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128 Reports from DuckerFrontier

  • World After COVID-19 Series: E-Commerce

    ... of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Our series will provide food for thought, ideas, and tools to support executive teams as they rebuild their strategies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has supercharged ... Read More

  • World After COVID-19 Series: Planning Tools

    ... peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. This DuckerFrontier series of reports will provide food for thought, ideas, and tools to support executive teams as they rebuild their strategies in the wake of the COVID-19 ... Read More

  • South Korea Healthcare Outlook: COVID-19 crisis will accelerate emerging trends in healthcare financing and provision

    ... indirect economic headwinds on South Korea will be significant and will increase pressure on both government finances and out-of-pocket spending. The government is prioritizing fiscal measures to reduce those pressures, but this will also widen ... Read More

  • Latin America Healthcare Industry – Key Regional Trends

    ... regional trends (trends that hold true across countries) that will impact firms’ ability to achieve access and reimbursement in the region and that merit consideration within broader regional strategies. While governments now are focused on ... Read More

  • Covid-19 and Latin America’s healthcare systems

    ... and timely action will impact the systems’ abilities to cope with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this report, we briefly analyze the likely short-, medium-, and long-term implications of the pandemic for local ... Read More

  • Global Forecast Revisions – covid-19

    ... have ripple effects across a range of markets, hamper multinationals’ ability to hit targets for 2020 and upend corporate forecasts and business plans for the year. I addition to the demand, confidence, and supply chain ... Read More

  • Global Leadership Briefing 2020

    ... the coronavirus outbreak has already led to a significant downward revision to our China growth forecasts for 2020, from 5.9% to 5.4% and that is assuming China is able to control the outbreak. The slowdown ... Read More

  • Middle East & North Africa 2020 Outlook

    ... UAE will receive a temporary boost from Expo 2020. Political instability in Algeria and Tunisia and piecemeal reform in Lebanon will delay growth opportunities in those countries. Morocco, Kuwait, and Qatar will remain reliably stable. ... Read More

  • Intensifying Chinese Competition in ASEAN

    ... build an effective competitive strategy, multinational executives need to understand two key components of Chinese companies’ market entry and expansion strategy: where they play and how they win. This report identifies the geographies and industries ... Read More

  • Angola Market Spotlight

    ... of an oil industry in decline will constrain growth potential. The government is expected to build on the liberalization of the exchange rate in 2019 by making progress with fiscal and monetary reforms in 2020, ... Read More

  • Events to Watch for 2020

    ... This report is a companion to the base-case scenarios outlined in our Global Outlook for 2020 and our most recent Regional Outlooks. While our base-case forecast for 2020 expects global growth to stabilize at lower ... Read More

  • Kenya 2024: Outlook and Scenarios

    ... MNCs opportunities to offset stagnating sales in core markets. To capitalize on this growth, regional executives will need to be proactive in how they manage their Kenyan operations by anticipating changing demand profiles and incentivizing ... Read More

  • Western Europe 2020 Outlook

    ... sharper slowdown in China, Italian political uncertainty, and a No-Deal Brexit event will continue to inhibit a eurozone recovery in 2020. Likewise, business confidence, export-oriented manufacturing, and business investment will remain subdued. On a brighter ... Read More

  • Central Europe 2020 Outlook

    ... decline in private investment growth will lead to a notably softer economic expansion in 2020. Slower growth in the eurozone will lead to a fall in industrial production growth and fewer B2B business opportunities in ... Read More

  • Latin America 2020 Outlook

    ... region follows a global trend of weaker trade dynamism, flat commodity prices, and higher exposure to trade and policy disruptions. Relative to past years, central banks in Latin America are better equipped to encourage consumption ... Read More

  • India in Modi's Second Term

    ... to be gradual due to some government reforms to boost the primary drivers of growth in India: private consumption and overall investment. However, persistent structural issues, such as inefficient labor laws, complex land regulation, and ... Read More

  • Channel Transitions in China

    ... channels to capture growth will become increasingly important as executives struggle to hit their targets amid increased volatility, a China slowdown, and rising competition. While DuckerFrontier has a global channel transition framework that is broadly ... Read More

  • CIS 2020 Outlook

    ... imports. Compared to most emerging-market regions, the CIS region is threatened by fewer risk factors, helping drive rising investment from MNCs and regional players. As a result, MNCs need to refine their competitive advantage and ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa 2020 Outlook

    ... include rising consumer and government spending, healthy investment, and - in several key markets - supportive reforms. Yet the outlook for the next 12-18 months also includes several downside factors that, without careful forward planning, ... Read More

  • EMEA 2020 Outlook

    ... the downside and uncertainty remains exceptionally high, EMEA will continue to offer opportunities for those ready to look deeper and focus more on the excellence in execution required to capture them. Improvements in major EMEA ... Read More

  • How to Win in Slow-Growth South Africa

    ... increasingly price sensitive and discerning. Multinationals pursuing a business as usual approach in this key EMEA market are unlikely to achieve their goals, whether that be to increase revenue, grow market share, or improve margins. ... Read More

  • Asia Pacific 2020 Outlook

    ... see heightened levels of uncertainty. Continued tensions between the US and China will disrupt supply chains, draw investment plans into question, and prompt companies to re-evaluate their Asia footprints. These tensions will be exacerbated by ... Read More

  • 2020 Global Outlook

    ... the future demand and regulatory environments than at any time in the previous decade. The global economy is expected to remain stable in 2020, but risks are tilted to the downside. A manufacturing slowdown that ... Read More

  • EMEA Regional Leadership Briefing

    ... complicating planning for 2020. A series of political risks still haunts the region and may result in a bumpy Q4 just as MNCs are trying to finalize their assumptions for next year. Regardless, companies are ... Read More

  • Chile Market Spotlight

    ... has not managed to sign any of the promised changes. Crucial reforms in the country's tax and pension system have stalled in Congress for the last 11 months. However, we believe that the administration will ... Read More

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