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Tariff Consultancy Ltd established in 2006 is a new consultancy focused on pricing and tariff research, analysis and consultancy across mobile operator businesses internationally. Tariff Consultancy is the resource centre for information, data, analysis, reports, studies, consultancy, research, symposia and events. Each consultant at Tariff Consultancy has over 15 years of experience in telecoms pricing.
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37 Reports from Tariff Consultancy Ltd.

  • UK Data Centre Trends - 2017

    ...power, pricing and customer trends. It provides a unique analysis of market sizing and the key customer trends impacting the UK market using a survey. The survey also provides a unique analysis of the key ... Read More

  • Data Centre Emerging Markets 2016 to 2019

    ...Markets Data Centre – 2015 to 2020 report - which was first published in early 2015. This 2016 version of the report has been extensively revised - with seven large new country markets added - ... Read More

  • UK Data Centre Trends

    ...and customer trends. It provides a unique analysis of market sizing and the key customer trends impacting the UK market using a survey. The survey also provides a unique analysis of the key trends influencing ... Read More

  • Data Centre Middle East 2016 to 2019

    ...Customer Power (DCCP) for the 3 year period from the end of 2016 to the end of 2019. The TCL Data Centre Middle East 2016 to 2019 report provides a unique survey of 85 Data ... Read More

  • Data Centre Scotland 2016 to 2019

    ...and power (MW) from 2016 to 2019. It profiles the key Data Centre providers and compares the Scottish Data Centre landscape with other countries including Iceland, Ireland, Norway & Sweden as well as the UK. Read More

  • Pricing the Cloud - 2 - 2016 to 2020

    ...provides a pricing and revenue forecast for cloud providers from 2016 to 2020. The latest edition of TCL’s Pricing the Cloud report is an extensively updated version of the report originally published by TCL in ... Read More

  • Data Centre Pricing UK - 2015 to 2020

    ...and has amongst the highest average rack space pricing per month of over GBP 665 (Euro 939) per month per standard retail rack of space. (The average UK rack space rate is currently the fourth ... Read More

  • Global Mobile Broadband/Mobile Internet / 3G/4G Tariff Tracker and Analysis more than half in real terms during the 3 year period with more broadband capacity being available for the same price. The recent availability of easy portable mobile data connections (such as the USB ... Read More

  • Global Voice and Data 3G/4G Smartphone Tariff Tracker and Analysis

    ...offered is a challenge. Tariff Consultancy Ltd has researched and collated prices for post and prepaid price plans from 200 operators across Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Prices presented in local currency, ... Read More

  • Global Roaming Tariff Tracker and Analysis

    ...roaming charges and it saw the introduction of capped wholesale and retail voice prices for calls made within the EU on 30th August 2007, followed by capped SMS prices in July 2009 and wholesale and ... Read More

  • Global LTE (Long Term Evolution) Tariff Tracker

    ...database covers pricing for both Mobile Broadband and Smartphone offerings and allows the subscriber to compare like-for-like offerings. The latest edition Q2 2015 covers pricing for 154 mobile operators offerings across 80 countries worldwide and ... Read More

  • Global Roaming Tariff Tracker

    ...and it saw the introduction of capped wholesale and retail voice prices for calls made within the EU on 30th August 2007, followed by capped SMS prices in July 2009 and wholesale and retail data ... Read More

  • Data Centre Africa 2015, which was published in February 2013. The Data Centre Africa - 2015 report has primary research - which includes interviews, telephone contacts together with rack space price quotes received directly from the Data Centre ... Read More

  • North American Data Centre Pricing Report 2014 to 2019

    ...some 1,171 Data Centre facilities in total. North American Data Centre facilities vary enormously in size and price point with individual wholesale providers having over 1 million square feet of space with sharply reduced rates ... Read More

  • Data Shared Plan Opportunities: Business Models and Pricing Strategies

    ...shared-data offerings and their specifics. It looks in detail at the shared-data plan opportunity, business models and pricing structures. About Data Share Options Data Sharing services - a new trend - which has been introduced ... Read More

  • Telecommunications & Wireless: The Middle East Mobile Benchmark 2014

    ...both Pre Pay and Post Pay services across 29 MNOs in 14 Middle East countries. Countries covered include: Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE and Yemen. The ... Read More

  • Telecommunications & Wireless: Tariff Trends SnapShot 33 - Mobile IDD and Roaming Bundles:

    ...of a new pricing trend for mobile or fixed line services seen by TCL analysts. It is published approximately every fortnight (for 20 issues a year). The service can be purchased as a 1-year subscription ... Read More

  • The New Telco Data Centre - Pricing for the New Telecoms Data Centre : 2014 to 2019

    ...analyses the market for Telecommunications Data Centres (Carrier Based Data Centres) which are facilities that are owned by a Telecoms Provider. The use of Data Centre facilities by the Telco has changed over time, from ... Read More

  • Mobile Africa Tariff Tracker and Analysis 2014

    ...from a total of 74 MNOs in 37 countries across Africa and includes 577 price plans in total – of which 348 are Post Paid contracts and 160 are Pre Paid services in addition to ... Read More

  • Tariff Trends SnapShot 32 - LTE Pricing and its trends

    ...TCL in 2013 & 2012. It looks at average 4G LTE entry price levels over time to analyse the main price changes. It also provides examples of selected new 4G LTE pricing launched during the ... Read More

  • TCL 2014 Pricing Strategies for Mobile Content Services

    ...prospect of additional revenue streams beyond the traditional revenues derived from core voice, messaging and mobile data services. At the same time the introduction of Over The Top (OTT) services - which are substituting SMS ... Read More

  • Tariff Trends SnapShot 30 - Mobile Pricing and Competition in Mexico and South America

    ...TCL analyses mobile pricing in Mexico and South America. On March 7th 2014 the Mexican regulator IFT found that America Movil fixed line subsidiary Telmex & mobile subsidiary Telcel had market dominance in Mexico. TCL ... Read More

  • Tariff Trends SnapShot 31 - Mobile Content Pricing

    ...content pricing from 90 MNOs in 51 countries & considers 5 types of content - including Music, Social Media, Gaming, TV & Cinema content. This SnapShot considers the main trends across the 5 mobile content ... Read More

  • Tariff Trends SnapShot 29 - Shared Device Service Pricing

    ...worldwide. As the number of Tablets, laptops and Smartphones per household has multiplied, MNOs have introduced a shared usage plan to be used by the whole family. The new Shared Device Service plans allow MNOs ... Read More

  • Pricing the Cloud

    ...and bandwidth pricing for the key providers. It provides examples of pricing trends and a forecast for cloud computing pricing and revenues over the 5 year period from 2014 to 2019. The evolution of cloud ... Read More

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