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New Nutrition Business is a London-based research, publishing and consulting company which specialises in researching, analysing and forecasting developments in the business of food, nutrition and health around the world.
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3 Reports from New Nutrition Business

  • 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2015

    ... will help you spot the difference between an enduring trend and a fad. The 10 Key Trends present a mass of innovation and renovation opportunities for both big brands and entrepreneurial brands. For ingredient companies ... Read More

  • The Snackification of Breakfast

    ... quick meals in the morning – and by two massively successful disruptive innovations, Belvita’s breakfast biscuit and Up & Go’s liquid breakfast. This 65-page report shows how, around the world from Asia to America, breakfast ... Read More

  • Failures in Functional Foods and Beverages

    ... the most common mistakes that companies make enables you to avoid them – and increases your chances of success. This is the 3rd edition of our massively popular and unique Failures report. A fully-updated analysis, ... Read More

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