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Frost & Sullivancombines 50 years of expertise across key industries with the ability to gatherintelligence in a variety of ways to help clients make critical businessdecisions. Unlike traditional market research, intelligence integrates sevenperspectives into a complete, overall view of factors that impact everyindustry: Competitive Intensity, Customer Dynamics, Industry Convergence,Disruptive Technologies, Global Mega Trends, New Business Models, and EmergingMarkets, providing an illuminating view toward future scenarios andvisionary innovation. Leverage a composite view of your market, coupled withcomprehensive industry coverage and “on-the-ground” analysis in virtually everyregion of the world. No other research and advisory firm provides the depth andbreadth of information and analysis that we do. 

Now based in Santa Clara, California (Silicon Valley) with teams in more than 50cities around the world, the company was founded in1961 by Lore Frost & Dan Sullivan. Frost & Sullivan was always at theforefront - just as new markets and technologies appeared - with up-to-dateresearch on potential markets. Frost & Sullivan was the first company tooffer its services on electronic tape media, delivering world militaryequipment market data in 1962.

Over the past five decades,Frost & Sullivan has become world renowned for its role in helpinginvestors, corporate leaders and governments navigate economic changes andidentify disruptive technologies, Mega Trends, new business models andcompanies to action, resulting in a continuous flow of growth opportunities todrive future success.  Today, the verticals supported by Frost & Sullivan include:

- Aerospace & Defense
Energy & Environment
Information Communications& Technology
Visionary Sciences
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3746 Reports from Frost & Sullivan

  • One Belt, One Road—Implications for Connectivity and Regional Trade, Forecast to 2030

    ... China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative is expected to improve connectivity by inter-linking the transport infrastructure across East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, East Africa and European countries. It will ... Read More

  • Digital Transformation and Fintech Strategies of Citigroup

    ... Citigroup was founded in 1812 in New York and has since then expanded aggressively to offer numerous financial products to cater to the full stack of market. It is apparent that digital evolution and emerging ... Read More

  • Global Mass Spectrometry Market, Forecast to 2024

    ... there is still lot of potential for growth in developing economies in Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. This research service aims to capture the current picture of the global mass spectrometer market, updating ... Read More

  • Understanding the NERC-CIP Regulations for Critical Infrastructure Organizations, 2018

    ... cyber-attacks and attacks that can cripple, obstruct, or destroy operations within critical infrastructure facilities, such as utility companies, communications towers, ports, manufacturing facilities, or other critical services. In order to protect critical national infrastructure (CNI) ... Read More

  • Emerging Innovations in India

    ... energy and environment, electronics and automation, healthcare, information and communications. Some topics covered are Cloud Computing-based Management Solution, Robotics in Manufacturing and Agriculture, 3DP Innovations , Automation and Electronics Technologies, Super-engineered Polymers and Biotechnologies, etc. Read More

  • Strategic Automotive Profile of BYD, 2017–2025

    ... cells, electric vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles. The intention of this shift is to primarily to reduce harmful emissions from vehicles. In addition, companies also want to reduce their dependence on conventional fuels, as their ... Read More

  • Emerging Technologies in Printing

    ... printing industry. A majority of the printing technologies have been commercialized and used in the market for over a decade now. However the technological advancements in the printing industry continue with digital transformation. With the ... Read More

  • Technology Convergence Enabling Future of Digital Work

    ... analyze large volume of user data for effective decision making and in optimizing businesses processes while improving quality of products and services. Organizations are increasingly adopting newer technologies to drive automation in enterprises to remain ... Read More

  • Gene Editing and Gene Therapy Breakthroughs Propelling Mainstream Treatments

    ... Currently, genetic disorders do not have satisfactory treatment outcomes. This is in part due to the inability of small molecule drugs and enzyme replacement therapies, usually prescribed for inherited diseases, to correct the root cause ... Read More

