Founded in 2009, KnowMade is a technology intelligence company specialized in the research and analysis of scientific and technical information. We provide patent landscapes and scientific state of the art with high added value to businesses and research laboratories. Our intelligence digests play a key role to define your innovation and development strategy.

KnowMade’s team is made up of highly qualified experts (PhD degree) with a wide array of skills, whose areas of involvement include both patents and scientific publications, in many fields of activity :

Life science
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27 Reports from KnowMade

  • Antenna in Package Patent Landscape 2021

    ... packaging. Recently, Knowmade witnessed increasing patenting activity related to PAMiD modules, RF front-end modules, RF filters and switch integration, and antennas for 5G and their packaging. Packaging of 5G systems requires the integration of RF, ... Read More

  • Circulating DNA/RNA Patent Landscape 2021

    ... the analysis of circulating DNA, which is a safer alternative to solid biopsy. It is a useful and essential element for achieving personalized medicine. It is also a minimally invasive approach for diagnosing or prognosing ... Read More

  • Next Generation Power Modules

    ... packaging innovation in power electronics and creating new equations to solve for module makers, in particular further downsizing, higher power density, higher reliability and lower cost/higher manufacturability On top of that, automotive OEMs are asking ... Read More

  • RNA Vaccine

    ... nearly three decades By winning the race for a Covid 19 vaccine, mRNA vaccines have proven their worth, and it has highlighted their advantages over conventional vaccines Now, all major pharmaceutical companies are, in some ... Read More

  • RF GaN Patent Landscape 2020

    ... Features • PDF with > 230 slides • Excel file > 3,000 patent families • Main IP dynamics and key trends. • IP leaders, most active players and newcomers. • IP portfolio strength of key ... Read More

  • Cancer Diagnostics Startup Identification

    ... with > 430+ slides • Identification & mapping of the startups that recently started to work in the field of cancer diagostics. • Identification & mapping of the startups that recently started to work in ... Read More

  • Microneedles for drug delivery Patent Landscape

    ... with > 140 slides • Excel file > 2,450 patent families • IP trends, including time-evolution of published patents, and countries of patent filings • Patents’ legal status • Ranking of main patent assignees • ... Read More

  • MEMS Sensors & Actuators 2019 Patenting Activity

    ... more connected to the real world in order to providebetter experiences to the customer. Sensing and interacting with the environment is thereforebecoming critical, especially in the automotive, consumer and industrial markets. Indeed,autonomous vehicles, AR/VR and ... Read More

  • Immunotherapy in Oncology - Startup Identification

    ... US$ 126.9 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 9.6% from 2019 to2026 (Grand View Research). With an increasing number of people with cancer (17 million ofnew cases of cancer worldwide) and the need of ... Read More

  • Microfluidics Startup Identification

    ... each patent family described, the publication number of Granted/Registered and Pending members are provided, as well as the main claim, the alleged technical advantage provided by the invention and the most relevant figure explaining how ... Read More

  • Circulating Tumor Cells: isolation & detection Patent Landscape

    ... 2019. We have selected and analyzed about 1,680 patent families relevant to the scope of this report. Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide and was responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths ... Read More

  • GaN-on-Silicon Patent Landscape

    ... • PDF with > 200 slides • Excel file > 2,500 patents • IP trends, including time-evolution of published patents, countries of patent filings, etc. • Patent segmentation per application: Optoelectronics and Photonics, Power, RF, ... Read More

  • Power GaN Patent Landscape

    ... for power electronics applications. We have selected and analyzed more than 9,500 patents and patent applications published worldwide up to May 2019 and grouped into more than 4,100 patent families. These patents pertain to epi ... Read More

  • Hybrid Bonding Patent Landscape

    ... metals is complex and requires significant know how. To overcome these limitations, players have started to look at other solutions. A first step toward a new way of 3D stacking is ZiBond, developed by Ziptronix, ... Read More

  • RF Acoustic Wave Filters Patent Landscape 2019

    ... acoustic wave (BAW) filters dueto the new opportunities offered by 5G. Indeed, while the SAW-related IP landscape was already well established, the battle to become the next main IP player related to BAW devices was ... Read More

  • Solid Electrolytes for Li-ion Solid-state Batteries Patent Landscape

    ... key patented technologies, recent development trends, key IP players and newcomers and their IP strategies/strengths by solid electrolyte material(polymer, polymer/inorganic, inorganic, argyrodite, Thio-LISICON, sulfide glass ceramic, oxide glass ceramic, perovskite, anti-perovskite,LiSICON, garnet, NASICON, hydrides, etc.). ... Read More

  • Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnostics Patent Landscape

    ... way for the emergence of a new generation of medical diagnostic devices capable of surpassing the detection skills of the best medical practitioners.Because artificial intelligence can be replicated, the expertise of these systems can become ... Read More

  • Antenna for 5G and 5G-related Applications Patent Landscape

    ... and its deployment requires the development of many technology blocks. Indeed, 5G will affect global telecommunication services such as mobile phones, IoT (internet of things), vehicles, and more. Along with mobile devices, 5G and 5G-related ... Read More

  • Nanopore Sequencing Patent Landscape Analysis

    ... The technology enables production of ultra-long reads at very high speeds, reducing sample preparation time as well as the data-processing time required to reassemble the reads into their original sequence. The analysis of the time-evolution ... Read More

  • GaN Technology

    ... the past decade. Today, more than 76,200 patents and patent applications related to over 39,700 inventions on GaN technology have been published worldwide through November 2016. This fact is correlated with a rapid growth of ... Read More

  • Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging

    ... forecast to reach around US$2.5B in 2021, with 80% growth between 2015 - 2017 (See Yole Développement’s August 2016 report, Fan-out: Technology & Market Trends 2016). Moreover, following the high-volume adoption of InFO and the ... Read More

  • Miniaturized Gas Sensors Patent Landscape

    ... sensors to be integrated in smart phones and/or wearables devices. Consumer applications are driving new gas sensors development to reduce cost, power consumption and size, especially with MEMS technologies. Such gas sensors are thus referred ... Read More

  • Microbattery Patent Landscape

    ... Front Edge Technology and I-TEN are evaluating their micro-battery prototypes and plan to commercialize them within two years. Currently, Microbattery market is small but it should grow up within the next years, from $7m in ... Read More

  • TSV Stacked Memory Patent Landscape Analysis

    ... By connecting stacked chips with the TSV vertical connections, the wide bandwidth I/O and reduction of interconnects length can be achieved. Further this leads to the reduction of power consumption as well as parasitic resistance ... Read More

  • 3D Cell Culture Technologies Patent Landscape

    ... over 1,000 patent applicants. Cell culture in two dimensions is widely used for various applications, from fundamental research to biomedical applications. However, this type of culture doesn’t reproduce the natural physiological microenvironment of a cell ... Read More

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