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Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is one of the world's leading secondary market research companies. We are committed to providing the most up-to-date and objective data on Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment markets to sector-leading companies worldwide.

Our multilingual staff researches, gathers, filters and translates information from thousands of reputable sources to synthesize accurate and timely reports in our areas of expertise, covering more than 100 countries and all global regions. Our market reports focus predominantly on online retail and payments, but also cover a broad range of related topics including M-Commerce, Cross-Border E-Commerce, E-Commerce Delivery, Online Gaming and many others. In addition to our wide selection of market reports, we also provide custom market research services.

We are proud to cooperate with companies like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. Given our numerous citations in leading media sources and journals worldwide, including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, we are considered one of the most highly-reputed international secondary market research companies with an expertise in the areas of B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment.

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  • Global B2C E-Commerce Delivery 2018

    ... technologies that will improve delivery of online purchases. Regarding the report, CEO and found Yücel Yelken comments: “online shoppers look for timely, low-cost delivery of their purchases and merchants are responding.” Delivery timeliness and ... Read More

  • Global Clothing B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... Clothing B2C E-Commerce Market 2018”. The report accents the prominent drivers and hurdles of global fashion E-Commerce market growth. In line with the discoveries of this report, fashion products are purchased over the Internet by ... Read More

  • Global Omnichannel Commerce Trends 2018

    ... process, or examining a product in a store before purchasing it online. The lines between online and in-store shopping are blurred, as retail purchases evolve into omnichannel shopping. The USA, UK and Australia lead this ... Read More

  • Global M-Commerce 2018

    ... been particularly rapid. According to sources cited in the report, shoppers in Asia generated about half of all mobile online purchases last year, with China leading the region. With Asia’s lead, global M-Commerce is ... Read More

  • Europe M-Commerce 2018

    ... more individuals. The share of online retail sales in the region attributed to mobile shopping penetration is projected to reach more than one-third by 2021, according to data in the report. Online merchants are ... Read More

  • Global Consumer Electronics B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... retail sales of electronic items is expected to maintain single-digits after 2020, according to predictions included in the new publication. Sales of consumer electronics will expand as new consumers are coming online worldwide, thanks ... Read More

  • North America B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... projections cited in the new publication. While the sales volume in the larger population of the USA far exceeds online sales in Canada, the E-Commerce penetration rate of the northern nation is expected to ... Read More

  • Latin America B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... are indications that the region may be set for rapid growth. CEO Yücel Yelken notes that “Latin America is influenced by Global E-Commerce trends such as mobile shopping and payments as well as cross-border ... Read More

  • Global Online Airline Booking Market 2018

    ... current sales levels, growth projections and trends for the online air travel market. Among the findings of the report is the expectation of continued global movement to online booking of airline tickets. Share of bookings ... Read More

  • Global Online Accommodation Booking Market 2018

    ... result from online reservations, with much of the growth coming from the ascendance of online travel agencies. Last year, travelers booked over a trillion overnight stays through the two largest OTA’s, and Expedia. Hotel ... Read More

  • Global B2B Payment Trends 2018

    ... FinTech companies and other technology-based fund transfer platforms to grow their share of the USD trillions in movement. The report points out that about 50% of B2B payments worldwide are already done electronically, with ... Read More

  • Global Online Travel Market 2018

    ... peer to peer sharing and mobile booking driving the growth, according to projections included in a new report from Hamburg-based business research firm titled “Global Online Travel Market 2018.” Peer to peer travel services ... Read More

  • Global B2B E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... to business sales. “Global B2B E-Commerce Market 2018” cites projections that by the end of this decade, volume of online B2B sales will be twice that of digital retail sales, as the wholesale sector adopts ... Read More

  • Asia-Pacific Payment & E-Commerce Forecasts Snapshot 2018

    ... Forecasts Snapshot 2018,” citing predictions of rapid growth of digital payments in the Asia-Pacific region. The publication includes forecasts that some nations may become cashless in the next decade. Shoppers in Asia-Pacific economies accelerate trend ... Read More

  • Global Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2018

    ... retail imports and exports in 10 nations of the Asia-Pacific region. The company’s CEO and founder, Yücel Yelken, comments “over half of online shoppers in this populous region shop on websites based outside their own ... Read More

  • Asia-Pacific Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2018

    ... retail imports and exports in 10 nations of the Asia-Pacific region. The company’s CEO and founder, Yücel Yelken, comments “over half of online shoppers in this populous region shop on websites based outside their own ... Read More

  • Europe Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2018

    ... cross-border online shopping in 20 countries of Europe. Online shoppers in Europe increasingly purchase outside home nation The lure of products not available through domestic sources or a price advantage elsewhere has led to a ... Read More

  • Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... and trends is found in a new publication from Hamburg-based secondary market research firm, “Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2018”. The UK leads Europe in online retail sales volume The UK, France and Germany are ... Read More

  • Global Alternative Payment Methods: First Half 2017

    ... cards’ leading position. Among the alternative payment methods used are E-Wallets like Alipay and PayPal, bank transfer, and cash on delivery. The alternative method of payment by invoice, popular in German-speaking countries of Europe and ... Read More

  • Western Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... 2018,” provides sales data and forecasts on the 10+ nations in the Western Europe sub-region. The report includes information on developing trends such as voice command and cross-border purchases, plus omnichannel shopping. The UK leads ... Read More

  • Eastern Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... online retail penetration figures, which currently are below the average of other European nations, have a huge growth potential as Internet connectivity and online shopper numbers increase. M-Commerce and social media purchases spur online sales ... Read More

  • Poland B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... expansion of online retail sales in Poland, with details of sales figures, projections, and trends. Recent double-digit growth projected to continue Online sales of products and services to consumers in Poland have experienced double digit ... Read More

  • Turkey B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... sales data in this country. The report indicates that online retail sales in Turkey are prepared for rapid expansion. Mobile and social media shopping contribute to growth of online retail in Turkey Growth rates in ... Read More

  • Russia B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... the leading category of products purchased through B2C E-Commerce in Russia, as reported in a new publication from Hamburg-based secondary market research firm, “Russia B2C E-Commerce Market 2018.” Online commerce is increasing in Russia ... Read More

  • Online Retail in Emerging Markets 2018

    ... the adoption of online shopping in the emerging economies with the ongoing double-digit growth of B2C E-Commerce worldwide. Online merchants benefit from consumer move to online shopping in emerging markets While growth rates of B2C ... Read More

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