  • Future of 3Rs: Impact of Visualization Technologies in Manufacturing

    ... a wide range of applications in the manufacturing sector. Efficient human-machine interaction, on the job training, immersive learning, and creation of flexible environment is encouraging advancements of visualization technologies in the manufacturing industry. Virtual reality ... Read More

  • IoT in Agriculture, Africa, 2017

    ... and weather prediction. The study will provide an analysis on the Sub-Saharan African region, with information on Middle East and North Africa added as necessary. The forecasting will include both the regions. The technology scope ... Read More

  • Disruptive Opportunities for Intelligent Home Automation in India

    ... for eating, sleeping and relaxing but altered into a connected and personalized ecosystem of services. With the arrival of Internet of Things (IoT), technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, near field communication are enabling many devices ... Read More

  • Nanotechnology Innovations Transforming Energy Generation and Storage

    ... and room for improvement specifically in terms of performance parameters like efficiency. Similarly protection of the renewable assets to gain more prolonged operational life time is another important area that can be benefit from the ... Read More

  • Self-healing Coatings: Opportunity Analysis

    ... to other protective coatings. It also covers the key drivers and challenges of the sector as well as the megatrends it can impact. The research service also includes IP analysis, research paper meta-analysis, funding trends, ... Read More

  • Next-gen Solar Cells: Innovations and Impact Analysis

    ... continuous demand to innovate for next-generation solar cell technologies based on better solar cell materials, concepts, and configurations. The array of features and benefits that come with next-generation solar cells make them suitable for building-integrated ... Read More

  • Emerging Sensor Technologies Impacting the Marine Sector

    ... certain oceanographic parameters, such as biotic and abiotic forms of substances (foreign substances) that exist in the ocean bed. This real time information is sent to the data management servers that are remotely located through ... Read More

  • Technology Innovations Enabling Precision Robotic Surgery

    ... three major sections, each focusing on industry overview, competitive landscape, and voice of stakeholder analysis. The report also includes sections for technology and product segmentation, examining the level the influence of technologies across various product ... Read More

  • Digital Innovations Creating an Immersive Environment for Health Monitoring

    ... and inorganic substances, and communicate their detection to a smartphone or a communication system in real-time. This would enable a seamless digital world in which detection of particulate matter which could be potentially harmful can ... Read More

  • Technologies Enabling Smart Water Grid

    ... supply and consumption. In addition, aging water infrastructure leads to water loss and increase in non-revenue water. Smart water grid technologies are a promising solution for resolving a growing number of critical global water challenges. ... Read More

  • Emerging Opportunities for Materials Derived from Crude Oil in a Decarbonized and Circular World

    ... means to extend the lifetime of finite resources in the value chain and thereby reduce their use in single-use products. In 2017, the global primary energy consumption grew by 2.2% as compared to 2016 which ... Read More

  • Breakthrough Innovations in Power Semiconductors

    ... of acting as a switch or amplify current or voltage which has enabled them to serve diverse applications ranging from logic gates in the computer processors to sound amplifiers. Research and development towards improving the ... Read More

  • Technologies Enabling Low Carbon Economy

    ... is inclusive of sustainable development, circular economics, ecological economics, and environmental economics. The development to a low-carbon economy is vital to transform the global industrial base, including manufacturing, power and energy, transport and construction sectors. ... Read More

  • Unblocking the Blockchain: Innovations Revolutionizing the Energy and Industrial Sectors

    ... technology market in the world. Banks are investing heavily in R&D activity related to verifying and recording finance transactions. Also, major US technology companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and startup innovators are developing Blockchain-based services ... Read More

  • Emerging Technologies in E-Waste and Battery Recycling

    ... of rare earth metals from end-of-life electronics and batteries will reduce the burden on landfills and will also prevent leaching of hazardous compounds into the ground water which can reduce soil fertility and can also ... Read More

  • Western European Respiratory Protection Market, Forecast to 2022

    ... market drivers, restraints, forecasts, and product and technology trends. It also includes a CEO’s 360-degree perspective of the market. The study provides product segmentation in 6 sections: disposable masks, non-disposable masks, powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs), ... Read More

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