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Headquartered in the UK, Transport Intelligence is one of the world’s leading providers of expert research and analysis dedicated to the global logistics industry. Utilising the expertise of professionals with many years experience in the mail, express and logistics industry, Transport Intelligence has developed a range of market leading web-based products, reports, profiles and services used by all the world’s leading logistics suppliers, consultancies and banks as well as many users of logistics services.
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22 Reports from Transport Intelligence

  • Global Contract Logistics 2017

    ...of the contract logistics market, with logistics providers trying to retain their competitive edge by expanding their service portfolios either organically or via acquisition. While 2016 has seen contract logistics providers pursuing different growth avenues, ... Read More

  • Trends in Logistics Technology 2017

    ...information systems to manage their operations, as well as how these solutions are evolving. We hope that by clarifying the context in which many of the established solutions have been used, we can help people ... Read More

  • Global e-commerce Logistics 2017

    ...examine the supply chains and strategies of major e-retailers and the logistics providers which support them. In addition, the report offers bespoke market size and forecasting data, as well as analysis of e-commerce logistics costs ... Read More

  • Total Logistics 2017 3.0 Logistics market development by geography How do logistics markets differ between regions and countries? 4.0 The emergence of logistics clusters Where should distribution centres be located? 5.0 – 11.0 Logistics market insight What ... Read More

  • Global Express and Small Parcels 2016

    ...the ‘industrial’ segment and some only in the lower value ‘e-commerce’ segment.Amazon’s fulfilment strategy varies by geography and in areas with higher delivery densities, Amazon also undertakes last-mile deliveries. This is extremely dangerous for the ... Read More

  • Global Warehousing & Logistics Networks 2016

    ...Throughout the logistics industry, economic pressures, the rise of the global middle class, the increasing importance of emerging markets as both manufacturing locations and end markets, as well as the growth of e-commerce, are fundamentally ... Read More

  • Global Freight Forwarding 2016 - Executive Edition

    ...a remarkable development. Riding the boom times of China’s ‘economic miracle’, freight forwarders benefited from increasing globalization and the soaring volumes that went with it. However since the global downturn of 2008-9 the industry has ... Read More

  • The Global Freight Forwarding Report 2016

    ...Forwarding, is now available to purchase. The report provides industry leading analysis of global, regional and country level freight forwarding markets. In addition, the report also contains comprehensive profiles of the top 15 freight forwarders. Read More

  • Global Contract Logistics Report 2016

    ...and service, each one of these value features has now become fundamental to competitive advantage in the modern supply chain and logistics industry. These factors now form a complex matrix of values which managers need ... Read More

  • Global Contract Logistics Report 2016 - Execuitve Edition

    ...price, availability and service, each one of these value features has now become fundamental to competitive advantage in the modern supply chain and logistics industry. These factors now form a complex matrix of values which ... Read More

  • European Road Freight Transport 2015

    ...European countries, as well as the largest road freight operators. In addition, included in the report are Ti’s unique market sizing and forecasts, broken down by domestic and international road freight, for each European country. Read More

  • Global CPG Logistics 2015

    ...emerging economies Logistics service provider profiles. What insights will you gain from Global CPG Logistics 2015? Identify the key market players- including overview of their supply chains and geographic operations coverage. Which LSPs service the ... Read More

  • Latin America Transport & Logistics 2015

    ...and Obstacles For many, the potential opportunities offered by Latin America outweigh the negatives. For example, the close proximity to North America and its huge commercial markets provide fantastic opportunities. There are of course large ... Read More

  • Indonesia Transport & Logistics 2015

    ...Logistics 2015 -A New Dawn? Indonesia country profile providing a comprehensive overview of the Indonesian logistics market, including PESTLE analysis, insight into its infrastructure as well as market size and forecasts specific to the country. Read More

  • European Logistics: Mergers and Acquisitions 2014

    ...for professionals buying and selling logistics companies as well as their advisers. It provides all the necessary background and history of acquisition programmes in the region, analysing which have been successful and which have failed ... Read More

  • European Road Freight Transport 2014

    ...freight market. Profitability in the sector is low with average profit margins in the UK at 2.6%, Spain 1.2% , 1.9% in Italy and 1.4% in Belgium. Worryingly, these numbers are likely to be even ... Read More

  • Asia Pacific Transport & Logistics 2014

    ...expanding into this region to benefit from this trend and the resulting growth potential. China is at the centre of this emerging “New Asia” as low based manufacturing exits the country it is moving to ... Read More

  • Global Automotive Logistics 2014

    ...manufacturers- Ford, GM and Chrysler- as well as expansion of production within the US by vehicle manufacturers from Japan, South Korea and Germany and the growing popularity of production in neighbouring Mexico. Emerging economies are ... Read More

  • Global Transport & Logistics Financial Analysis 2014 economic upturn, 2013 proved to be more difficult. As a result, the start of 2014 has brought with it mixed economic indicators and consequently the prospects for the logistics industry remain uncertain. Global Transport ... Read More

  • Global Express and Small Parcels : 2014

    ...of global trends Provider profiles of integrators, 3PLs, post offices Financial comparison of the major integrators How has TNT Express fared since the collapse of the UPS acquisition of the company? THE SHIFTING DYNAMICS OF ... Read More

  • Global Healthcare Logistics 2014 and regional Company profiles of logistics providers Market sector manufacturer profiles An overview of market supply chain risk Medical devices and clinical trials Niche logistics provider profiles SOMEWHERE BETWEEN OPPORTUNITY AND FRUSTRATION Opportunity and ... Read More

  • Middle East and North Africa Transport & Logistics 2014

    ...end- to substantial barriers the other. Middle East & North Africa Transport and Logistics 2014 offers a detailed look at the region, it's markets and it's potential. It also takes a look at which countries ... Read More

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