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Kcomber Inc., found on base of Guangzhou CCM Information Science and Technology Co., Ltd, is an international consulting company focusing on material-based chemicals in China and Global market. Researches cover agriculture (crop, food, pesticide, and agrochemicals), life science (bulk pharmaceuticals, food/feed ingredients, corn products, and biotechnologies), chemicals (basic chemicals, fine chemicals, fertilizers, polymers, forest chemicals, pigments & inks, printing, packaging) and energies especially renewable energies.

Services include Market reports, Newsletters, Trade analysis, Conferences, Dynamic Databases (ValoTracer) and derived consultancy services.

Expertises are Competitiveness studies, Benchmarking (cost structure and future pricing benchmark), Future forecast, Trade analysis and End use research.
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118 Reports from Kcomber Inc.

    • Production and Market of Glycine in China 2022

      ... status of Chinese glycine industry and assess its growth potential from 2022 to 2026. Having accumulated profound understanding on industrial chains of glyphosate, the most important downstream industry of glycine, CCM will present an insight ... Read More

    • Production Situation of Glufosinate-ammonium in China 2021

      ... to pollution concerns, causing some producers to stop production and upgrade their equipment and techniques to satisfy the environmental standards. It seems that glufosinate-ammonium market has turned into tight supply in China over the past ... Read More

    • Financial Analysis of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises in 2021

      ... policies of energy restriction; secondly, international trade becomes more difficult for Chinese producers with aggravating COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical crisis; last but not least, concerns on food security have arisen, which boosted the demand for ... Read More

    • Market Research of Acesulfame Potassium in China 2021

      Market Research of Acesulfame Potassium in China 2021 Companies Mentioned Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd. VitaSweet Co., Ltd. Shandong Yabang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Sanhe Food Co., Ltd. Read More

    • Fluorite Supply in China

      Fluorite Supply in China Companies Mentioned China Kings Resources Group Co., Ltd. Centralfluor Industries Group, Inc. Yizhang Hongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. Read More

    • Impact of COVID-19 on China pesticide supply and logistics

      ... region in Q1 2022. To find out to what extent does the pandemic impact China‘s agrochemical supply chain, CCM researches on its pesticides supply and logistics, and sources information through desk research and telephone investigation. Read More

    • Outlook for China Glyphosate Market 2022-2026

      ... active ingredient of Roundup, is one of the most commonly sold herbicides on the market today. With rapidly increasing demand, glyphosate has shared about 30% of the global herbicide market in terms of sales volume. Read More

    • Production of Starch Sugars in China 2016–2020

      ... are various starch sugars in domestic market, mainly including maltose syrup, glucose syrup, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and maltodextrin. As a powerful competitor of white sugar, starch sugar has advantages of low sweetness, no ... Read More

    • IDAN Survey in China

      ... to its consumption in China, including production technology, production, producers, consumption, and price change of IDAN, as well as influencing factor analysis for IDAN industry. So, this report can be a guide for the players ... Read More

    • Production and Market of Paraformaldehyde in China

      ... two main PF production methods, namely rake drying method and spray drying method, and most producers in China adopt rake drying method, which lags behind spray drying method in technology. Domestic PF production is mainly ... Read More

    • Situation of China's pesticides trade with Ukraine and Russia

      ... cost of producing some major intermediates has pushed up the production cost of pesticide. In Ukraine, crop yield has been hit hard, affecting the country's demand for China's pesticides; with evaluation on factors like safety ... Read More

    • Atrazine Market and Production in China 2021

      ... volume of atrazine technical and formulations accounting for a large share of the domestic annual output every year. In China, atrazine formulations, mainly including 38% SC, 50% SC, 80% WP and 90% WDG, are for ... Read More

    • Sodium Gluconate and Glucono Delta-Lactone's Major Producers Capacity and Output in China in 2021

      ... electroplating detergent industries in China. Glucono-delta-lactone (GDL) is a harmless food additive to the human body. During the past two years, these two industries have seen increasing output and consumption in China. Sodium gluconate As ... Read More

    • Survey of Metolachlor in China 2021

      ... Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China (ICAMA), as of March 2022, a total of 169 valid registrations of metolachlor have been licensed in China, including 18 for technical, 75 for single ... Read More

    • Production of Citric acid and Sodium Citrate in China 2021

      ... Weifang Ensign Industry Co., Ltd. RZBC Group Co., Ltd. Shandong TTCA Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Guoxin Union Energy Co., Ltd. COFCO Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Laiwu Taihe Biochemistry Co., Ltd. Seven Stars Citric Acid Technology Co., Ltd. Read More

    • Production of Erythritol in China 2021

      ... Production of Erythritol in China 2021 Companies Mentioned Shandong Sanyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd. Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Zibo Zhongshi Green Biotech Co., Ltd. Shandong Futaste Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Read More

    • Survey of Acetochlor in China

      ... some broadleaf weeds in the fields of corn, cotton, peanut, soybean, etc.How will this industry go in the coming years? This report presents an overview of production, consumption and price of acetochlor in China, as ... Read More

    • Financial Analysis of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises in H1 2021

      ... as the operating rate of basic chemicals in the international market was insufficient, driving up the rise of bulky varieties of herbicide. According to the data of Sino Agri, the price index of herbicide TC ... Read More

    • Financial Analysis of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises Financial Analysis of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises in H1 2021

      ... number of orders poured into China as the operating rate of basic chemicals in the international market was insufficient, driving up the rise of bulky varieties of herbicide. According to the data of Sino-Agri, the ... Read More

    • Pesticide Price Analysis in China in H1 2021

      ... to rise. Therefore, the price of pesticide technical was at a high level. Although Chinese pesticide manufacturers actively resumed production, the output of pesticide obviously decreased and the supply became increasingly tight because of the ... Read More

    • China Pentaerythritol Market Research

      ... of the industry has shrunk. At present, due to the slowdown in the demand for pentaerythritol in recent years, the output of pentaerythritol is slowly decreasing. As of H1 2021, Hubei Yihua Chemical Industry Co., ... Read More

    • Market and Competitive Analysis of Dicamba Industry in China

      ... and promotion of dicamba-tolerant crops in the US and South America also indicate a promising future of dicamba products. Amidst a fast-growing dicamba market in the globe, Chinese enterprises are also preparing for catching up ... Read More

    • Urea Formaldehyde Moulding Compounds in China

      ... of UFM manufacturers in China has decreased from about 38 in 2007 to about 16 as of late 2020. So, CCM has done deep research on China’s UFM again to find more changes these years, ... Read More

    • Survey of Electronic Hydrogen Fluoride in China

      ... but has developed rapidly. At present, electronic hydrogen fluoride is in short supply in China, the capacity of electronic hydrogen fluoride is mainly concentrated in low and medium-end products, and high-end products still have a ... Read More

    • Market Research of Aspartame in China

      ... of aspartame in China is concentrated in a few producers. The number of aspartame producers in China decreased from seven in 2016 to five in 2020. From 2017 to 2020, the production capacity of aspartame ... Read More

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