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Kcomber Inc., found on base of Guangzhou CCM Information Science and Technology Co., Ltd, is an international consulting company focusing on material-based chemicals in China and Global market. Researches cover agriculture (crop, food, pesticide, and agrochemicals), life science (bulk pharmaceuticals, food/feed ingredients, corn products, and biotechnologies), chemicals (basic chemicals, fine chemicals, fertilizers, polymers, forest chemicals, pigments & inks, printing, packaging) and energies especially renewable energies.

Services include Market reports, Newsletters, Trade analysis, Conferences, Dynamic Databases (ValoTracer) and derived consultancy services.

Expertises are Competitiveness studies, Benchmarking (cost structure and future pricing benchmark), Future forecast, Trade analysis and End use research.
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337 Reports from Kcomber Inc.

  • Survey of Electronic Hydrogen Fluoride in China

    ... but has developed rapidly. At present, electronic hydrogen fluoride is in short supply in China, the capacity of electronic hydrogen fluoride is mainly concentrated in low and medium-end products, and high-end products still have a ... Read More

  • Financial Analysis of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises in 2020

    ... industrial chain disruption, etc. However, the global agrochemical market saw resilient growth, with robust demand and increasing sales volume for crop protection products despite ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, worldwide crop protection sales volumes were strong ... Read More

  • Market Research of Aspartame in China

    ... of aspartame in China is concentrated in a few producers. The number of aspartame producers in China decreased from seven in 2016 to five in 2020. From 2017 to 2020, the production capacity of aspartame ... Read More

  • Pesticide Market in China in 2020

    ... 2015–2019. Besides, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, pesticide production nationwide stayed at a relatively low level. The declines in recent years are the result of pursuing high-quality and sustainable development, and industry ... Read More

  • Production and Market of Paraformaldehyde in China

    ... two main PF production methods, namely rake drying method and spray drying method, and most producers in China adopt rake drying method, which, lags behind spray drying method in technology. Domestic PF production is mainly ... Read More

  • Sodium Borohydride Market in China

    ... the output of sodium borohydride was 3,730 tonnes, and the operating rate in the whole industry was just about 53%. Still, it's not easy for new entrants to get a foothold in the domestic market, ... Read More

  • Production and Producer of Sodium Gluconate and Glucono-delta-lactone in China

    ... technology and raw material of sodium gluconate and glucono-delta-lactone, presents the overall development of the industry during 2016–2020. Sodium gluconate (SG), a sodium salt of gluconic acid, is used in concrete additive, water quality steadying ... Read More

  • Acesulfame Potassium Market in China

    ... as well as forecasts its development trend in the future. As of March 2021, there were 5 acesulfame potassium producers in China. The capacity of Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd. has accounted for over one ... Read More

  • Forecasts on Crop Pests and Diseases in China

    ... diseases may reach 29.33 million ha. in 2021, up 13.4% year on year. It is predicted that the Class-I crop pests and diseases will occur heavily in 2021, with an occurrence area of 95.20 million ... Read More

  • Survey of Fluorohydrocarbon in China

    ... of China's fluorine refrigerant including capacity, output, consumption and etc. in the recent years, but also provides forecasts to their future development in next few years. Fluorohydrocarbon is used in various industries such as refrigerant, ... Read More

  • Outlook for China Glyphosate Market 2021–2025

    ... export, consumption, production technology and related policies, CCM will unfold glyphosate market to you. From this report, you can not only obtain large amount of market information, but also find opportunities in China’s glyphosate market. ... Read More

  • New Registrations of Pesticide Formulations in China in 2020

    ... pesticide formulations in China in 2020, but also introduces the new registrations of herbicide formulations, insecticide formulations and fungicide formulations in details. And this report presents those first-registration new active ingredients for pesticide formulations in ... Read More

  • Survey of Fluor Polymer in China

    ... inorganic fluorides, refrigerant and organic-intermediates are four main important sectors in China's fluorine chemical industry. Along with the development of the production of fluor polymers, the application range of fluor polymers has also enlarged. According ... Read More

  • Survey of Acetochlor in China

    ... some broadleaf weeds in the fields of corn, cotton, peanut, soybean, etc. As of 2020, the capacity of acetochlor technical in China decreased to about 87,000 t/a from 101,000 t/a. And the output of acetochlor ... Read More

  • Survey of Inorganic Fluoride in China

    ... on the development trend of these products are analysed in this report. Fluorine chemical industry has been one of the fastest developing and most promising chemical industries in China. China has become one of the ... Read More

  • Atrazine Market and Production in China

    ... of atrazine technical and formulations (converted to 97% technical) accounting for large share of the domestic annual output every year. In China, most of the atrazine (converted to 97% technical) was exported, and the rest ... Read More

  • IDAN Survey in China

    ... to its consumption in China, including production technology, production, producers, consumption, and price change of IDAN, as well as influencing factor analysis for IDAN industry. So, this report can be a guide for the players ... Read More

  • Market Research of Microalgae DHA in China

    ... such as preventing Alzheimer's disease, neurological disease, and cardiovascular disease. DHA is mainly derived from fish oil and microalgae. In recent years, due to its higher DHA content, unaffected by marine pollution, less EPA and ... Read More

  • New registrations of pesticide technical in China in 2020

    ... pesticide technical in China in 2020, but also introduces the new registrations of herbicide technical, insecticide technical and fungicide technical in detail. In addition, this report presents those first registration of new active ingredient for ... Read More

  • Survey of Fluorine Industry in China

    ... consumption areas. Fluorite reserves, inorganic fluorides, organic fluorides and fluoride polymers are four important sectors for China's fluorine industry. At present, domestic inorganic fluoride industry is developing rapidly, and domestic high-end techniques for inorganic fluoride ... Read More

  • Production and Market of Glufosinate-ammonium in China

    ... of Chinese glufosinate-ammonium industry and reveal the competitiveness of China’s glufosinate-ammonium industry. Boosted by soaring overseas demand and Chinese producers' production technology improvement, China's glufosinate-ammonium production has maintained a spectacular growth in 2015–2020. Attracted by ... Read More

  • Price Trend of Haloxyfop-P-methyl in China to 2022

    ... downtrend. What has happened to the market of haloxyfop-P-methyl in recent years? And how will this industry go in the coming years? This report presents an overview of haloxyfop-P-methyl’s price, registration, export and policy in ... Read More

  • Survey of Titanium Dioxide in China

    ... Scope of the report Region scope: China Time scope: 2017 to 2019 With the continuous development of China's titanium dioxide industry, China has become one of the biggest titanium dioxide producers in the world. Recent ... Read More

  • Pesticide Industry Migration in China in 2020

    ... their external expansion. Pesticide capacities are shifting from the eastern China to the western and central China with advantages in land, resources and policies. Besides, most of the new projects abide by national regulations to ... Read More

  • Survey of Hydrazine Hydrate in China

    ... methods in the world, namely urea process, Bayer ketazine process and peroxide process. Then which technology is taken by the majority of producers in China? What had happened to China’s hydrazine hydrate market during 2017–2019? ... Read More

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