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Kcomber Inc., found on base of Guangzhou CCM Information Science and Technology Co., Ltd, is an international consulting company focusing on material-based chemicals in China and Global market. Researches cover agriculture (crop, food, pesticide, and agrochemicals), life science (bulk pharmaceuticals, food/feed ingredients, corn products, and biotechnologies), chemicals (basic chemicals, fine chemicals, fertilizers, polymers, forest chemicals, pigments & inks, printing, packaging) and energies especially renewable energies.

Services include Market reports, Newsletters, Trade analysis, Conferences, Dynamic Databases (ValoTracer) and derived consultancy services.

Expertises are Competitiveness studies, Benchmarking (cost structure and future pricing benchmark), Future forecast, Trade analysis and End use research.
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274 Reports from Kcomber Inc.

  • Corn Products China News 1712

    ... period is yearly, grants the subscriber 12 issues in total. China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of many corn products, including citric acid, monosodium glutamate, vitamin C and vitamin B2. However, many of ... Read More

  • Survey of Inorganic Fluoride in China

    ... inorganic fluoride production are close to the international advanced level. However, many domestic manufacturers still produce low-end inorganic fluoride products. And some of the refined products, such as electronic grade fluoride, still rely on import. ... Read More

  • Survey of Acetochlor in China

    ... produce more than 400 varieties of pesticides and export more than 400 varieties of pesticides to other countries, among which around 200 are widely produced. Acetochlor accounts for a large market share among selective herbicides ... Read More

  • Production of Starch Sugar in China 2014–2016

    ... pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc. There are various starch sugars in domestic market, mainly including maltose syrup, glucose syrup, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and maltodextrin. Starch sugar industry has faced various challenges in recent ... Read More

  • Overview and Trends of the Feed Probiotics Market in China

    ... selected insiders who are specializing in feed production, livestock and poultry farming in China. With the increasing awareness of the impact on human bodies and the environment, brought by the application of antibiotics and other ... Read More

  • Mergers and Acquisitions in Chinese Pesticide Industry in 2011–2017

    ... In recent years, Chinese pesticide industry has made substantial progress in the adjustment of industrial structure and product structure and in the promotion of technological innovation and industrial upgrading. Despite years of development, the domestic ... Read More

  • Review and Impact Analysis of Corn Subsidy Policies of Chinese Government

    ... inventory and price after 2007, revealing the reasons for the change of the corn policies and the future trend for these policies. China's corn reserve policy which was carried out in 2007, aims to stabilize ... Read More

  • Market Research on China Stevia Sweetener Industry

    ... well as professional market cycle analysis and forecasts to guide the investments and businesses for players in stevia sweetener industry who pay close attention to the industry or try to find opportunities from it. Readers ... Read More

  • Outlook for China Glyphosate Market 2017–2021

    ... in the past few years. Glyphosate witnessed the market downturn once again, with the price in 2015–2016 much lower than that in 2013–2014. Many Chinese companies suspended or stopped glyphosate production because of the low ... Read More

  • Price Analysis on 15 Pesticide AIs in China June 2016–September 2017

    ... could have a look at this report—Price Analysis on 15 Pesticide AIs in China June 2016–September 2017. Those pesticides are very important on the Chinese market. In this report, CCM will show you the prices ... Read More

  • Fungicide Market and Company Dynamics in China in Q2 2017

    ... 9 major fungicides with price analysis in China in Q2 2017, which can help you better learn about the fungicide market situation in the second quarter; New registrations of fungicides in Q2 2017, from which ... Read More

  • Herbicide Market and Company Dynamics in China in Q2 2017

    ... 12 major herbicides with price analysis in China in Q2 2017, which can help you better learn about the herbicides market situation in the second quarter; New registrations of herbicides in Q2 2017, from which ... Read More

  • Insecticide Market and Company Dynamics in China in Q2 2017

    ... 10 major insecticides with price analysis in China in Q2 2017, which can help you better learn about the insecticide market situation in the second quarter; New registrations of insecticides in Q2 2017, from which ... Read More

  • Survey of Fluor Polymer in China 2017

    ... products; besides, a future forecast on the development trend for these products will be analysed in this report. Thanks to the government policies and the strong domestic demand, fluorine chemical industry has been one of ... Read More

  • IDAN Survey in China 2017

    ... production to its consumption in China, including production technology, production, producers, consumption, and price change of IDAN, as well as influencing factor analysis for IDAN industry. So, this report can be a guide for the ... Read More

  • Financial Performance of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises in H1 2017

    ... crude oil market has driven up the prices of related basic materials and intermediates. In addition, after two years of destocking, demand from overseas pesticide market began to warm up. Therefore, China’s overall pesticide market ... Read More

  • Quarterly Forecast on Price of Titanium Dioxide in China to Q4 2017

    ... China and to forecast the prices for September–November 2017. China has been an important supplier of titanium dioxide in the world for many years. During 2013–2016, the domestic titanium dioxide industry has registered a rapid ... Read More

  • Production of Functional Oligosaccharides in China 2014–2016

    ... report covers the production dynamics of these six products in 2014–2016. Besides, prices of fructo-oligosaccharide and xylo-oligosaccharide are also analyzed in this report. Functional oligosaccharides are replacing sucrose in food industry in the world. However, ... Read More

  • Survey of Metolachlor in China

    ... broad weeding spectrum, high effectiveness and wide applications. From 2014 to 2016, the compound annual growth rate of metolachlor technical's capacity in China was stable. And the output of China's metolachlor technical sharply increased in ... Read More

  • Global Guide of Coming Off-patent Agrochemical Active Ingredients

    ... off-patent agrochemicals in the world. This report contains profiles of 34 active ingredients (15 herbicides, 7 insecticides, 11 fungicides and 1 safener), whose patents will be expired in 2017–2022. The coming off-patent active ingredients are ... Read More

  • Production and Market of Melamine in China 2017

    ... guide the investments and businesses for melamine producers and downstream players who pay close attention to melamine industry or try to find opportunities from it. Readers of our report have benefits such as: Use our ... Read More

  • Production and Market of Glycine in China

    ... of Chinese glycine industry and assess its growth potential from 2017 to 2021. Having accumulated profound understanding on industrial chains of glyphosate, the most important downstream industry of glycine, CCM will present an insight into ... Read More

  • Survey of Fluorohydrocarbon in China

    ... of China’s fluorine refrigerant including capacity, output, consumption and etc. in the recent three years, but also provides forecasts to their future development in next few years. Fluohydrocarbon is used in various industries such as ... Read More

  • Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises in China

    ... 2017 China Top 30 Pesticide Formulation Enterprises and 2017 China Top Selling Pesticide Brands. From this report, you can: Understand the development trends of Chinese pesticide enterprises Gain insight into leading Chinese pesticide producers Access ... Read More

  • Insecticide Market in China of Q1 2017

    ... in Q1 2017, which have significant impact on the pesticide and insecticide industry; Ex-work prices of about 30 kinds of insecticides in China and price analysis will be made for some most important insecticides during ... Read More

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