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Thintri, Inc. is a full-service publisher and consulting organization directed by J. Scott Moore, Ph.D. Dr. Moore has over 13 years experience as a practicing engineer in the semiconductor industry where he performed research in semiconductor processing and optical communications. He has also worked in technical executive recruiting, technology assessment and licensing, business intelligence and the organization of business development conferences on emerging technologies. In the past three years, he has evaluated more than 100 technologies for major corporations and universities to determine their market potential.

Thintri periodically releases market studies on important and emerging technologies. The studies provide in-depth evaluations of the technical subject matter as well as highly segmented market forecasts.

Thintri is also available for custom research projects in its areas of expertise, and will continue to publish market intelligence studies on new and emerging technologies that have the potential for significant impact.
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8 Reports from Thintri, Inc.

  • Market Opportunities in Short Range Wireless

    ... of these technologies have already created billion dollar markets, while others are just beginning, but most are poised for dramatic growth. Thintri's report covers the array of available short range wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ... Read More

  • Millimeter Waves: Emerging Markets

    ... the millimeter wave range. This in-depth investigation, the second update to Thintri’s original 2010 study, discusses millimeter wave technologies already creating significant markets, emerging market opportunities, and overall market development. The report surveys today’s technologies ... Read More

  • The Titanium Age: Markets, Opportunities and new Processes

    ... titanium study analyzes current markets in titanium, pricing and supply issues in a range of titanium products like scrap, sponge, ingot, plate, etc., and effects of current economic and demand conditions. The report also discusses ... Read More

  • Markets in Wear Coatings: Hard Chrome and Its Alternatives

    ... wear coatings and chrome replacement. This comprehensive examination of the subject discusses the various technologies, the industries in which they will, and won’t, be used, and forecasts to 2022. Used as a fundamental wear-resistant coating ... Read More

  • TV White Space

    ... broadband technologies, bringing access to many segments of society that have until now have been left out, and facilitating some important new wireless applications. Global Internet traffic and particularly mobile data demand have soared in ... Read More

  • Graphene-Based Lubricants

    ... known material, and can convert light at any wavelength into electrical current. Dozens of applications have been identified, from anti-icing coatings to aerospace coatings to solar cells to EMI shielding to desalinization membranes to electrical ... Read More

  • Paper Electronics & Paper Batteries

    ... electronics will offer incredibly low costs combined with technological sophistication that will enable entirely new applications, like packaging with cheaply printed keypads and displays. Plastic electronics will, of course, never duplicate silicon’s performance, but that ... Read More

  • Market Opportunities in Eye Tracking, 2015

    ... for a wide range of applications. This comprehensive examination discusses the development of new eye tracking technologies that are inexpensive and easily implemented, resulting in new applications that, in some cases, are poised to create ... Read More

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