ResearchFarm Ltd.

ResearchFarm emerges as a distinct boutique consultancy, carving its niche in the realm of strategic research tailored for the Retail/CPG sector. While previously headquartered in London, the company has now seamlessly integrated into RFDK, expanding its reach with dedicated teams operating from multiple offices across the EU.

ResearchFarm boasts a unique specialization in thought-provoking analysis, bolstered by actionable recommendations steeped in industry best practices and real-life case examples. The company's signature approach is reflected in their deliverables, which emphasize solutions bearing strategic insights, innovation, and meticulous assessments of major sectoral trends, extending their purview beyond the industry's confines.

A comprehensive comprehension of the EU's retail markets serves as the foundation upon which ResearchFarm's prowess is built. This expertise, garnered over years of experience, ensures that their solutions remain grounded in practicality while also exuding creativity and reliability. Importantly, the organization's offerings are designed to be seamlessly implementable, fostering real-world impact.

At the core of ResearchFarm's offerings lies a twofold approach: a dedicated report service augmented by on-site client presentations. This combination underscores the organization's commitment to comprehensive and nuanced insights, accessible through diverse avenues.

Furthermore, the company extends its offerings to encompass bespoke services upon client request. These offerings range from Amazon tracker data to ethnographic consumer research presented in video format, in addition to a meticulously curated store pictures library tailored for benchmarking purposes. Additionally, ResearchFarm boasts a network of strategic partnerships with distinguished consultancies and blue-chip service providers spanning the global landscape.

ResearchFarm's guiding mission is articulated in its statement: “Rather than being a mere service provider we strive to create long term, value creating and enhancing partnerships with our clients.” This commitment underscores the organization's dedication to fostering enduring, mutually beneficial relationships, transcending transactional exchanges.
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4 Reports from ResearchFarm Ltd.

  • The Future of FMCG & Retail: How AI is Reshaping the Industry and Creating New Business Models (2023)

    The Future of FMCG & Retail: How AI Is Reshaping the Industry and Creating New Business Models (2023) Introduction Discover how AI is revolutionizing the retail industry with our comprehensive report. From chatbots to inventory management and personalization to fraud detection, we cover it all. ... Read More

  • Aldi 2022

    Aldi 2022 We believe that there was no otheralternative to the FMCG A brandintroduction at Aldi and what it hasmeant subsequently, especially as Lidlis now showing higher sales densitiesthan Aldi in Germany for the first timeever. That said, now the pricecompetition on FMCG A bandsbetween the retail ... Read More

  • Vegan champions retail/FMCG 2022: From boom to bust? On its way to peak meat? The long term promise

    Vegan champions retail/FMCG 2022: From boom to bust? On its way to peak meat? The long term promise During the Coronavirus lockdowns a novel thesis emerged about the consumer societies of the West moving towards “peak meat”. This argument rested on a number of assumptions, of concerns about climate ... Read More

  • US Online grocery 2021

    The future of US Online Grocery 2021 • Alongside the trends to much greater digitalisation, reduced contactthrough more self check outs, automation and a more cashlesssociety, the ultra fast start ups could be one of the enduring legaciesof the Covid-19 era impacting retail in a future post-pandemic ... Read More

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