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Kcomber Inc., found on base of Guangzhou CCM Information Science and Technology Co., Ltd, is an international consulting company focusing on material-based chemicals in China and Global market. Researches cover agriculture (crop, food, pesticide, and agrochemicals), life science (bulk pharmaceuticals, food/feed ingredients, corn products, and biotechnologies), chemicals (basic chemicals, fine chemicals, fertilizers, polymers, forest chemicals, pigments & inks, printing, packaging) and energies especially renewable energies.

Services include Market reports, Newsletters, Trade analysis, Conferences, Dynamic Databases (ValoTracer) and derived consultancy services.

Expertises are Competitiveness studies, Benchmarking (cost structure and future pricing benchmark), Future forecast, Trade analysis and End use research.
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317 Reports from Kcomber Inc.

  • Impact of the COVID-19 on Pesticide Industry

    ... regulations, restrictive pesticide use, decreasing agricultural product prices, industry integration and so on. Under the severe COVID-19 epidemic situation in and outside China, there are some problems such as work resumption delay or even production ... Read More

  • Market Research of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in China

    ... treatment facilities. China has been the No.1 in STPP production and export around the globe for many years. STPP consumption in China witnessed continuous increases in 2015–2019, especially in the food sector, which is the ... Read More

  • Outlook for China Glyphosate Market 2020–2024

    ... export, consumption, production technology and related policies, CCM will unfold glyphosate market to you. From this report, you can not only obtain large amount of market information, but also find opportunities in China’s glyphosate market. ... Read More

  • Acesulfame Potassium Market in China

    ... as well as forecasts its development trend in the future. As of Jan. 2020, there were about 4 acesulfame potassium producers in China. The combined capacity of Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd. accounts for 51.1% ... Read More

  • Forecasts on Pests and Diseases of Corn, Rice and Wheat in China

    ... predicted that the occurrence of major crop pests and diseases in China will be severe in 2020, heavier than that of 2019. Specifically, wheat scab, rice planthopper and rice leaf roller are very likely to ... Read More

  • Atrazine Market and Production in China

    ... of atrazine technical and formulations (converted to 97% technical) accounting for large share of the domestic annual output every year. In China, most of the atrazine (converted to 97% technical) was exported, and the rest ... Read More

  • Survey of Fluorine Industry in China

    ... fields. In recent years, fluorine chemical industry has been one of the fastest developing and most promising chemical industries in China. China's fluorine chemical can be dated back to the 1950s. With abundant fluorite reserves, ... Read More

  • Analysis of Domestic Pyridine and its Downstream Pesticides

    ... technical producers with pioneering spirits. Pyridine, one of the fundamental elements in synthesis of the fourth generation heterocyclic pesticides, is mainly used in production of paraquat, diquat, chlorpyrifos and etc. Besides, many new varieties containing ... Read More

  • Supply and Demand of Modified Food Starch in China

    ... not only reveals China’s modified food starch supply situation from capacity utilization, output, the major raw materials and application situation into different segments in recent three years, but also provides forecasts to their future development ... Read More

  • 2,4-D Survey in China

    ... on wheat, corn and rice, and as a plant growth regulator on eggplant, tomato, pumpkin, watermelon and etc. Increasing resistance of weeds to glyphosate in recent years and the withdrawal of paraquat aqueous solution (AS) ... Read More

  • Production and Export of Clethodim in China 2019

    ... China's clethodim industry has developed rapidly. The capacity and output of clethodim increased a lot from 2015 to 2019. Besides, it also witnessed a huge growth in the total export volume of both clethodim technical ... Read More

  • Production and Market of Glufosinate-ammonium in China

    ... glufosinate-ammonium. The current status of Chinese glufosinate-ammonium industry is determined and the competitiveness of China’s glufosinate-ammonium industry are revealed. Boosted by soaring overseas demand and Chinese producers' production technology improvement, China's glufosinate-ammonium production has maintained ... Read More

  • Mergers and Acquisitions in Chinese Pesticide Industry in 2018–2019

    ... Chinese government for the pesticide industry. M&As has also become one of the key words in Chinese pesticide industry. As the deadline of China's 13th Five-year Plan period (2016–2020) is coming, it's likely that China ... Read More

  • Sodium Chlorite Market in China

    ... its development trends in the future. In recent years, sodium chlorite industry saw fast development in China. Meanwhile, the supply and demand of sodium chlorite in China has somehow stricken a balance. Most of the ... Read More

  • New Registrations of Pesticide Technical in China in 2018

    ... pesticide technical in China in 2018, but also introduces the new registrations of herbicide technical, insecticide technical and fungicide technical in detail.So this report can reflect the development status of the pesticide industry in China ... Read More

  • Amino Acids China E-News 1901

    Amino Acids China E-News 1901 Amino Acids China E-News provides you with real-time intelligence on China’s amino acids market. Read More

  • Herbicides China News 1901

    ... the subscriber 12 issues in total.China’s herbicides output has grown rapidly in recent years to fuel rising demand in both the domestic and export markets, and production should continue to expand for the next few ... Read More

  • Glyphosate China Monthly Report 1901

    ... yearly, grants the subscriber 12 issues in total.China is the world’s largest producer of glyphosate, with 80% of the glyphosate produced in China being exported. Glyphosate is also still by far the most popular herbicide ... Read More

  • Crop Farming China E-News 1901

    ... yearly, grants the subscriber 12 issues in total.Chinese agriculture is undergoing rapid reform as China attempts to increase yields while also reducing pollution and mitigating the impact of the country’s rapid urbanization on land availability.There ... Read More

  • Corn Products China News 1901

    ... is yearly, grants the subscriber 12 issues in total.China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of many corn products, including citric acid, monosodium glutamate, vitamin C and vitamin B2.However, many of China’s leading corn ... Read More

  • China Li-ion Battery E-News 1901

    ... is yearly, grants the subscriber 12 issues in total.China’s Li-ion battery market has developed at breakneck pace in recent years, fuelled by the rise of the mobile phone, the tablet, and more lately the electric ... Read More

  • Crop Protection China Monthly Report 1901

    ... period is yearly, grants the subscriber 12 issues in total.The competition in Chinese pesticide market has become more and more fierce, and the market situation has also kept continuously gloomy in recent years. Besides, restricted ... Read More

  • Fungicides China News 1901

    ... the subscriber 15 issues in total.The ravelopment of Chinese agriculture has increased demand for fungicides significantly in recent years, but the industry is now crying out for capital, more advanced technology and higher quality products. ... Read More

  • Insecticides China News 1901

    ... the subscriber 12 issues in total.China’s insecticides market has grown rapidly in recent years, almost tripling in value between 2007 and 2013, and China is now a leading exporter of insecticides.However, the industry faces a ... Read More

  • Vitamin China E-News 1901

    ... the subscriber 12 issues in total.China is the world’s largest exporter of vitamins, while the domestic market has also expanded rapidly in recent years thanks to growing demand from the feed and pharmaceuticals markets. Now, ... Read More

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