in an airtight container such as a sealed tin can, and subjected ... Read More

  • Global Web Application Firewall Market 2017-2021

    ...request and response in every form of web traffic. WAF helps detect and deflect threats in HTTP and HTTPS traffic, provides alerts, and blocks attack traffic near its source before it reaches the customer origin. ... Read More

  • Business Etiquette Training Market in APAC 2017-2021

    ...cultural diversities increase, and business communications and interactions become complex. Under such circumstances, effective business etiquette trainings can play a vital role in managing such challenges. Technavio’s analysts forecast the business etiquette training market in ... Read More

  • Global Industry Check Valves Market 2017-2021

    ...ball valves, and safety-relief valves among others are used in various process industries such as oil and gas, chemical, power, refining, water and wastewater, and food and beverage. They can be operated electrically, pneumatically, and ... Read More

  • Global Medical Disposables Market 2017-2021

    ...increase patient safety, end-users such as hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), clinics, home care centers, and physicians' offices are using medical disposable products. These products are cost-effective and reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), ... Read More

  • Global Nasal Cannula Market 2017-2021

    ...disorders such as emphysema, asthma, hypoxemia, pulmonary embolism, and other medical related conditions, which require immediate oxygen therapy. It is used to provide low- and high-flow oxygen therapy for infants, pediatric, and adult patients. Soft ... Read More

  • Community College Market in US 2017-2021

    ...methods. As a result, they work as an alternative for students willing to attain employment market specific skills prior to entering the job market. Bachelor's degree, continuing education, technical and vocational education, training (TVET) certification, ... Read More

  • Global Blood Gas Analyzers Market 2017-2021

    ...determine the amount of acidity and the pressure of carbon dioxide and oxygen present in the blood. The measurement of carbon dioxide pressure helps in analyzing the efficiency of a body in acid elimination; similarly, ... Read More

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