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DuckerFrontier is amarket intelligence and consulting firm that provides tailored solutions todrive growth for clients across the B2B, healthcare, consumer, and technologysectors. Their dedicated teams serve as advisers to clients, delivering themarket and industry knowledge they need to succeed at all points in thebusiness cycle. Continuous research & insights, custom solutions, andtransaction support services provide clients with timely, actionable insightsto adapt and win in changing markets. The company is headquartered inWashington, DC, with offices in Troy, Mich., New York, London, Paris, Berlin,Singapore, Shanghai, and Bangalore.

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49 Reports from DuckerFrontier

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Outlook - 2019

    ... developed-market interest rates, which could drive currency volatility. Individual country performance will diverge greatly, however: South Africa could be a major drag on growth and face high risks. Other large economies, such as Nigeria and ... Read More

  • Prioritizing Digital Markets in ASEAN

    ... in digital development, companies should evaluate each market on its own merit. As the first report in FSG’s two-part series on digital customer engagement in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), this analysis offers ... Read More

  • Trump, Tariffs and Trade Wars

    ... inaugurated in January 2017. The EU, among others, has promised to fight back with retaliatory tariffs designed to inflict pain on Republican incumbents. Though the risk of a trade war is elevated, our base-case view ... Read More

  • Monetizing Value-Added Services

    ... of their value-added service (VAS) provision. Companies that track the right VAS metrics, identify and optimize the components of customer value from their VAS, and manage VAS strategically to sustain differentiation across time tend to ... Read More

  • Respond to Localization Pressures in EMEA

    ... several years. Because of strategic and resource constraints, EMEA leaders often face dilemmas in selecting which markets require a shift toward local production in this environment.These will only become more acute in the next several ... Read More

  • India Distributor Optimization

    ... significant impact on companies’ indirect channel strategies. FSG recommends that businesses use changes in the market to re-evaluate their distribution strategy and adopt a strategic approach to capturing long-term opportunity. This report provides a structured ... Read More

  • Accelerate Growth in South Africa

    ... affecting the economy and operating environment are also changing the opportunity landscape. South Africa’s largest sectors are evolving, creating new opportunities proactive businesses can capitalize on to identify new and emerging pockets of demand from ... Read More

  • 2018 Events to Watch

    ... report is a companion to the base-case scenarios outlined in our Global Outlook for 2018 and our most recent Regional Outlooks. While our base-case scenarios for 2018 indicate a broad-based, if fragile, global economic recovery, ... Read More

  • 2018 Global Outlook

    ... not grow complacent — Chinese growth continues to moderate, the Federal Reserve is tightening monetary policy, and the Trump administration continues to drive uncertainty. Management priorities will continue to focus on assessing the right risk-adjusted ... Read More

  • The Future of Asia Pacific Manufacturing

    ... and most recently China to transform themselves into industrial powerhouses. Today, they are determining the future landscape of APAC manufacturing. Taking each of these drivers in turn, we look at how they have shaped manufacturing ... Read More

  • Building Profitable Scale in Sub-Saharan Africa

    ... as expectations remain high. While external conditions are partly to blame, multinationals’ strategies are poorly adapted to a slower-growth environment. To accelerate growth and take advantage of the demand created by SSA’s consumers for consumer ... Read More

  • 2018 Latin America Outlook

    ... and Brazil. B2C companies will confront consumers with greater purchasing power on the back of lower inflation and interest rates. B2B companies will benefit from greater business performance across industries. Commodity price stabilization will ease ... Read More

  • 2018 Sub-Saharan Africa Outlook

    ... East and southern Africa in 2016–2017. Low global prices for oil and metals will dampen prospects for markets dependent on extractives, and consequently demand in these markets will be subdued. Oil-importing economies, notably in East ... Read More

  • China: Beyond the 19th Party Congress

    ... a new set of leaders and set policy direction for the next half-decade. The significance of this year’s event cannot be understated; what China’s leaders do next will set the stage for the future of ... Read More

  • 2018 Asia Pacific Outlook

    ... a variety of factors—China will undergo a major leadership transition, India’s business environment will shift with implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and saber rattling on the Korean peninsula will create considerable uncertainty—they ... Read More

  • 2018 EMEA Outlook

    ... and exchange rate and political uncertainty, both in 2017 as well as in the medium term. This requires a revisit of the broader regional strategy assumptions, better balanced regional portfolios, as well as very clear ... Read More

  • Gulf Cooperation Council: Value Proposition

    ... rising competition, firms committed to the region will benefit from taking the necessary steps now to increase their competitive advantage and reduce reliance on pricing as a way of increasing sales. Understanding the changing value ... Read More

  • India Digital Customer Engagement

    ... connectivity due to the expansive reach of mobile phones, India is steadily moving toward a digitally powered economy. Companies that have a strong digital growth strategy in place today — particularly one that focuses on ... Read More

  • Russia Channel Management

    ... opportunities for businesses, who must increasingly optimize their channels to hit targets and beat the competition. This report helps business leaders understand how best to proactively capitalize on the changes in the channel landscape. In ... Read More

  • China Digital Customer Engagement

    ... via an omni-channel strategy has become increasingly important for both B2B and B2C companies to drive sales and marketing efforts. With this in mind, FSG has developed a framework for effective digital customer engagement and ... Read More

  • The Future of Chinese Urbanization

    ... turn tens of millions of rural farmers into urban consumers. The government has a detailed blueprint outlining how it intends to implement this project. A key component is targeting city clusters as the country’s core ... Read More

  • India Subnational Prioritization

    ... substantial economic disparities within the country. Additionally, gradual liberalization and rapid decentralization are exacerbating already-significant regional differences. These factors make a state-level strategy acutely important for India. With this in mind, FSG developed a three-step ... Read More

  • Plan B For Mexico: Scenarios to Monitor

    ... hikes, inflation, and currency volatility. While most companies have seen limited direct impact on their businesses beyond the effect of peso depreciation, most are continuing to develop contingency plans to mitigate severely disruptive political and ... Read More

  • Russia 2020: Outlook & Scenarios

    ... stability. Tighter political control will remain the top priority for the Russian government, with all other considerations—including economic considerations—subservient. Thus, highly conservative economic policies focused on stability will shape the market while growth will be ... Read More

  • 2017 Middle East & North Africa Outlook

    ... subsides in 2017. However, volatility in international financial markets, in oil prices as well as currencies, alongside slow reform implementation and political instability, will weigh on business performance. In MENA, multinational companies will face higher ... Read More

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